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Memories of Lucky
March 17,2006 - My darling friend and my best boy. You have been gone for 2 whole days now, and I miss you so much.
I thank the PTB that I went on craigslist that day and clicked on the link that said "This Boy Will Die Today"... You were deemed 'aggressive' and 'unadobtable'. HAH! did we show them. Way to go, Lucky-san.
I will never forget the way you slunk through my front door, and the way that you walked straight up to me, wanting to be rubbed. I will never forget how skinny, scared and dirty you were... or how hungry you were. You ate two bowls of food and looked at me with gratitude.
I will never forget your first visit to the park, when you tried to go get the dangerous bike monster.
I will never forget the times I tried to find you a 'home' because I was only 'fostering' you, and you literally ran away and came back to me... as if to say "Mom... I already have a home". I will never forget the day that I realized that you had chosen me as your mom, and how happy that made me.
I will never forget the day you ate 4 sticks of butter... wax-paper and all! And you didn't even get sick.
I will never forget your first christmas with us, when you wanted nothing more than to sink your teeth into that duck on the table.
I will never forget the way that you would put your smiling face next to the bed in the morning and just look at me as if to say "C'mon Mom... Lotsa stuff to do today!", or the way that you would dance a little when I asked if you were hungry.
I will never forget your enthusiasm, when meeting your very scared feathered siblings, and how later on they were the ones that ruled you. How, when you first met your feline brother, you wanted nothing more than to take one bite, just one little one, please Mom? And how when you finally got that the kitty was off limits, you would share food and water with him, and sleep on the same pillow.
I will never forget the many times I came home to Indian food smeared all over the kitchen floor, or how you would not be at the front-door with your little stump wagging when you thought you had done something wrong. Or how it was impossible to scold you because you would get so scared, and had already spent the entire time I was not there flogging yourself for your 'crime'.
I will never forget the way you would try to dominate boulders and branches, and how you would drag them from one point to another in the park trying to dominate them, or how you one time tried to 'get' a bench at Corona Heights.
I will never forget your joy for squeakies and tennisballs... or the beach, or the way that you soulfully would howl and the fire-engines, but never ever barked in the house or at people. Or your pure and simple joy for just... me.
I will never forget the time you were attacked, and how scared I was... Or the time you had your spleen taken out and how scared I was. Or how you would greet me at the top of the stairs, with your whole body wagging.
I will never forget how many friends you made, or how many people you converted:)
I will never ever forget the softest ear-fuzz the world has ever known, and how good it felt to snuggle my face in your fur... or how you would allow me to snuggle you at night, even if it might have been too warm for you.
I will never forget the joy you gave me, and keep giving me now. The unconditional love that we shared, and how you inspire me to help other doggies in need.
I will never forget how sad I felt when I finally got the diagnosis of your illness, and how you got all better just for me... for a little while.

I will never forget that you gave me time to say goodbye. Thank you so much baby!! I will never forget that you trusted me to know when you were ready to leave, and I will never forget the pride I felt when in those last hours you came to me.
I will never forget that you trustingly lay in my arms, or how many times I kissed your little face.
I will never forget when your heart stopped.
I miss you baby... so much more than you could ever understand. Thank you for being my trusted and trusting loving friend.
March 17-2006- Hey baby boy. Lotsa love for you. I wanted to tell you that I am finally going to go meet Patience. She is really sick, baby. I think that we could give her a good hospice situation until it is time for her to join you. She has Lympho Sarcoma and only has a few months left, and was dumped by her family. I am going to meet her on Sunday. I am sorry that you could not go meet her with me, but I am glad that we talked about her before you left. I love you more than you can ever comprehend, and I will let you know how things go on Sunday. Have fun with Kodi, Sofus, Mick, Jake and Pjuske until then. Big Momma kisses.

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