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Memories of Lucy
Little Lucy...November 22, 2011 is not your real birthday. I chose that date for you because that is the day you came to live in your forever home. I have so many thoughts of you right now but it is difficult to put words to them as you left us only a few hours ago. Those words will come one day, but for now I just want to say that it was my privilege to have you come into my life. You overcame more adversities than any creature should have to endure...abandonment, near starvation, attack, and then the deadly disease that you fought so hard for two years. I hope...I believe...sweet girl, that you felt loved, secure, and protected in this home. My comfort is that you are with Chopper, Wilson, Sara and Sophie. You will always be my little coyote dog and I will forever be your momma dog.

July 23, 2015...Today marks 6 months since you left us for the Rainbow Bridge. Seems so long ago and seems like yesterday...I couldn't imagine that day in January that Trix would join you two months later and then suddenly losing our Poppet a few weeks ago. I miss taking care of you Lucy, with all of the challenges. I miss fixing your food mixture and then fighting to get it all into you. I miss taking you to see Dr. Modglin every few weeks. I miss seeing you looking out from your "den" in the back yard. I miss your bright shiny eyes and that "smile" you always had. I miss that dark spot on top of your precious head...I wish I could kiss it! I miss seeing you prance after taking you for a bath and fur cut at Four Paws. I miss seeing you curled up on your bed and blanket in the living room...I hope you know little Lucy that I came to love you so very much. I remember meeting you after Molly and Lyle rescued you from the street. Molly carried you home, got a few fleas, cleaned you up, had you checked out at the vet, and tried to give you a new home. You were sleeping so soundly next to their fireplace, but you got up to come over to greet me, scrawny tail wagging and eyes so trusting and friendly even after all you been through. I think I knew then at some level that you were were going to end up living with me. I know your "Molly mom" loved you and hoped all would work out...but I also know she wouldn't have given you up unless it was absolutely necessary. Your bed and blanket are still in the living room just as you left it. I like to think you come to visit it in the night or when I am not at home. I'm looking at a small box of ashes and a paw print and missing my little "coyote" dog so much...

January 23, 2016...You are sadly missed and sweetly remembered as our dainty delicate girl. I saw Dr. Modglin two days ago and she commented that you were such a pretty dog when she saw the picture that is on your memorial stone. It just felt good to talk about you with someone who cared for you like she did. I love you little Lucy...forever your momma dog

January 23, 2020...Hey little Lucy! It's five years since your journey across the Rainbow Bridge yet you are still everywhere in this house and yard. We had some frustrating moments, you and I, and I will always regret that. I hope you know, little girl, that I always had your best interests in mind as I was determined to help you fight when you became ill. I often wonder about your life before Molly rescued you. I picture you as a pup in my mind's eye and you were such a cutie! You were a good girl, Lucy...smart and so friendly...I have to believe you had a human who cared for you until the unfortunate thing happened that left you to fend for yourself. It was destiny that Molly happened along. I just wish you could have had more time here with us. I miss you, little Lucy. Kisses on top of your "coyote" head! Forever...your mom

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