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Memories of Lucky Kelly
You were such an excellent boy. I had him trained in 4 mos. He never chewed on anything or bugged my 8 kitties. I now have a female pup named Ruby and a Creme named Murphy and they will miss Lucky too. Putting you down, was so very hard for me to do
and you deserved to go in peace and dignity and never alone. I am still crying, my other pets know something isn't quite right,
my mamma even cried on the phone all the way from GA. You were
my Epileptic dog, my best dog ever out of 28 years of marriage, so smart, understood English and German. We will miss you Lucky
and we were so fortunate to have you in our lives. So full of life and a nut, you lived to always please and were a watchful dog. Strange not to hear you bark anymore. I bet you are romping the Hills in Heaven with the other furbabies. Can't wait to see you again, and neither can Dad, Ruby, Murphy and everyone else. We are still crying, you are not suffering; our hearts are cause we miss you boy! Love always, your Momma and Daddy! October 22, 2006 Really missing you today, Lucky.I had a bruise in my hand when I got up today and as the day drew on; I remembered your right paw in my left palm. I took some pictures as I couldn't believe it was your Paw Print in my hand. You left me part of you. I don't think I am crazy, I have pictures of it. I also could've sworn I heard you walking to the office. I will write again soon after I stop crying, I love you and miss you. Love, Mom Oct. 24, 2006 Lucky, I am still thinking about you. I lit a candle for you. It was Monday Night Candle Ceremony. I cried later when I talked with Daddy on the Rig. It is just very hard for me right now. I am feeling guilty, because I had you put down. I knew the day would could sometime, but I never knew you suffered for so long. What a champion you are! It wasn't about the $ at all. It was about your overall quality of life. I wanted you to leave this earth in tact, honor, and dignity. How amazing we found you wondering the streets when we "thought" you got a good home? I know God had something to do with this, and you were so sick. It wasn't fair to have you live in a small apt in MD & you were used to running around a big yard. If I thought you were going to be given away when I moved back here; I'd gpt you then. Then a not so nice person ground your fangs down and used you as a pitbull bait dog, and you still loved me when I got you back. You had painful treatments with the 3 mos. of chemo for heartworm and pinworm, you lost 17 lbs. when I got you back, and had a high fever. But, I had you 3 1/2 more years. I am grateful for that. You had a nice yard, got to play frisbee with Daddy and got to know more of my kitties. I am sorry Pepper
turned out to be 1/2 pitbull and lab. I was told she was lab and golden. That was not true as she displayed a nasty temperment to you and attacked you and put 3 holes in your ear, she wanted a piece of me. So, I put her down because of that. Tell Pepper I am sorry, and Cleo, Lucy, Ginger, and Linus. They were being destructive tell Casper and Mushy we miss them and the little gray Ivan. I try to rescue God's creatures. But bless your heart Lucky, you know we loved you so much. I have never had such a connection with a dog as I did with you! You are great, I hope you are enjoying yourself on the other side of the bridge. When you were physically dying a part of my heart did, and still mourns you, not out of selfishness, but out of missing you. God made you so beautiful. I Love You. Good morning, Love Mommy October 26, 2006 I can't believe U R gone almost one week. The house is so quiet without you in it Lucky! I got a card from the vet with your paw print inked on it, I lost it and was crying so hard I had to talk to a neighbor. I've been depressed Lucky, I had a feeling something was terribly wrong with you since you were feeling so bad and throwing up. I hope you made alot of new friends where you are now. That is the hope I have for you, you were so special to ne and I think you deserve the very best my baby. I miss wrestling with you and us dancing in the kitchen. You waiting for a snack on the grill when Dad was grilling and Dad throwing the frisbee to you, how I taught you and you were so very smart even later in life to go down the steps in the front so we wouldn't break our butts! Ruby and Murphy miss you, especially Ruby-she cries sometimes and Bonnie is still looking for you. We will never forget you sweetie, you are still in my mind and there is a part of my heart that is so devoted to my pal, and most loyal and lovable boy, that is you Mr. Luckster. We love you, love Mom & Dad Oct. 27, 2006 Today you are gone 1 week Lucky. Wow, I can hardly believe it. Yesterday I was expecting you to bark at the door when I came home. Murphy now barks and he is 4 mos. and over 50 lbs. Ruby is 42 1/2. She is very smart like you, and does alot of things you did. Though I would never compare any of them to you. You are and were an exceptional pup! I really miss you so very much! Know that Dad and I were talking about you this am. We are going to make a shadow box of you, with your pictures and stuff. Oh, I love and miss you good buddy. We had such a great connection and I thank God for the time I was blessed to have you in our lives. Enjoy your new friends, and the ones we had that went on before you. Look for Cookie, she was our Airedale and a good pet and we had a dog named Starr we gave away because we were only allowed one dog - she was good, until she got mistreated and I got her back and changed. That was not her fault. Pepper may be there, but I could not have her bullying you anymore and after she put 3 holes in your ear, and she was aggressive, we had to put her down. Maybe she is where you are and she is sweeter. Casper, and all the kitties I ever had are with you too. I noticed you started taking an interest in our baby kitties before you left. You never did that before, and I thought that was neat. We love you, Mom & Dad November 2, 2006 Boy Lucky, Mamma had 2 seizures and I still miss you howling at ambulances and barking at the UPS guy. I cried today. I hope you are swimming finally, something you never got to do in Louisiana. Thank you for showing Ruby some things, she learned from you. Murphy is difficult, stubborn like me. I miss brushing you, all the tricks you do, but most of all I miss your smiling face. I wish I could hug you for 1 moment again. I am sorry that you were in pain and I knew something was wrong when you were throwing up water. Please know you were the BEST dog I will probably have. Thank you for gracing my life with your presence. We miss you, Dad is coming home and will surely miss you not being there for him. Love You Luckster, Mamma XXXXXXXX's November 7, 2006 Hi sweet dog. I miss ya so much, I was crying last night and everytime I write you, Bonnie B comes over. I know she is looking for you. You were never judgememtal of me and I always thought what a great quality in a decent giant gentleman such as yourself. I'm having it tough once again, with small fits and dopey doctors and it is so hard. I almost wish I could be there with you, Lucky. All the pain and hard times you went through was so very unfair. You caught your frisbee until the end. I love you so much and don't want you to ever think I will forget you, because I never EVER will. Say Hi to Casper and Charlie, Cookie, Scooter, Cinderella, Jerry, the 5 kitties I tried to save, Linus, Cleo, the Double Troubles. I got another kitty, his name is Tomodachi which is friend in Japanese. I want to thank you for showing Ruby tricks. She tried putting your orange squeaker ball into Murphy's mouth. Love ya, Mamma Dear Luckster, Today is November 12, 2006 3 weeks since you and I hugged and I miss you so very much. Just wanted to tell you that Ruby and Tigger miss you. Especially Tigger, he is depressed even with a new kitty I got. He really loved you - which was amazing since he is such a timid kitty, but you knew that, right boy? Dad knows how hard its been on me since you were gone. Thanks for leaving me your paw print on my hand as a true gift of LOVE. I took pictures so no one would think I was crazy. My heart is still is broken over you being gone but none of us lives forever on the earth - but I hope and pray you are in a wonderful place with other pets. We love ya Lucky and don't ever think we have replaced ya. That will never happen, just as we humans have different personalities we know our doggies do too. Love, Momma and Dad Dec. 1, 2006 Hey boy. Been still thinking of you always and those pups are a handful!! Murf is 70 lbs and Ruby is a brat but sweet. Sure miss you and us cuddling, Tigger is still looking for you. Well, I will write again my boy soon, Love Mamma Feb. 24, 2007 - Hey Lucky, Mr. Murphy looks like ya except he is white and bigger. Same expression. Now Ruby has alot of your expressions and is thin. Trying to fatten her up. We adopted a lab mix named Susie Q and she is very sweet and smart. 1st day I had her I taught her to sit - she is only 3 mos old. I made the shadow box of you and braided your hair in it from your tail and your collar is still right next to it. You were such an exceptional doggie, that is why you are on this site! Thanks for all the times you had to stand there and help me get up and now I am sick again, they think I have a brain bleed - the other kitties and and dogs know something isn't right, just like you always did, my best dog in the whole wide world. Did you know it is because of you that I got Ruby and Murphy to breed Goldens? Yup, you were such a shining example of the breed. I never regretted getting you, just the fact I had to give you away for awhile - but God saw to it I got ya back... We miss you so very much, Tigger the shy kitty still misses you, especially after losing his best kitty Casper after so many years... Will write again soon when I feel better...Love always and 4 ever Ma March 15, 2007 I was told by some religious woman that I will never see you again, even in the afterlife! That thought really crushed me, as this wonderful site helps me with your being gone and terribly missed by Pop and myself immensely. All I can say baybee is that you will always be a part of my heart and NO ONE can EVER take that away from me. God knows my heart and how I feel about his special creatures! That means you Luckster, very special to me. I am happy I can write here and vent about you. You were so great to all the tons of cats I had and not once did you upset them, and towards the end when you got so sick; very strange that Tigger came near ya considering he was so skiddish. He knew you weren't feeling well, love ya Mom 8/10/2007.Alot has happened. Murphy & Ruby had 11 puppies. We
Kept 2 boys, the big one named King winks his eye like you used to do, and H short for Horatio is like Ruby, but is white like his daddy... King is big, sweet and very patient and has same markings as you did - even though you are not related. Ruby is dark like you are now and only 55 lbs. Murphy is like 80 and a Brutus. In time hopefully he will calm down. He is getting fixed like Ruby and the pups too. Boy do we miss you and of course Casper went before you by 5 months. Can't believe you have been gone for almost 1 yr! I sold a pup to a lady whose Golden was 16, you were so young at 8 1/2. I was careful to who I sold pups to seeing you were used as a pitbull bait dog, I had to keep 2 pups, crazy folks calling up. I am never going to breed again, but because of you my best dog ever; I will "always" have a Golden Retriever. Such a well behaved dog, I couldn't have
asked for more. I truly and so does Dad miss you. Love you, Mom Close to 1 yr and you have been so missed. Murphy is crazy and definitely outside pooch & Ruby teases him w/toys like you did w/
her. We kept 1 pup. King. He is all trained like you at 4 mos. and is so sweet. He winks like you used to do with your right eye and that is so cute. He is light, Ruby is real dark like you and Murf is white underneath and carmel ontop. They are both fixed no more pups. I got 2 more kitties, Zsa Zsa a lilac point Siamese mix and Kramer an orange tuxedo kitty so sweet. I have 8 cats and 3 dogs. I had to give back Suzie Q she attacked Ruby after she got pregnant and the others were ganging up on her and that is not fair to a 4 month lab. I will write on your anniversary. I
love you Luckster, Love Momma Oct. 20, 2007 Well, its been 1 year today and you will never be fogotten. We loved you and still miss you. Everyone in my family
still remembers you, so devoted and good boy, best dog anyone could ever ask for, never doing anything wrong. I wish you could still be here, but the sickness you had would never get better. Rest in peace old friend and love you forever, Mom March 8, 2008 Hiya Luckster. I was thinking of you. Well, sad news. Tigger & Waldo are in Kitty Heaven. Tigger had pneumonia 4 two mos. & couldn't shake it so I had to put him down. Waldo had tummy cancer and had similar signs like you did. They were only 7 and 5, poor babies. Got 2 more kitties, was waiting on one from the Humane Shelter from far away, he looks like Casper - but he is sweeter, I named him JazzPurr. While waiting for him, there was a tiny long haired kitty cross between Stevie and Schroeder. He is young, 2-3 mos. We call him Einstein because he's smart. So once again 3 dogs and 8 kits. Ruby is still only 60 lbs. and her son is slim and taller and will be bigger then his ma. Murphy is a clown and does what he wants, 95 lb big boy. None of them were as well mannered as you boy. King the pup has potential if he calms down, he is still a pup. I still have to keep them in crates at night, unlike you.I could leave you loose anywhere and you never did anything wrong, no kitty litter digging, ripping up the furniture or chewing on tables.You just don't know how I miss you terribly. Well, we haven't forgotten you.Your Pop is still working hard and I made a shadow box of you a long time ago and Pop helped me with it. I look at it all the time.I love you.Hey Luckster!Well, we kept King.Ruby & Murphy were too big to handle for me,they have great homes in MS,& NH.I get pics and stuff.I do have a weinie dog named Bismarck,he beats up the kitties. Well, in April this yr.a cat adopted daddy and it was a girl w/babies.We named her Katydid because she come from Katy, TX.We kept one kitty.Found homes for mama and 5 kits,& Stevie & Bonnie.They were beating up the other kits. Well now, you are gong almost 2 yrs. and it still saddens me that you are gone.You had a hard life and good when you were with us.I always & still feel your life was way 2 short.I love you boy.I will never have a dog as good as you and you are always in my heart. Love Momma

Hey Boy, today is Oct. 20, 2008 you are gone 2 yrs. today.Awe,I still miss you.My best dog in the whole world ever!I am sorry I had to have you put to sleep.You would have still been miserable with the cancer.King the pup from Ruby & Murphy I kept had a tumor removed at 15 mos,then got pneumonia.But I just had to put Einstein down.He attacked me,that poor cat the vet said would always be that mean.But I am thinking about you today.I have a shadow box with hair braided from your tail and a pic of you and your collar with your tags.I sure miss my old Lucky!You are 4ever in my heart,love your momma.

Hey Sweetie, Sept. 28th, 09. Almost 3 yrs. you are gone. Can't believe it. No one can fill your paws
King tries to do the best, poor baby has hip dysplasia and only 2. I have a pup I saved from the pound named Sheba and 11 cats all indoors. They would love you. The climb all over King. I will write again when it gets closer to 3 yr. anniversary. I am still so very sorry how much you suffered and didn't deserve to from heartworm, to being bitten, your teeth filed down, and losing your sight and cancer. Best best doggie ever! Love Momma and Papa

Hey Luckster, Its almost 3 yrs. and I still miss you very much. I call King Lucky - looks like you but is not you. I tell him all the time about you. I still wish you didn't have to go thru so much in such a short time that we had you. My doggy King is 2, had cancer will get it again I am told and
had 2 pneumonias. I suppose its hard to be a golden w/the health problems. Anyways I love you daddy loves you too - WE MISS YOU BOY & YOU ARE FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS. Love Momma and Poppa

Hey Lucky, Well I had to give King away.The little girl next door hit him in the head w/a chair and
its just a lawsuit waiting to happen. He is being foster cared by a nice lady w/some cats and 2 lab dogs and 5 of my kitties that you don't know. I had to downsize. I now have 6 kitties 1 pup named Grady - white like Murf, but super big dog and smart like you. Your Nana says I would never have a dog again like you-she is right. But i am fortunate to have another good boy. I got a girl and was going to breed, she was a naughty girl. You Lucky made me fall in love w/goldens and boys! Thanks. Oh I have a favor to ask, your Nana's friends Miss Judy & Mr. Jim lost their 12 yr. old Bailey I think a week ago to cancer in her legs. She was 12, it was leukemia. Please show her around and play
with her. Oh I miss you so much my big boy. Love you, Momma

Hi Lucky, Its 9/27 and I cannot believe almost 1 more year has gone by. Well show 2 more of my kitties around -you din't know the 1 yr. old Penny, and you did know Tomodachi. He was a ragdoll kitty Dad bought for me. They had pneumonia and were sick for a long time and they had short lives like you did. Grady the pup I told you about is a clown and I always compared all my goldens to you and that is not fair because they are all different. We miss you so much, my Mom misses you too. You
definitely were the exception to the rule. My best and biggest buddy and hope fully one day in Heaven I will see you. I love you big boy. I see your picture in the shadow box I made in my office everyday and your puppy pic w/dad on the refrigerator magnet. I love you sweet, Love Momma

Hey Luckster, Its been 4 years today. I am looking at your shadow box w/your pictures. Boy I really
miss you. I have now a mixed breed tiny baby i bottled fed from the shelter and an Australian Shep and Grady my golden. He is very funny, a clown dog. you see i kept getting goldens thinking they would be just like you, nope...no dog is/was/ever will be YOU. but you helped me be more patient with dogs. I miss you like i did 4 years. Not that its diminished any; just less painful that i had to let you go w/the odds you had w/that cancer. my poor Lucky, thx for being my best pal dog ever and rest w/all our other pets too. we love you, momma and daddy

Hey Lucky Boy,

You are forever and will always be my #1 boy. Oh we are now in GA. With Albert the persian kitty. Today is nearby your 5th anniversary. I cannot believe it. I am so lost w/out you and the many goldies that followed your pawprint on my heart. We miss you so much - your life imprinted us so much that we kept goldens and only the last boy was super nice like you. You were the smartest one and such a good boy to never tear up the house in your short life of 8 1/2. I love you, Momma

Hi Lucky, Mamma here. I am so grateful you came into my life. I will always try to have goldens because of you and your great nature. I miss you boy. Just have a tug on my heart and believe its you old boy. Love you, Momma. Jan. 9, 2012 Monday 1210 am. :<((( I miss you!!!

Well Lucky, Still miss you. Its been 6 yrs. already. My sweetest boy. I just got a little dog and her name is CoCo like the perfume. She is a Shih Tzu. I love having a dog again to pal around with. I miss you and all of my other goldens. I have Albert and rescued his brother from an abusive situation. So its 2 kitties and the little dog. I miss wrestling with you, and you were the best behaved dog I ever had! Love you and we still miss you. Love Mom & Dad :<(

Lucky, you are gone 6 yrs ago today. Seems like an eternity since you left my life. You definitely changed my life and because of you I had more goldens! Now I have a Shih Tzu named CoCo. I can honestly say you are the most behaved dog I have ever and will have ever owned. I love you so much. I saw your shadow box yesterday I made for you with a braid from your long hair and your collar. Have fun at the Rainbow Bridge, Love you always Momma <3

Hi Lucky. Thinking about you today. Governor Mike Huckabee lost his dog Jet 3 days ago, he was 15. I wished you could have lived to be 15. You would be that age today. I lost you so young, 8 is way too young. I love you and I always will. Look for Jet. Man I wish I could hug you, I have
such wonderful memories of you. I really miss you. Love Momma!

Today is your 7th Anniversary at The Rainbow Bridge. I still remember you as a pup and as a big boy. I have had several goldens because of you!.. You were such a wonderful dog to me Lucky and i am sorry I had to put you to sleep because of that bowling ball sized tumor inside of you. I didn't know you had it and didn't want to keep you alive because of me, that is selfish - I didn't want you to suffer anymore. I still remember you getting up after the Dr. said you were gone and your paw print in my hand. I took pictures because I know no one would have ever believed me. I have a Shih Tzu girl now. She is a good gal, but I miss hugging my Lucky and wrestling with you. I love you, Lucky and still miss you! Love, Mom

Haven't written in quite sometime. Lucky, I still think of you and it will be 8 yrs. this Oct. Best boy ever. My lil gal pal is good; but because of you I have a dog, just 1 dog. I am not at my house anymore (we lost it). I am so grateful that I had you in my life boy. I miss you Luckster, Love Momma

Today is Oct. 20, 2014. Its a Monday and 8 yrs. ago today I had to end your life, suffering with a bowling ball sized tumor lodged in your liver/spleen. I still miss you. Such a great boy and awesome well behaved dog in the house. You never chewed on anything, went into kitty boxes, nothing. Perfect boy!!! I miss hugging you! You were the best thing I ever got outta Dothan, AL. Know that I think of you often, will love you forever until I meet my maker. Love you and miss you, Luckster, Momma.

Hi Lucky Boy. Every time I see a golden I think of you. It is because of your sweet nature, and intelligence that I continued on with your breed. Thank you for being such an excellent example of my friend. I am so sorry that you had cancer and I didn't realize it. I think even if we did nothing could have been done because you had it lodge between your liver, spleen, and kidney. Thank you for all your love to me. Because of you, I have even a deeper more understanding of a dog. RIP Lucky Boy. Your Momma misses you.

Today is 9 years since your passing and it is still so vivid in my mind, heart and soul. You are my 1st boy, golden. I am so grateful for so many reasons I had you in my life sweet boy. I have tears in my eyes as I write this. You are gone nearly a decade. I have 2 little dogs and the Persian cats and a maine/tabby mix. you were always so good with the kitty's. Rest assured. I may not be able to keep up with your Rainbow Bridge Site as your dad hardly makes the $ he used to make, but you are always in my heart. Not 1 week goes by without me thinking about you. I love you and miss you, Lucky Boy. Love Momma.

Today is 11 yrs. since your passing. I now live in Nana's house because she died in Feb and I miss her so much. I haven't written in a while. My new neighborhood has quite a few goldens in it which makes me smile and think of you boy, I will write more later. Love Mom

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