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Memories of Louie
My beautiful baby boy. It is just over three weeks since we had to say goodbye to you My little buddy, I know there were 'reasons' why we had to put you to sleep. Dr's Steven , Susanna and Justin had told us that your little heart was failing and that was causing all that fluid build-up and your bowel had stopped functioning. But, my Precious babe, when you slumped dead in my arms, it was if your Dad's heart had been ripped out, too.

Dr Steven and nurse Jenny came personally to attend to your final moments, you had been one of his favourite patients, over the years, and we're grateful for his skill and tenderness. We are also grateful to Dr Susanna and Dr Justin for their dedication and compassion towards you, over those last few weeks. We can only thank everyone at Albany Creek Vet, for exemplary skill, compassion and support. It was a most difficult time.

After Dr Steven had left us, your Mom and Dad just sat with your frail, old body, under your favourite rug, sobbing and rubbing your head and shoulders, trying to will you back to life. But alas, my beautiful pup, it could not be undone and all your Dad can do is beg your forgiveness. Of all the things your Dad could do for you, he couldn't extend your life. And that means I failed you. Dad saw that look on your face, when you realised that Dr Steven wasn't there for a social visit. That look said - Dad, I know I was old and sick, but I never complained, all I wanted to do was just lie on the floor where I could watch you. And when you'd walk past, I'd look up and smile at you and you'd rub my little head and tell me how handsome I was. That's all I wanted. Wasn't that enough for you, too?

We sat with you, for more than an hour until the lady from 'Pets in Peace' came to take you away. She placed you in a little puppy basket with a white rose - and another white rose from Mum and covered you with a little 'paws' blanket. Oh puppy, it was just so sad, that poor, frail old body, now limp and lifeless. But we just didn't want you to go from us. Dad still can't think about it without tears.

They brought your ashes back in a little urn, just over a week ago. We have a little shrine for you and light a candle every night to light your path. Your brother Benji misses you, greatly. He searches the house for you and we often catch him, sitting in the lounge - looking at your photo. Who says these pups aren't smart?

It was just so amazing that our time together was 'meant to be'. Dad is a virgo, Mum is a Libra and when moved cities, our new house was in a street named 'scorpio'. Little did we know it, but the day we moved into that house, on the other side of town,a puppy was born. A puppy that no-one wanted, and when we went to look at him, everything just fell into place. The only thing wrong was they had given you an awful name. Later that day, when you showed your Mum and Dad that you were definitely a 'King', you looked sooo much like Louie the 14th, that only that name would ever do.

You turned out to be pretty much the 'perfect' pup. You were a notoriously fussy eater and you sure learned how to 'command' Mum and Dad - and your brother Benji, with that 'Yip'! You were also a fantastic soccer player, but like most cavalier's, you seemed to outgrow the 'toy' phase. Poor Mum and Dad would throw the ball for you, you'd get excited and then say - well, that was great, surely you don't expect ME to run after it and fetch it? So, we'd have to run across the garden - just to amuse our puppy! Such is 'cav' ownership.

My precious Pup, our time together was way too short and now you're gone, all we seem to do is find reminders of you. Open a cupboard, and there's your asthma puffer, your shampoo, your treats. Open another cupboard and there's your food bowl or your favourite monkey. It's hard to believe that a little puppy boy could impact so much on our lives.

we'll never forget you, your memories will live forever in our hearts.

A special thanks to Cisco's Mom and Sebastian and Gabby's Mom for their wamrth and support during this time.

Ode to Mr Louie (from Dad)


my tears stream down like falling rain
I search for you, I call your name
Over by your favourite ball
your leash hangs empty in the hall

you're gone

recalling now the happy years
I see you run, through welling tears
your home, your yard, where you were king
and when you spoke, the birds took wing
The trees, the parks, the birds in bowers
where you would stop to kiss the flowers
The lovely strolls in summer sun
the hours spent playing with you mum

are gone

Came winter, cold, the land forsaken
your heart gave out and you were taken
a deathly chill, the cold winds blow
our puppy's love, no more to know

you're gone

but wait, there, for a moment fleeting
I see your smile, familiar, greeting
it's just dappled sunlight, growing pale
And not my puppy's waving tail

you're gone

my tears stream down like falling rain
my heart cries out and through the pain
I see your face, your presence near
It's you my love, my cavalier

you're gone

(love from Dad)

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