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Memories of Lola
My Sweet Lola, it's been 1 year and almost 2 months since I lost you, but I still miss you so much. I know you are fine where you are, playing with and welcoming other pets, but I wish I could still hold you and pet you...you already know all this, because I still talk to you, and sing your name. I believe you sent me to get Cinders, because he is so sweet, just like you, and I think he picked me with your soulful presence guiding him. Anyway, sweet kitty, I know I don't come to the site very often, it becomes too painful, but I know you are ok. Know that I love you as much as ever, and you are alwys in my thoughts. XOXO Love, Mommy

My Sweet Kitty, On Tuesday, it will be 2 years since I lost you. I still feel you around, and I think Cinders knows you are here and he's good with it. I miss your beautiful face, but I imagine you are having a lot of fun with the other kitties, and sitting on my daddy's lap and someday I will see you again. I always love you and I carry you with me in my heart at all times. XOXO Love, Mommy

Sweet baby Lola kitty, it was 3 years ago since you left this earth, and I still think of you every day. I still sing the Sweet & Lo song to Cinders (I call him Frank or kitty most of the time) but I think you send him messages for me because he is so sweet and affectionate to me every day. I give him all of the kisses and hugs that I couldn't give you because your poor body ached so terribly at the slightest touch. I cry as I write this because I miss you so, but I know that you are happy and in no pain, and someday I will see your beautiful, little face again. In the meantime, today would have been my daddy's birthday, so when you see him, cuddle up on his lap, and he will welcome you with kind words and a scratch behind the ears. I love you, XOXO Mommy

Sweet Lola kitty, it's been 5 years since you left this world and I think of you every day, but I think you know that. I never wrote a note last year because I was very sick, but I am better now :)I have taken to calling Cinders, "Frank" and mostly "kitty" and he's such a good baby like you were. I also feed a little stray kitty who's very old, but she's also very sweet, just as you were. I may be crazy, but I think since you've gone on, you've made sure I had some sweetness and light from the animals I've met since you departed. I know you are romping with Hershey girl and Puff and you don't hurt any more. I am glad. I still miss you so much. Maybe you will see my daddy today, if you do, jump up in his lap and he will cuddle with you. I love you, Sweet and Lo XOXO Mommy

My Lola kitty, sweet little baby, thanks for watching over Cinders and me. I hope you are happy with the other kitties and I am sure you met Pinky who I called Sweetie. She lived outside next door and went to heaven at the end of October last year. She was a very old and gentle girl, and I am sure she is whole again and romping around with you :) I miss your little face, but you are with me and Frank always. I love you, Lola. XOXO Mommy

Sweet Lola, it's 7 years since you went to heaven, and I know you are happy frolicking with all of the other little animals. Still around this date, I feel sad when I think of losing you. The thing that makes me less sad is knowing you will never hurt again, and I know Cinders was intended for me, and you in your way, via an orchid blossom, let me know it was ok to have him in my life. I am glad, because I couldn't imagine my life without him. so I thank God for you and for Cinders. I love you sweet Lola, and some day I will see you again. Today is my daddy's birthday, so if you see him, curl up in his lap and nuzzle his cheek for me. I love you Sweet & Lo, XOXO Mommy

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