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Memories of Lucky Girl

You arrived in our pole barn, in the fall, 11 years ago. You were timid in the beginning, however, you would come to me to eat, as I sat on the ground, in the pole barn. We welcomed you into our home. We have never regretted that decision. Our home would be complete as you joined Abby,the kitty & Dodger the dog. Later we would add Taffy, the kitty.

When you trusted us, we brought you into the craft room. There were blankets to snuggle in, litter box, water & food. When you heard us coming out, you would get on the back of the chair, in the craft room. From there you would look out the craft room door window, as if to say, is it my turn to come into the house. Once you had your check up with the Vet & he gave you a clean bill of health, we then brought you into the house to meet Abby & Dodger.

In the beginning, Dodger was treeing you outside. Once inside the house, you & Dodger would share the sofa for a nap, as you guys became cuddle buddies. Abby tolerated you, however, that was as far as she would go. She was an older girl pretty set in her ways.

You & Taffy started off slowly, however, warmed up & became BFF. You & Taffy would chase each other through the house. Of course, it was either at bedtime or early morning. You both enjoyed your catnip play toys. You really enjoyed the fresh dried cat nip, that the house sitter would put out.

You & Taffy would want to help, when I was folding the laundry. You both thought the laundry was yours to lay on. If I didn't leave at least one piece for the two of you to share, someone was always meowing until I did. Guess who that was. Yes, dear Lucky it was you.

You & Taffy shared my lap, in the evenings, while I watched TV, reading or knitting. In the mornings, you where Grandpa's buddy & would stretch out full length in between his legs.

When our house sitter would come over to take care of you & Taffy, she said you always enjoyed your "spa treatment", which was getting a good brush job. You always let the house sitter know that this was the first thing she should do.

You & Taffy were our bedtime partners. Cuddling up to us & enjoying the warmth. You had a certain spot where you laid against my right side & Taffy would lay in between my legs.

You had the loudest purr when being petted. It was so comforting to know how you loved us.

Grandpa misses you, as he would let you lick the ice cream bowl, after he was done. I miss you when doing the bed time snacks for Taffy. I expect you to come around the corner for your treat.

You brought so much joy into our lives. We are really missing you. Some days are harder than others. The eyes seem to leak periodically, as we remember our sweet girl.

Until we see each other again, at the Rainbow Bridge. Take care & enjoy your new home laying in the sunshine or chasing birds.

March 27th----It is now 8 weeks since you left us. We think of you each day & send our kisses & hugs to you. Today was laundry day & Taffy took over the clean laundry pile to snuggle in. Miss when you are not there helping me fold the laundry. The snow is pretty much gone now. Spring can't be to far off. It was sunny & windy today. G-pa is talking about getting the kitty gazebo set up soon. We'll get the tarp put on for the roof & then Taffy will be able to go outside & be protected from the wild life i.e. coyotes. Trust you have made new fur friends at the Rainbow meadow. Sweet dreams Miss Lucky. xoxo

June 15th------It has now been five months since you left us. On June 2nd we added a new fur baby. Her name is Callie & she is 3 mths old. She is a little live wire & very entertaining. Taffy seems to have accepted her. They have played kissie nose over the past couple of days. Now Taffy & Callie are running thru the house chasing each other like you & Taffy used to do. Callie is gray with some light orange & white. Callie also has a loud purr like you. Hugs & love to you Lucky. We still miss you.

November 11th--------Callie has been a very entertaining kitty. As we come up on Thanksgiving & family visiting soon, we will be thinking of you & wish you a Happy Thanksgiving with all of your new fur friends. It snowed six inches last week, however, it's all gone now. Can't help but smile when it snows & we think of you walking out into it & not really happy with the "white stuff". Hugs & love to you Lucky. Grandma & Grandpa miss you so much.

January 15th---------Good Morning Lucky Grandpa suffered a stroke on Dec 21st. He is slowly healing & hopes to come home on 1/18th. There is still snow on the ground, which hopefully will begin to melt off this week. Hugs & Love to you. Take care.

November 10th--------We got a light dusting of snow yesterday afternoon. This morning it was all melted & gone.
Grandpa is still improving very slowly from his stroke. Callie is still a very entertaining kitty. Taffy is tolerating Callie. They play really hard some days. Taffy can actually pin Callie to the floor now. Take care Lucky. Grandpa & I miss you every day. Hugs & kisses.

February 12th-------Grandpa fell on Thurs Feb 7th while doing exercises. He went to ER & x-rays confirmed that he had a left hip fracture. Fri Feb 8th he had a partial hip replacement to repair the break. He is supposed to be moved to a Rehab facility today at 1pm. It has been snowing over the past several days. We got 6-7 inches last night. So ready for the snow to be gone. Our neighbor is plowing us out, so I can get in to see Grandpa. Please send some of your loud purring love to Grandpa to help him heal. Miss you sweet baby. Hugs & kisses.

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