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Memories of Lucy
To you,our wonderful little Pistol Lucy,

You left us so suddenly and our hearts are aching.

You were born to your "Mama-Dog", Ginger, at our home with your four litter-mates, Holly, Louie, Liza and Bella the day before Halloween in 2001. You had many names from everyone. Ann called you "Lucille." Matt and Dad called you "The Pistol." Mom called you "Goosie Lucy and Lucy Girl."

You immediately became a family favorite. You were a very active and "busy" puppy. You pranced through the house and, most recently, you would "skip" to your dog bed with your Pupperoni or Beggin' Strip treats. You sat on your hind quarters and begged with your front paws for whatever it was we were eating! If it was suppertime and we were running late, you would jump on Dad and push your front paws against him to remind him that it was time to get your food.

You slept with Matthew many nights when he was here and became his "favorite of them all." When Matthew would visit, you would come running to him first begging to be picked up!

When Hannah came to visit, you would always let her wrestle with you and kiss you and hug you tight.

You kept us company every time we watched T.V., sitting on the console between us on the little red pillow. Sometimes you would like to sit against our legs on the foot rest of our recliner chairs with the blanket. You sat with Ed watching the Super Bowl this year and he gladly shared his Tostitos with you.

You always waited patiently for Mom to finish her breakfast or lunch at her desk and just quietly stared at her because you knew she would put the green plate down with leftovers - just for you. You loved to sit in the bed under Mom's desk to take your naps to be nearby. You were the first one in the kitchen when you heard Mom opening a package of cheese or lunch meat and with that cute little look on your face -- who could resist giving you some!

Harley and Louie and Ginger know you are not here. They look for you and they miss you. We miss you every second of every day. We especially miss you at night. You slept between us on the little extra pillow, quietly, all night long and hoping to stay in the "big bed" all morning, if you could.

We do not understand why you were taken so quickly from us that Sunday.

We love you, Lucy.

Mom and Dad and Matt

02/24/13: Dear Lucy, One week ago today at this very time you left us to go to the Bridge. Our hearts are empty, still. We are still trying to figure out why you had to leave us on that day at that time. We thought you were coming home to get better with the new medicine. It hurt us to watch you struggle in the car. We did not know you were dying. You were so weak. We will never know what you went through, only what we could see. We love you very much. By now, Obie has welcomed you and wrapped his paws around you with a big ragdoll hug, as he did when you were a tiny puppy. If you got dusty on your way to the Bridge, he has licked your head to clean you off so you could remain the beautiful little girl you are.

Mom and Dad

02/26/13: Pistol, We lit a candle last night for you at 9:00 p.m. We added your name to the list for everyone to pray for you and think of you as they lit their candles, so you were given much light. It was too hard to join in with the actual on line ceremony just yet. We continue to cry from missing you so much. We are so sorry you had a spell and passed away so quickly and unexpectedly. We still do not understand it and never will, but it if God wanted you, then he took you. I found another picture of you with bows in your hair and you look so beautiful.

We love you and miss you.

Mom and Dad

05/18/13: Pistol Lucy, It's been too hard for us come to to visit your special place but today we heard from you through Laurie and how wonderful it is to know that you are okay and are not going to reincarnate! You brought Obie and Peanut (Elvis) and Diane's precious Tommy through with you. We are so glad to know you were not in pain, only uncomfortable and that you took comfort to be here at home with us when you crossed over.

We will always love you and hope you like the new song we put up for you and the others.

Mom and Dad

07/30/13: Dear sweet Pistol,

We think of you every minute of every hour of every day. You came through Laurie again last Friday so Mark could feel your presence and hear your words. We both thank you for that. I added some different flowers today for you to enjoy. I know you are with Obie and Winnie and Peanut and Diane's boy, Tom, too. Snuggle tight with them all and remember how much we love you and always will.

Mom and Dad

09/28/13: Hi, Lucy!

Today I renewed Obie's residency and I wanted come to see you, too! We still miss you (and always will) and we cherish the years we had with you. You were the very sweetest puppy and always will be. I know you are waiting for us and one day we will all be together again, as all of us continue to go on, only in a new way. Your mama, Ginger, is 13 and is showing signs of aging but she still has her spunky spirit. Harley is mostly blind now but finds his way around. He still seems to look for you. Maybe you are helping him each day to find his way. Louie has a new thundershirt which helps him when it storms outside. I know you remember how Louie used to shake so much and be so frightened. Dad misses you all the time, too. We still sleep with your pillow near to us every night, hoping somehow that you know about it and can feel us, too. Lucy, we love, love, love you and will forever.

Many hugs,

Mom and Dad

02/24/14: Dearest Pistol Lucy,

It was hard last week on the day you died one year ago so we are writing tonight. We added a nice soft bed for you and blanket and some new pretty flowers. Robert and Ginny sent a note about you and our hearts still ache for you. We still have the little red pillows next to us each night that you slept on. Your mama, Ginger, just turned 14 and Louie is 12 now as you are, too and Harley is 10. Harley and Louie are having troubles with their eyes. We still think of you being here with us every day.

We love you, Lucy.

Mom, Dad and Matt

08/01/14 Dear Lucy,

Last Saturday your mother joined you there and I know she was happy to see you as you were happy to see her. Mama Dog had kidney failure and she was going to get worse so we sent her up to you. We are very sad not to have her here and know she is in your loving care there. When I called Dad to tell him, I said, "She's with Pistol now." Soon we will post a special place for her near you.

Matt graduates from college next Saturday and I know he still misses you, too.

We think of you every hour of every day.

Louie and Harley are missing "Mama Dog" now but seem to be spending more time near each other. They miss you too.

We love you, Lucy..

08/19/14 Dearest Pistol,

You and Ginger sent us a rainbow 2 weeks ago exactly one week after she died. Yours was right above hers. We saw it out side over the neighbor's house. It was beautiful and we thank you for showing your mama the way and for showing us that you are both together with Obie and Winnie and Callie too.

Love you always,
Mom and Dad and Matt

01/24/15 Dear Lucy,

Please look after Cash and show him the way. He joined you and Ginger, Obie, Callie, Winnie and Peanut yesterday. Please ask Cash to send a sign to Penny when he is ready, so she will know he is there with all of you.

01/16/15 Dearest Lucy,

How we miss you still. I renewed your residency today. I know you probably don't want us to be sad every day but we are. I really miss you at my side when I am at my desk. I loved giving you the leftovers from my breakfast and lunch. Today I am giving you some new toys to play with.

Love always,

We miss you every day and I told Penny how you and Ginger sent that double rainbow one week after she joined you. Louie and Harley are doing okay. Louie will be 13 this year and Harley will be 11. They miss you, too.

Mom and Dad

04/01/15 Dear Pistol,

I am thinking of you today as I always do. I miss you terribly and wish you were here snuggling next to me every night. We still have the red pillows you sat upon when you were near to us watching T.V. We love you so very, very much, little Lucy. My heart still aches and breaks when I think about how quickly you died and wish I had known sooner that you were ill. You didn't let on at all.

Love you forever,

02/17/17: Dear Lucille
We miss you! We have a new kitten in the house, Lily Pad. You would have had so much fun with her! You would have been "best buddies" although she probably would not have been able to keep up with you... She was a rescue kitten and likes it here. Harley is still with us. He is 13 now and can't see anything but knows Dad when he comes home and finds his way around here very well. We moved in May to a new home. You would have liked it here. Louie died a few months ago. He sent us 3 pieces of rainbows (you know Louie.. a few issues with how his brain worked). I put some new things on your memory site today.

Mom and Dad

Please also visit Ginger and Obie.

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