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Memories of LucyBall
LucyBall was a true "LADY" and we believe she wished she would have been an only child. However, she has left behind two younger sisters, Ethel and Ellie and one younger brother, Dillon. For now, she has her first baby brother Ricky to play with on the Rainbow Bridge. They were great friends before he passed in 2008 being only 2 years old. Ironic..Lucy & Ricky together on the Rainbow Bridge...NICE!!!

Lucy has left her entire family with millions of memories of her and thousands of precious photos. We had no warning or signs of anything wrong. Her mommy just found her at 7am laying on the floor in the kitchen right beneath where she begged for treats her whole life. She had just passed minutes before she was found.

She truly loved Christmas time because she could lay under the tree, hide and peek out. One of her other favorite spots were Longaberger Baskets to lay in. Her favorite toy was the 'cat dancer'. Treats were on her little mind every minute of the day, however she only would get a few per day. Lucy loved having her family (brother Jake) (twin sisters Julie & Renee) come home. We believed she couldn't figure out how they knew where everything was in "her house"! Jake has a beautiful parrot named Norby who talks like a 6 year old child and is extremely smart. Julie has two smart & beautiful cats, Fred & Ginger and Renee also has two georgous twin cats named SammyJo & Doc. All 4 cats live together at the present and are happy & healthy....thank God!!! We know Lucy will be waiting for her whole family someday on the Rainbow Bridge along with her brother Ricky.

Our Precious LucyBall Boesch will be missed by her Daddy the most as they had a special bond between them. She would crawl up on this chest and make him rub her neck and shoulders and she would 'snoot' his collar on one side and he would tell her to do the other side...and she did! LUCY WAS A "TENNIS SHOE SHINNER"...SHE WOULD PAWPAW THE TIED STRINGS ON HER DADDY'S TENNIS SHOES (SOMETIMES EVEN MOMMY'S)...THEY WOULD GO POP POP POP!!!! Really cute and sweet. Mommy called her 'her fluffy cat' as she had beautiful long black-brown-red-white hair mixture. She had the biggest pretty eyes, a cute little kitty cat smile, pompom paws and a huge fluffy tail that stood straight up in the air. She was very proud!!! We all love her with all our hearts and will miss her every minute of every day for the rest of our lives before we find her again on the Rainbow Bridge.



3/27/2011 Lucy, your Mommy has baked you your birthday cake today. Happy 9th Birthday today my precious little Lucy. Ethel, Ellie & Dillon wish you a very happy Rainbow Bridge birthday today as well as your WHOLE ENTIRE family!!!!!! WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH OUR PRECIOUS LUCYBALL!!! Have fun today at your birthday party with your brother Ricky. Love, Mommy

4/17/2011 My Precious Little LucyBall...it has been 6 weeks this morning since you left us and went on the Rainbow Bridge with your little brother Ricky. We miss you sooooo much. Your sisters Ethel and Ellie and brother Dillon say HI and that they love you lots! I hope you are playing with Ricky and having lots of fun! Your 'people sisters' Julie and Renee have a birthday coming up on Thursday. We will be talking about you and looking at your pictures. Stay safe and know we love you LOTS!!! Love, Mommy

7/31/2011 My Precious LUCYBALL....Today is your sister ELLIE SUZANNE (Jelly Bean)'s 4th Birthday. Your Daddy and I miss you sooooo much every day. Jake, Julie & Renee will be coming for supper and birthday cake. I will be lighting 2 candles today for you and Mr. Ricky. Find Rick today and have a piece of Ellie's birthday cake and celebrate her 4 years of being our precious little girl!!!!! WE LOVE YOU LOTS AND MISS YOU SO MUCH! I want you to know that Ethel has been taking care of "Your Daddy" FOR YOU!!!! She thinks it is her responsiblity now that she is the oldest and wanted you to know she is taking care of him FOR YOU!!!!! PLAY WITH RICKY TODAY AND HAVE FUN! OK???? ......... LOVE, MOM & DAD

12/18/2011 To My Precious Lucy.....Today is your little sister ETHEL LEE'S 7th Birthday along with your BIG People Brother Jake's 40th. We all took him to supper last night and he ordered lobster. Today we are celebrating both birthdays with candles for them. We will make a wish that you and Ricky are both on the Rainbow Bridge celebrating with them. We miss you so much. Jake took Norby in to the Dr. yesterday and saw a baby boy kitty that he said looked alot like his LucyBall. NO kitty ever has your pretty ploom tail and walked so proud as you always do. WE LOVE YOU LOTS AND BLOW OUT YOUR BIRTHDAY CANDLE FOR YOUR BABY SISTER ETHEL......SHE MISSES YOU AND RICKY EVERY DAY.

3/6/2012....7:35AM.....My Little Precious LucyBall...........It has been almost exactally 1 year to the minute that I found you that Sunday morning in the kitchen. You had left us for the Rainbow Bridge to be with your brother Ricky. WE MISS YOU SOOOOO MUCH AND YOU ARE IN OUR THOUGHTS DAILY! THIS IS A VERY HARD DAY FOR YOUR MOMMY. I still remember Julie and Renee bring you to us in their apartment in Chicago. Remember you wouldn't let Fred and Ginger eat/drink or use their potty! It was the funniest thing you did as a little baby girl. You were only 3 months old and so tiny!!! Cute as a button, just like you were as a big girl. Your Mommy, Daddy and your big brother and sisters miss you lots. Ethel says HI and to take care of her special brother Ricky! She said PLEASE & LOTS OF LOVE!!!!!
Precious Honey....we all miss you lots and hope you are playing today with Ricky.
LOVE, MOMMY & DADDY xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

3/6/2013....Good Morning My Precious Little LucyBall....Today is the 2nd anniversary of your being on the Rainbow Bridge with Ricky. I hope and pray that you are both still playing together. I look at your pictures every day. You are still with us in the Rainbow Bridge urn along side Mr. Ricky. We had to get a new fridge...you would like it....it blows out the warm air out the bottom and Ethel lays there. I think she must feel close to you when she lays there!!! Your family has had it rough this year. Your big sisters moved back to Chicago (where they you) in Sept. They didn't like it, so they moved back home and lived here in YOUR house with us for 3 months while looking for an apartment. We had Ginger, Fred, SammyJo and Doc all living here too. Actually it was fun, but you probably wouldn't have been too happy...hehehehe!!! We wanted to give another kitty a home in memory of you. You would love him so much. He looks similar to Dillon. His name is Chester and he is a hoot!!! He loves all the cats and is really funny like you! MISS LUCY BALL, WE LOVE YOU SO VERY MUCH AND MISS YOU EVERY DAY! WE CAN'T BELIEVE THAT IT'S BEEN 2 YEARS SINCE YOU WENT TO BE WITH RICKY. YOU TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF AND YOUR BABY BROTHER UNTIL WE COME FOR YOU....AND WE ALL WILL SOMEDAY!!! YOU ARE MY PRECIOUS LITTLE BABY GIRL AND I LOVE YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!

3/27/2013 Little LucyBall....today is your 11th birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. You go find Ricky right now and blow out the candles on your birthday cake. We miss you very much. We believe that you told Ethel Lee to take care of your Daddy for you because so is overly protective of him. She is doing just what you asked of her. She is loving YOUR DADDY FOR YOU because you are with Ricky on the Rainbow Bridge. Please stick together tight with Ricky and someday we will find you both!!!!!

5/27/2013 HI MY PRECIOUS LITTLE LUCYBALL!!! Today is 5 years that you have been caring for your baby brother RickyRicardo! THANK YOU!!!!!! Please give him a big kiss from his Mommy & Daddy today. We miss you both so much. Your big brother and big sisters and little brothers & sisters said for me to give you all our love. WE MISS YOU EVERY DAY AN HOPE YOU ARE HAVING FUN ON THE RAINBOW BRIDGE!!!!!
Love, Mommy & Daddy xoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxox

3/6/2013. LucyBall our precious little girl!!!.....it has been three long years since you went to the Rainbow Bridge with little Ricky. We miss you so much. You would be very proud of your sister Ethel Lee. She is doing a great job of taking care of your/her Daddy, just like you asked her too. You will be happy to know Jake and Norby are doing great. Julie and Renee miss you and talk about you all the time. Oh, and Gertie says HI!! You take care of Ricky and tell him Mommy ask for him to take care of my precious Lucy Ball!!! Love & Lots of Kitten Kisses to you!!! Mommy & Daddy. ,xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxox. 😻😍😇😺

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