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Memories of Lotto
Lotto came into my life as a new born kitten. I spent many night feeding and cleaning his butt to go to the bathroom. Vet said he would not live since he didn't get his mother's milk but, I pulled it off. He had a lot of problems coming up. The muscles in both eyes were weak so all you could see was the white of his eyes. As time went on the pupil started to show as long as he tilted his head back. His lashes grew back into his eyes and had to remove his eyelids. His testicles never dropped so we had the surgery to get those out. He came to know me as Mama and called me that all the time. He would get in bed with me every night and lay under the cover giving me a bath before leaving.He waited each night for me to pick him up to go to bed. He played every Sunday on the bed with the light that shown thru my glasses onto the bed. He loved doing that. Every day he went into the bathroom with me and sat and looked for the lights on the wall so he could play with them. He sat near the door every morning waiting for me to tell him bye before coming back home after work. He would greet me with his paw outstreached and touch my cheek and want in my lap. If I was sitting that is where he would be 24/7. His kidneys failed and the vet did all he could. I went to hold him and say goodbye for the last time yesterday and my heart is still breaking and the tears will not stop. I really feel like it would be better if I went with him. I cannot take this pain. I miss you Lotto so very much. Mama will see you again one day soon I hope. Until then make friends. I know you didn't like other animals or people but at least try until we meet again. You are the only one that was always there for me no matter what. You were the one constant in my life and I am not sure I can go on without you.

We had you, Duke, Beauty, and Duchess for many years. Now you are all at the Rainbow Bridge together. Duke was such a sweet boy but he was not able to walk or stand but just a few seconds. He was in so much pain. Like you, we had to have him put to sleep. Your Dad found Duchess dead on Thursday, 12-29-2010 and we don't know what happened. And your brother, Beauty, finally started to get like Duke and was unable to walk very well. His kidneys had stopped working and we had hoped he would go in his sleep so we would not have to have it done. That was not to be. We had to have him put down as well. We lost all of you in the month of December three years in a row. December will forever hold a lot of heartache for us both. We now have the younger babies we got to ease the pain of losing you and Duke. They bring joy to us but will never replace either of you in our hearts. We love you all Lotto and one day we will be with you all again. I cannot wait to see you my sweet boy. You were and will always be the greatest joy of my life. The tears still come every now and then, when I think of what it was like and could have been; had you not gone away to stay. But, I think of the day when we will meet and I will be able to kiss your cheek. I love you my sweet babies.

You have been gone for 6 years now and it is the longest time of my life. I miss you more and more every day and so wish I could see you, touch you, hold you to my heart. Your little cousin, Buddy, came to the Bridge today. He was such a sweet and beautiful kitty. Shelia, my sister-in-law, is so sad and so am I. I hope you show him around and help him to meet new friends. I love you all and hope you have a very Happy New Year! Hugs and kisses!

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