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Memories of Lucy
Lucy girl,

I am grateful to have so many happy memories with you. You were such a cute, sweet little thing! I have never met a rabbit who loved affection from people and was so curious and social. I had fun introducing you to my friends at college and in the various apartments you have come along with me to. Although your favorite was on the deck in Naperville in the hutch we built for you! You were an especially happy bunny when you were outside in the fresh air on a beautiful day. I made the decision after beginning graduate school that I didn't have enough time to let you run around outside of your cage as much as you needed. Luckily, I knew the perfect person who would love to adopt you! Bill, a very caring man with a passion for rabbits, willingly accepted you into his family. It was so wonderful to see you in your new home where you could run free all day long, and with a new bunny companion in Austin, Bill's other rabbit. It made me so happy to see you had bonded and were now experiencing something in your life you weren't able to in my care, another rabbit to socialize with. I am sorry that your time with Bill and Austin was so short. I loved you very much, Lucy. I miss you, but you will always be in my heart.

Love, Kate

A link to a video of Lucy: http://youtu.be/3F53dTfVJfM


Words seem so empty now ... they can't bring you back, and I so want to turn back the clock and undo what was done. But, I am just a flawed human being --- for reasons beyond my power to understand, God called you home. I had the good fortune to know you for only 2.5 months. But, you captured my heart in 2.5 seconds! My memory of you will last for as long as I live.

All rabbits are "cute" and "sweet," and I certainly love and treasure each of my pet rabbits that I have had over the years. But, your sweetness "coefficient" was beyond belief. When my beloved Belinda lunged at you, albeit from behind a fence, driven by her territorial instincts, you just turned around and ran to your cage. It didn't seem like you had a mean bone in your body! You never made a menacing move or gesture towards Austin. When I would go to my desk to work, you would come running on your tiny little legs to get a nice back rub or to just lie near me. In those last couple of "good" days when you were seemingly recovering from your broken jaw, I laid down on the floor with you and Austin. Unlike some of my rabbits, you didn't run away -- you just expressed curiosity. And you welcomed the back and head rubs. You were also so bold as to walk up close to my face and lick my forehead -- what a wonderful gesture! Your whiskers were ticklish, and I smiled as you groomed me. Some rabbits give by "kissing" their caretakers occasionally, but most, in my experience, are takers rather than givers. But, that's ok. I don't have pet rabbits for the love they can give me. I like to have them around to see the joy they get from the love I give them! But, when you find one that gives too -- well, that's something very special.

When Belinda died unexpectedly from pneumonia, I rearranged the apartment so that you and Austin could mingle. Amazingly, you got along without incident from the very first moment. You cuddled together, groomed each other, ate from the same pellet bowl at the same time, explored my apartment together, and got excited together when I would get those yogurt covered treats out for the two of you -- you were a match "made in heaven," as they say. It was clear that you enjoyed the open space and your new found companion. You were one of the happiest bunnies I have ever seen! What a tribute to the care you received for more than five years from Kate. It must have been a difficult act of love for her to give you to me after realizing that she couldn't give you the time and freedom that she so much wanted you to enjoy!

And now, you are gone because of complications from an accidental injury - your life cut way too short at only 5.5 years old. None of us knows how long we have -- or how long we will have our loved ones. Every day must be seen for what it is -- as a gift from the Good Lord.

May God bless you and watch over you forever, Lucy.

Love, Bill

Hi Lucy,
It's been one year ago to the day -- almost to the minute (8:35 am) that you died. My heart still aches from your loss, and it probably will for the rest of my life. I wish I could change things. I wish that you and Austin were still with me as a happy couple of bun-buns, but my memories of your gleeful spirit will have to do. You were a treasure amongst treasures. I was blessed to have known you for as little time as I did. May God watchover your spirit forever. I love you Lucy!

Hi Lucy,
Two years have past now. A lot has changed here, as you probably know. But one thing that hasn't changed is my love for sweet Lucy! You will be remembered fondly and lovingly for as long as I live. May God bless you and watch over you.

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