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Memories of Lola Mae Carlstrom
08/24/2018 First of all, my sweet previous Lola Mae, I'm so sorry it's been a while I haven't visited you here, Mommy has been very busy at work lately but always know that you and Portia are thought about, talked about and definitely missed everyday! No amount of time will ever change that! From the day I brought you home as the precious and adorable little 4 month old puppy, until holding you after you took your last breath as the 11 + year old beautiful dog you became, I want you to know that you will always have my heart! We had so many good times together and, without a doubt, you were the life of the party! You were such a great sister to Portia. Thank you for helping me cope the loss of my baby sister Gemma. Hands down, the good Lord couldn't have blessed me more with the BEST support system on the planet. Thank you! We love you so much Lola Mae and wouldn't trade the 11 + years you blessed us with so much love, loyalty, companionship and friendship. You will always and forever be my beautiful and sweet baby girl! Thank you for everything! Love you forever <3 <3 <3

10/26/2017 - Oh my beloved Lola Mae, it will be exactly 5 months tomorrow since you left and I still live with a deep ache in my heart where there lies and unfilled vacancy. I don't think I could ever love another furbaby like I did you and your sister Portia Marie. I cry every time I think of the two of you and I think of you and Portia every day. I pray the day will come when I can remember all our happy times without crying. Oh we had some happy times too! If I was depressed, upset, frightened or around someone you didn't feel comfortable, you would literally stay beside me. Nobody in this world could ever feel more pure and unconditional love. I miss you laying on the floor in between the dining and living room area just so you could see me and Karl closer on your sight. Then those moments when we would put our foreheads together and I would rub your silky soft ears. Those are the moments I will never again experience. You made my life so much more worth living. We will be together again and it will be Heaven because I know there will be wet noses in Heaven. Thank you, my Lola Mae for the wonderful memories you left with us in the 11 years you were with us. There will always be an unfilled vacancy in my heart. I love you sweet baby girl. XOXOXO

10/16/2017 - My dear little girl, I'm sorry I haven't visited you for a while. Work has really keep me pretty busy lately, but know that you are always on my mind. I know you're probably in doggy heaven enjoying playing with your sister Portia and with your other furry friends. It's been pretty rough 4 1/2 months since you've been gone, and all I've got to tell you is I miss you and Portia so much. The mark you left in my heart will always be there. I have the best memories of walking with you and chasing you around the house when you would go crazy for that toy when we play fetch. I never knew how much I loved you until now. These tears will be gone someday but your memory will never be forgotten. I miss you, my Lola baby.

06/28/2017 - It's been a month since you crossed the other side and I still miss you every day but I know you are in a better place now, free of pain and hopefully keeping an eye on me and Karl. You and your big sister Portia were the best dogs ever! You will never know how much you two meant to me, every single day you brought joy to my life. Each time I came home you'd greet me like we had been apart for a lifetime. You waited for me at the top of the stairs, you gave me a kiss, you squeak, run up my legs and into my arms, then we chase each other around the dining area couple of times until I run out of breath! I can't believe we will never share those moments again. You were so much fun, your spirit was beautiful and ever-giving. You taught me so much. You took each day as it came, never complaining--you were forever happy little girl. I hope that you and Portia found each other and having fun in paradise. I'm sure you two are having a great time keeping each other company. I guess I can't be selfish and just wish I had a little more time with you. Thank you for blessing us with your love and big heart. Until we meet again. Always remember that Karl and I will always love you, Lola Mae. ღ •。* ♥ ✰ ★* 。 ღ° 。* °♥ • ★ * .ღ 。

05/27/2017 - Our precious Lola Mae, baby sister of Portia Marie passed away late Saturday evening, May 27, 2017. How could I say goodbye to my very special little girl who I loved more than anything...I couldn't but I had to.

Saturday night, our Lola Mae went into cardiac distress. While driving frantically to the vet emergency hospital, she looked at me from the passenger seat and she wanted me to let her sit on my lap while I drove and for a few minutes she was leaning on my chest, her head resting she took her last final breath and as I held her close to me, I felt the warmth of her limp body, and we both had to let go.

It's been 3 days without my precious little girl Lola and as anyone who loves animals can imagine, I feel completely lost without Portia and Lola and my pain of losing my two angels runs deep. The pain I'm feeling right now is unbearable, it is as if I can barely breathe and it feels like pieces of my heart are torn off, leaving a wound that can never heal.

I couldn't believe that she's gone. I still can't. It is very hard to let go of the one you love so much. My Lola and Portia will be my angels until we are reunited again. My Lola was such a good girl and did not deserve all of what she had to go through and all the pain. Lola, I loved you more than life and I am not sure how to go on without you my precious little one.
I Love ❤ you my Lola Mae! We miss you so much.

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