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Memories of Lucy
Lucy was born June 30, 1997. Our family never had a wiener dog! We are the family of boxers, bulldogs and Bull Mastiffs. We love all smooched in face dogs. That is until we saw Lucy at 8 weeks old. She was one of 3 pups. She had a very shy sister, so we chose her because she seemed a bit outgoing. We brought her home in our sweatshirts, she was that tiny. She was a miniature, black and tan Dachshund.

It was September, Labor Day that she came to live with us. She was the sweetest puppy ever and quickly became everyone's darling. Her sisters were Madison, the Bull Mastiff, and Gwen, the Bulldog. They loved her too!!! Everything was going fine until January, 1998. I was diagnosed with cancer. And after 2 surgeries and starting chemo, my dogs were my bed buddies, my constant companions, my caretakers. I do not know what I would have done without every one of them. The good news, and to make a long story short, I became cancer free in 2004! So from 1998 until 2004, we fought it and the dogs were there for me. Lucy took care of one side of me in bed, the bull on the other side and the mastiff at the foot of the bed!!! For years!

After we moved to one story house that has a nature walk behind us, Lucy realized that it was her job to chase the squirrels out of the yard. She was never afraid of any animal. Not the raccoons, that would crawl through her doggie door into the garage to eat her food, not the birds of all size, heck if she saw a fox or coyote, she would just want to take it on. It did not help that she saw her Bull Mastiff sister patrol the yard, she followed right along. I think she thought she was a Bull Mastiff from the very beginning!

Lucy out lived her sisters, Madison, Gwen, Gracie(the bull dog), and Emma, the Bull Mastiff. She was almost 17 when she passed. She was almost blind, almost deaf, had some dementia and eventually had Cushings disease. The last few months, we had to carry her everywhere. Her life was not much fun other than she slept with us and we lovingly took care of her needs.

Lucy had a good life. She was never sick. She was the sweetest dog, yet fearless. She could kill squirrels and drag them through her dog door and present them to us!!! She was no match for birds!!! It is going to take a very long time to get used to not looking for her. The middle of the night is the worst. I get up to check on her. She slept on a dog bed, on our bed at the foot!! She had to have her blankets on her. If she moved around too much, she would wake one of us up so we could tuck her back in. She leaves behind her sister Mimi, who is 4 years old. Mimi is a Frenchie. Lucy was not too thrilled when we brought Mimi home, but she knew that Mimi was her friend. And when I left for errands, or whatever, it was Mimi who had to listen to her howl until I got back home. Lucy hated us leaving the last few years!!!

So good bye my darling girl. I know Madison, Gwen, Gracie and Emma and your kitty Binx were waiting for you at the Bridge. You have your sight back, your excellent hearing back and your speed!!! Wait for me ok???? Because my heaven is with all of you!!!

I love you, your Daddy loves you and Lord how we miss you!

Please also visit Emma and Madison.

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