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Memories of Lucy
Lucy gave us so much pleasure and was found outside our door as a kitten. We thought she was someone else's so we left her outside and placed notices in everyone's mailboxes to see if they lost her. No one claimed her and that night there was a thunderstorm so Lucy hid under my husband's truck in the spare tire. The next morning my husband drove 11 miles to his job, when he got out of the truck he heard a cat cry and out peeked Lucy's head. My husband put her in his truck while he worked that day and came home later in the afternoon with her in his arms and said we need to keep her. Since that day she has been the love of our lives and lived with 2 other cats. She was the tormentor of the group. She weighed 25 lbs, had half a tail and a thumb on both front paws so she was a big one. She loved to hide and scare her sister Molly. Molly who was only 8 lbs, Lucy loved to torment her. She always waited for her to walk out of a room and pounce on her, roll on the floor and Molly screamed. Lucy used to hide behind our bedroom door and wait for Molly to enter the room then jump on top of her. Here again Molly would scream. That was Lucy's way of playing. She loved to play and loved to eat. Lucy developed cancer recently. We decided to put her through 25 weeks of chemo but the cancer took the best of her. We'd like to thank her doctors, Dr. Billy Danowitz from the Ocean County Vet Hospital and Dr. Craig Clifford from the Red Bank Vet Hospital. We also can't forget to thank Lucy's oncology nurses. They all loved her and took care of her everytime when she went for her treatments. We will miss her dearly and look forward to meeting up with her again one day. Lucy will always remain in our hearts forever and ever.

6/13/09: Today has been so special for Lucy's parents. We have received so many emails from friends beyond that have made our day. Their loving and thoughtful words have made our lives special knowing that Lucy is in a special place with very special friends. She will always be loved by many and will be missed by her Mommy and Daddy. Thank you all for such an overwhelming day of your love for our special girl. She is missed and loved so much.

6/19/09: Hi Lucy, Well it's been 2 weeks since you went to Rainbows Bridge. I hope you're having a good time meeting all new friends. Mommy misses you so much here but she knows you're fine where you are and that you're playing with everyone. I love you so much and can't wait to see you again. You're sisters Pouncer and Nellie miss you too but Pouncer is making sure that Mommy is fine. You take care my little baby girl and I'll be back soon. I love you.

6/24/09: Hi Lucy, How's Mommy's baby girl today. I miss you so much but we're doing fine here. I hope you're having fun playing with your new friends. Mommy wanted to tell you that a new friend is crossing the bridge. His name is Max and his Daddy is a good friend of Mommy's. Go find Max and welcome him into Rainbows Bridge. Max also has 2 sisters, Annie and Chloe, go find them and play with them. I love you Lucy. Love, Mommy

7/3/09: Hi Lucy, Mommy and Daddy are here missing you so much. I hope you are enjoying your time in Rainbows Bridge. Your brother Sabot is unsettled and wants to either eat or go outside as usual and your sisters are no where to be found. We miss you and hope you are enjoying your life there. We will be there one day to find you, Molly and Sammi. We love you Lucy. Love , Mommy and Daddy.

7/28/09: Hi Lucy, I hope you've made a lot of friends. You are so very much missed here. Mommy misses you so much it's just not the same around the house. Your sisters are doing well but they miss you too and Sabot misses you as well. I want you to know that you will never be forgotten. I see you everyday around the house and wish you were still with me. Enjoy your time at the Rainbow and Mommy will come looking for you when the time is right. I love you sweetie. Love your Mommy. xoxoxoxoxoxo

12/08/09: Hi Sweetie, Mommy is here and hasn't forgotten you for a second. I'm sorry I haven't been here in a while, things are crazy at home but you are always in my heart. How are you in Rainbows Bridge. I hope you made lots of friends and found the friends I mentioned. I love you and miss you so much that I wish I was with you but I will be there some day to find you. Sleep well my love and I will come back soon. I love you Lucy !! Love, Mommy xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

05/12/10: I'm so sorry Lucy that I haven't been here to talk to you in awhile. You are always with Mommy and I love you and miss you so much. I hope you are enjoying the Rainbow's Bridge and that someday we will be together. Mommy loves you and will always be here for you. Sleep well my love and I will be back soon. I love you Lucy!!! Love, Mommy Good night my baby girl!!!! I love you!!!

05/15/10: Hi Lucy, So sorry Mommy hasn't been on lately but you are always in my heart. You need to find a new friend entering Rainbows Bridge. He's a lovable dog and his name is Gomez. His Daddy is a really good friend of Mommy's and you need to show him around and guide him through your life there. Don't ever leave him. He was loved a lot by a lot of people and I trust you will help him. I love you so much and miss you so much. Have fun and find Gomez! I love you Lucy. Love, Mommy.

06/07/10: Hi Lucy, Well I can't believe it's 1 year since you're gone. I hope you are making many friends and that you found Gomez. Mommy misses you so much, it's not the same without you. I wish you didn't have to suffer the way you did and I tried everything I could to help you and I thought we beat the cancer but it took you away from me. I love you so much Lucy and miss you so much. I'll be back to talk to you again, until then, I love you. Love, Mommy.

04/28/11: Hi Lucy, I'm so sorry Mommy hasn't been here lately but I never forgot about you. You are always in my thoughts, my heart and my dreams. We are all doing fine but we miss you so much. I hope you are having fun in Rainbow's Bridge and I will come and get you one day. I love you so much and miss you with all my heart. I'll be back soon my love. Love you, Mommy

06/06/2011: Hi Lucy, It's been 2 years today and it's a sad day for Mommy. I will always remember the love you brought to me and Daddy and we miss you soooo much. I know you are in a good place now and out of pain but someday you will be with us again. I love you so much and miss you everyday of my life. You are in my heart always. I'll love you forever my Sweetheart! Love you always, Mommy xooxoxoxoxox

05/23/2012: Hi Lucy, I'm sorry Mommy has not been here lately. I hope you are having fun and mades lots of friends. Mommy wants you to go look for Snookums, he's a cocker spaniel and left his Daddy's side about a month or so ago. He is very friendly and you will have fun with him. I miss you soooo much and you will always be in my heart. I love you Lucy, you are my forever baby. Love, Mommy xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

06/07/2012: Hi Lucy, I'm sorry I wasn't here yesterday but always remember you are in my heart. I hope you are having fun and playing with all your friends. Mommy and Daddy miss you sooo much. I love you Lucy, you are forever my baby. xoxoxoxoxox

05/24/2013: Hi Lucy, I hope you are enjoying your time in Rainbow's Bridge. Mommy and Daddy miss you so much. I want you to go find Sabot. Your brother should have crossed the bridge by now. He left us on July 13, 2012. Go find him and play with him until mommy and daddy meet up with both of you. I love you so much Lucy. You are and will always be my baby girl. I'll talk to you again soon.. xoxoxoxoxox

06/06/2013: Hi Lucy, Well it's 4 years since you crossed over to Rainbow's Bridge. This was a very sad day for Mommy and Daddy. You went through a lot with the chemo but we tried to beat the cancer but it won. You are always remembered in our hearts and minds and you will never be forgotten. We miss you so much and can't wait to see you again one day. I hope you found Sabot and are playing with him. We love you Lucy, you will always be our best girl !! Love you sweetheart, xoxoxoxoxoxo

06/06/2014: Hi Lucy, it's Mommy. It's 5 years today and not a day goes by that you're not thought of. We miss you so much. One day we will be together again. I hope you are enjoying the rainbow bridge and made lots of friends. I love you with all my heart and miss you. Until we're together again, stay happy. Love you with all my heart. Mommy. Xoxoxo

06/06/2015: Hi Lucy, It's 6 years since you crossed over to Rainbows Bridge. Mommy and Daddy miss you so much. I had a dream last night that you were here sitting my lap. You are never forgotten. We love you and miss you with all our heart. Be happy in Rainbows Bridge and we will be together again. I love you Lucy. Mommy. Xoxoxoxoxoxo

06/06/2016: Hi Lucy, it's Mommy. I can't believe it's 7 years today. We think about you every day and hope you are enjoying Rainbow's Bridge. We will come and join you one day. We love you and miss you very much. Talk soon my baby girl !! Love, Mommy xoxoxoxoxoxo

06/06/2018: Hello My Baby Lucy, I know it's been a long time since Mommy talked to you but I haven't forgotten you. You are truly missed by Mommy and Daddy but we hope you are enjoying Rainbow's Bridge. We moved to the water and you would have loved it. We love you so much Lucy and miss you very much. I will try to talk to you sooner. Love you my baby girl, Mommy xoxoxoxo

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