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Memories of Lucy
Lucy was the most loyal and loving dog that we will ever know. She was right by our sides at all times. She would sit outside of the door to our bathroom when we were in the shower. And, when we got out of the shower, she was so overwhelmed with relief that she would prance around the living room and grab a toy to show us.

One look at her face would bring joy to our hearts, even through the saddest of moments. Her little, stubby tail was constantly wagging. She was definitely a love-pup. She was most happy when all of her loved ones were together in the same room. She liked to lick her father's knees and her mother's feet. And, she loved to be pet. Once you started petting her, you couldn't stop. She would use her nose to nudge your arm with all her might just to get you to continue showing her affection.

Lucy was very intelligent. She would understand and respond to exactly what you were saying, even if you were saying a full paragraph of words. You could see in her eyes that she would have many kind and funny words to say if she could only talk back to you. She loved to watch television with her mother and father. She liked to be so close to you that she would plop her bottom right down on top of your feet. And, she watched intently as if she knew just what the show was about. She also loved to sun-bathe. On a sunny day, she was often found relaxing on our balcony or in the warm spot by the window.

She was a very neat and tidy girl. After eating her food, she would walk around picking up her crumbs better than any vacuum ever could. Then, it was time to wipe her mouth. She would playfully roll around on the carpet in an attempt to attract her parents' attention and, at the same time, clean her mouth. And, she would skillfully use our couch or our bed spread if the carpet didn't do the trick.

She had many people that loved her and that would often sneak her treats when they could. Her favorite snack was pizza crust. And, she loved milk bones. If she was given an extra special treat, she would hide it until she felt it was the right time to eat it. She hid her treats by digging. She would drop a treat then dig her way around in her blanket until the treat was completely covered. And, she would be so playful if you uncovered her treat. She would quickly recover the misplaced treat and return it back to its proper place.

She was an empathetic dog too. She was most excited when she observed two people hugging and kissing or dancing and having a good time. When she was a puppy, she would jump up and extend her front paws like a human so that she could dance with you. She loved windy days. She enjoyed taking walks or being in the yard with her nose in the air and gusts of wind flapping her ears around.

Lucy loved to run around on the grass in the summer and romp in the snow in the winter. Some of her loved ones remember her chasing red fox and other critters through the pocono mountains. And, some of her loved ones remember her jumping around in the snow doing her best to catch snowflakes on her tongue. In our childhood home, she would often be seen running around the pool in the back yard. She also loved to fetch sticks in the playground behind our house.

Her personality was one in a million. On many occaisions, we would come home and she would be sleeping with her head on her pillow. She would hear you come in, but would not acknowledge. Instead, she would wait until you came close enough and pop her head up with this adorable expression displaying that she knew she was caught. Once she was caught, she would pop her head down and wag her tail in order to initiate playtime with us. When she was really excited, she would take running starts and run as fast as she could in order to jump on the bed and slide across the bed spread. And, if you whistled long enough, she would always howl along with your tune.

Lucy was set in her own ways. She would run a circle around you three times before she would allow you to clip the leash to her collar. And, she always welcomed you home with a wagging tail and one of her toys in her mouth. It seems as though she chose a different toy for each day of the week, just to show you that she carefully selected them. She always took good care of her toys. Even as a puppy, she never chewed them up.

She also had a very cute, mischievous side to her. She was always afraid of thunder and lightning; but, if it was only raining, she would slosh around in the puddles on purpose. On a sunny day, she would try to grab woodchips from the mulch bed. Since she was not allowed to eat woodchips, she would grab one and drop it cleverly in the grass at a designated location so that she could sneak it in the house unnoticed at a later time.

Considering her pleasant and peaceful features, Lucy had a very loud bark. She was our protector and our best friend. She was always looking out for us. She would alert us if anyone she did not recognize was on our property. She never had the need to do so, but she would have fought to the end in order to ensure our safety.

Ever since Lucy was a puppy, she has had to endure chronic medical problems. As early as a few months old, she was diagnosed with a hip problem, yet she continued to act like a wonderful pupppy. She was then loved dearly and cared for by her family. She has continued to be a joy in our lives for 15 years. Even as a 15 year old, Lucy was as happy and as beautiful as when she was a puppy. All of the neighbors would approach us in order to ask us how old she was. They were always shocked to see that a dog as old as she looked so happy and healthy. Her hair always felt so healthy and soft. And, she was a fast runner. She was absolutely a pleasure to have in our lives.

As Lucy got older, she developed spinal problems. Her family continued to love and care for her dearly. And, she continued to amaze us with her love and her charm. Even though Lucy had endured multiple medical problems in her life, she was a fighter. Up until the end of her life, she continued to show her spunk and put on a show for her mother and father. And, she has multiple loved ones that will never forget her. Regardless of any pain that she felt, she would always grab the biggest toy. Even if the toy was bigger than her, she would prance around with it, just to show you that she could. She enjoyed running and playing up until the very end of her life.

Lucy was an angel on Earth and is now an angel in Heaven. We will always miss her and love her. And, we will hope to be with her again one day.

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