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Memories of Lucky
My Lucky Duckie. My first fur baby,you were the begining but your love and memories will never end! Well my little Lucky Duckie I do pray that you and Shadow are playing and know that we will be meeting you at the bridge one day. I pray that to you guys it feels like a second in time,to us it feels as if its been eons ...... 8-18-07 Your Daddy has passed away a week ago. I pray & pray & pray that you, Shadow & Daddy are together & it's only a moment in time for the 3 of you. Time goes so slow down here & I love & miss all of you... See all of you at the Bridge...

9-9-12 Well my little Lucky alot has changed since last time I left a msg on here. Now that Shadow and Daddy are with you my heart has begun to shatter piece by piece & no matter how much I try nothing helps :"( In Dec 2010 our home was foreclosed on and I had to move into an apartment; however, they did not allow pets so I had no choice but to bring Tommy, Lady, MoJo, Mr W, Patches and Willow to a shelter. It's a no kill one but it still breaks my heart. I held them one last time and then I had to turn and walk away. There are no words to describe how I felt and still feel. I was allowed to keep Precious because she is a service dog. She is all I have left. I have to stop at this point because it's really hard to type when your crying your eyes out ... Know that I love n miss you guys and when God decides its my time I'll meet you all at the Bridge :'') XOXOXOXOX...

7-14-13 I was hoping I would be able to write something positive this year - I can =) Alex & I are talking alot more. Jourdan & I are texting more & have talked a couple times. I have really good doctors & they are doing the best they can to "fix" me. Physically they are but mentally & emotionally not so much. Since you & Shadow passed I still grieve for both of you in a certain way but when your Daddy passed away on 8-11-07 I grieve for him as if he just passed. People tell me I have to "get over it". Maybe these people never had such a deep, pure, intense & unconditional love. I miss Tommy, Lady, MoJo, Mr. W, Patches & Willow. It was a no kill shelter but Dec will be 3yrs, if they were not adopted it means that they have been in a small cage all this time - that breaks my heart. Tommy & Lady are approx 14yrs old, it's possible they are with you, I kinda hope they are instead of a small cage. Precious is such a great dog. She's 7yrs old now but she still acts like a puppy which is a good thing, if I'm having a really bad day she knows how to make me smile & feel loved :') The only other thing going on is that I may very well be going into a shelter in April. The person I've been with for the last 4yrs is thinking of us going our seperate ways. With only social security disability as my income there is no place else I can afford. I feel like I've let all of you down. I'm sorry. I'm trying to turn it all around but it's tough ... I have to stop writing once again - hard to type when your crying your eyes out

10/2017 ~ Precious is with you :"( This is the first time in my life I have no furbaby. I bought a home but it's so cold & empty right now.I wish I could type more but it's so damn hard for me to find words lately. I love all of you. See you when He decides it's my time. Till then stay together & have fun & love each other. If your other fur brothers & sisters are up there I hope you found them & are all together with Daddy & Precious playing & having fun. I love you all :"( {{{HUGS}}}

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