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Memories of Lucky
Lucky came to us 7 years ago, blind and with heart worm. We fixed the heart worm but tried and could not fix his eyes. He literally bumped into our fence in the middle of the night and we let him into our yard and our hearts. He was so sweet and tolerant. It did not matter that he was blind, he was happy and knew his yard in Concord, NC. He loved that yard. He would go to the back door and scratch. We would let him out, no guidance. Down the steps he would go and off he would wander within the fenced yard which was easily 40 by 70 feet. He would snoop and poop and just walk around smelling the smells and hearing the sounds of the birds. He was not going to let being blind stop him. After a little while he would wind his way back to the deck up the steps and scratch on the door to come in. I would watch this amazing sightless boy find his own way. He would run with me and another dog Sam. He would trust me to know where I was going and would gallop. One day we were running and I was looking straight ahead as Lucky turned into me. Crash down I went with a scream. There was Sam standing wondering what happened and I turned to Luck and there he was sitting with his ears back and down. He was so sorry. All I could do was hug him. The poor boy was such a trooper. He had a stroke and we thought we would lose him but with some TLC he recovered. He was so attached to us that when would leave him for even a day or so he would start to shut down. He loved us and we loved him. And it breaks our hearts that he is gone. I will make a collage of pictures of him and he will join our sanctuary/memorial for all our dogs from nearly forty years. There is another hole in my heart right now without Lucky but I know like the other doggies, that hole will be filled with memories and stories but right now it hurts. We saw a cloud in the sky and the shape was of that flying dog from the movie Neverending Story and I knew that symbolized Lucky for now he can see, now he can run, now he can fly. He is such a good boy.

Luck by now you know Jake and Sam have joined you. All you three boys who were with us during happier times in NC. We miss you so much Luck and losing Jake in Aug and Sam just now only highlights how much you were treasured. Always know you are in our hearts. Fly high

Hey, Lucky we always think of you at this time of year. It has been five years, since then we have moved, there is another little grandchild, and we lost Sam, Jake and just recently Luke. You did not know Luke I don't think. He was a sweet boy like you. We have lost so much Lucky since you had to leave us. Our hearts are scarred and while you think they are healed they are just scarred. I look at your pictures every day. We miss you everyday. We love you still, every day.

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