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Memories of Logan

"Hey Baby!" For 15 years, your humor was unmatched. You laughed, whistled and greeted us with an enthusiastic "Good Morning" to begin the day. The addition of "See you Later" when each of us left for work and "Night Night" at the day's end was such a fun routine. You never had issues with self-esteem as you frequently complimented yourself with "Pretty Bird" and added "Pretty Pretty Logan" just in case we didn't know who you were talking about. You played endless competitive games of "Peek-a-Boo" and advised us to "Watch your Back" to warn us of possible predators. Your mimics of zippers, coughs, squeaky doors and directives to "Whisper" will continue to be heard long after your departure. We are thankful to have had you for so long while we are still so sorry your life was cut short. You were loved and will be missed. "See You Later, pretty bird.....Night Night." Susan

Logan, I'm so sorry that I did not protect you from Harm's way. How awesome you were at decorating your condo, I put out a new condo for you with a ball of yarn I wish I could play with you, I'm so sorry. I'll put our picture up, the one my brother took of us when Susan first brought you home. It will probably take me awhile I'll have to figure out how to get a copy than figure out how to put it out there. I'm somewhat out of sorts, I used my Toner for my eye make up removal it didnt work so well and took me a few minutes to figure out why, thank God for all these tears it most likely saved my eyes. It looks like you posed just to show us you knew you where Pretty Pretty Logan. Miss you much!! Sheri
Kim Hill - Only One You
Ryan Stevenson - Eye of the Storm
Danny Gokey - Tell Your Heart To Beat Again

Hello Logan,

9/12/2013 1300 Hours
Pretty Logan,
I put some new beads out for you but you will have to look close to see them they don't seem as bright as your old ones. I suppose it could be they seem dull because my eyes only stop pouring out tears long enough for me to go to work & back and even than I have to hold them in or wipe them away. I'm house sitting / cat sitting so I'm not home. To be honest the thought of having to walk in the house knowing your greetings have departed only causes a deep, deep pain to rise up and gets caught in my throat and the tears just fall and fall and fall and fall and on and on they go. I'll have to send Susan a text to see if she can edited this entry it's very difficult to see to type. I know her Heart is breaking as well she has spent years / hours working after hours at home and talking to you. There is no way her work routine will ever be the same. Nothing will ever be the same ... Some real nice people have signed your Guest Book they have had nice things to say which helps processing the pain, you see they too have lost the ones they LOVE. I placed a candle out for you they have a cradle lighting at 2200hours, I'll be on my way to work. I'll see if Susan can log on to light the cradle. I'll be thinking about you! I'll always be thinking about you. I Love you, Sheri

Potters's Hand - Hillsong
Engels Wings - Hillsong

9/14/16 11:47 am
Hey Baby, My brother found that picture he took of us 15years ago. I'm so glad he did. Susan placed it on your website under Photo Album.
I am sad. I'll finish my cat / house sitting on 9/19. I really am going to miss hearing you when I come home it's just so wrong with out you and Cuddles there I'm sure she was good company for the last 12 years sitting in the breakfast area with you. Losing Pretty Pretty Logan Quaker Parrot and a 20 year old Beautiful Suncor Parrot on same day is just really to painful even to think about. Both of you would always let us know that you two knew the second we would come in the back door before you even seen us. I've been sending some Thank you message to some nice people who took the time to sign your Guest Book. I don't know if Sherrie Cuddles Mom is going to sit up a Website for her, Susan told her she would sponsor her. I'm so Thankful Susan took time to sit yours up it seems to help process the pain. You will be Happy to know I'm going to go talk with someone as well. I already suffer from depression which you already know and it's been so long since I have fealt good that I'm not sure I'll ever feel good again....I guess that Hope for the Heart counselor was right I sill have yesterday's, last years, 30 year old wounds that still haven't healed. I beleived her when she said I suffer from PTSD from the kind of work I do & now after this situation / loss of you I know I'm going to have to go and use Talk therapy a long with this Typing therapy. Being " 50" does not make it any easier . Thank you for your unconditional Love! Knowing I'll never hear you or see you again ..not on this side anyway is just to over the Top painfully.

God please Bless & Heal everyone that has ever had to go through the loss of their Loved ones. It seems the greater the Love we have the greater the pain when they are no loner in sight.

9/22/16 0032hours
Good Morning Logan,
Sorry I haven't log on to visit with you. I was house sitting / cat sitting Ellie -- and for some reasons I lost internet connection. I got a new iPad For my "50" birthday from Susan and Sherrie and as you know I've been housing for some time while I was gone the iPad came in and Sherrie took the time to sit it up so when I got home I could use it.
I changed out you flowers here at the house and instead of unwinding the beads and ropes for you so you could rethread them, since you are no longer here I tried to thread them like you use to...Susan said your much better at threading them than I am she says you could get them tighter which is true...I never have figured out how you could do that. I miss playing with you that way. I place your picture to my wallpaper on my phone..I still cry when I write and read the nice things that other people have written in your Guest Books. Look for a pup named Pedro...his Mom said you would like to play with him..
Forever in my thoughts---Sheri

9/23/16 8:54 AM
Good morning ... Yesterday would of been a good day for us. I always come down stairs more to see you when there is only Me, Taser, Cuddles & you home.. I honestly try not to thing about the day you passed on it's just so not right, I knew something did not feel right about that day & I am so so sorry I did not go down stairs to check on you & than when I did for whatever reason I didn't even look over towards you. If I had I'm sure I would of seen you in the bottom of your condo where you go only when you don't feel good, I would of known something was wrong and I could of got you out of the house away from the fumes that took your live. I'm so sorry .... Sheri

9/26/16 10:28 AM
Hey baby,
I Haven't written in awhile because it seems like every time I try to type my eyes still fill with tears & the iPad becomes blurry . I'll just stand in the kitchen and look over at your cage I put some real bright flowers in there this time. I've been keeping fresh flowers in there , your bed is still up and the ropes are still threaded of course I weaved them because the first few days after your passing I took every thing out and placed a sheet over. Than one night I went down put your bed back up with your toys ( ropes & beads ) placed your branches and others things in a box and placed on bottom of cage with a vase & flowers, cross and cards My Mom sent us. Everything's is still that way. I don't know what Susan is going to do with your home, I don't want another bird there it just wouldn't be the same. Susan said Shamrock who belongs to her brother might need a place to stay so he gets more attention I think he's a Macaw Parrot so he's bigger & older than you. Susan says he's louder and she made some kind of noise which was very funny. I can't image that he makes the same noise but if he does it sounds nothing like you. It was probably just funny because Susan was making the noise. She puts on a brave Heart but I know she misses you and is sad. She went out of town for vacation and had to come back to the loss of you before she left she had cleaned out your condo and that's the last time she got to see you. I know how you were when we cleaned out your home so I know you were talking to her. I'm buying some real cool looking rose's tomorrow.....Sheri
I can't even image & don't want to even think about having to go through the loss of a Father, Mother, Brother/ Sister, Child or close friend.

10/6/16 1:17 AM
Hi Logan, I haven't written in awhile. I was just sitting here listening to the radio and that song Eye Of The Storm came on. Believe it or not I'm still trying to wrap my mind around the event of that day I'm working on just Letting Go but that's easier said than done and I miss you. I keep putting flowers in your cage. I would rather see you there but your not and you never will be again. Tonight's my night off & I'm up tonight getting ready for a medical procedure ...not a pleasant one. Today would of been one of those days we would of bonded a little more. I miss you !! I pray for people now who might have losted Father, Mothers, Brothers, Sister, Husband , Wife, Child. I read something in the Bible ...I'll see if I can find it and type it.

11/7/2016 11:58 am
Hello Logan, I haven forgot you. I haven't came across that scripture yet but I will. I'll still stand in the kitchen and just look at your home where you stayed for so long standing and staring like I'm going to see you come out and start talking.like you always did. Still when I think of you or wright this knot comes up and gets caught in my throat and it feels as if I can't breath and the pain deep inside can still be felt just like the day you exited this live I'm sorry I haven't written I'm just trying to ignore the pain that's obvious still here. I know I've said it before but the pain that persons must feel when their human loved ones exit the world has be 100 times more painful and that has to be the worst pain ever.
I love you & miss you much !!! SRC

12/26/16 1:14 pm Merry Christmas ! I still miss you. I brought you some Christmas flowers and put them in your condo your sympathy cards are still place there as well. I just can't get use to having to look at the Emptiness of your shelter.
Sorry I haven't gotten back sooner. typing still brings that knot in my throat and makes it difficult to breath & than the tears flow and I can't see the key board to type. I came across that scripture. Psalm 36: 5-9
5.Your unfailing love, O Lord, is as vast as heavens; your faithfulness reaches beyond the clouds. 6.Your righteousness is like the mighty mountains, your justice like the ocean depths. You care for people and animals alike, O Lord. 7.How precious is your unfailing love, O God!
All humanity finds shelter in the shadow of your wings. 8. You feed them from the abundance of your own house, letting them drink from your river of delights. 9. For you are the fountain of life, the light by which we see.
I need to go Night Night now 8:00pm comes quick and it's a work night. Aunt Peggy is there in Heaven do a fly by and say some of your awesome sweet words. I'm sure her family is missing her it's their first Christmas without her.
Night Night pretty pretty Logan
I love you & miss you, I know Susan misses you as well
Natalie Grant - King of the World & Hillary Scott & The Scott Family - Thy Will

Hello Logan, I woke up with a nightmare,. I know I haven't written in a while. It's valentines Day or it was yesterday I placed some new toys out. Ive been walking Taser at the squirrel park. I've heard and seen a number of different birds out & about. I think of you often. I try my best to think of you in your talkative ways however I know my nightmare was about you and the day of your death. I have you in the palm of my hand trying to get breath back in you . You tried I fealty you move & open your eyes to look at me but that was you saying goodby & your finally Night Night. I miss you!!! It's Feb 15, 2017 1:45 in the morning I'm normally at work but I have Defense Driving class today so the Sergeant let me off work Tuesday night so I could be rested. I never feel rested. I haven't fealty good in over 8 years I wonder if this is the way it's going to be whatever amount of days I have remaining here on earth.you hear people say if your still here God isn't finished with you yet & your work on earth is not finished. I find that difficult to believe I don't really see that I'm helping anyone in any life changing way. Working at a Jail is.....
I don't have a word at this time. I can't believe I've made it 8years + driving over 45min one way just to get there and back. I spend 2 hours or more a day just traveling. I'll have to come back and reread this my eyes feel swollen & the font is small. We had to take new pictures at work my looks just like I feel& have felt for a long not good It appears that my smile has been turned upside down for so long I wonder if it's permanent it's almost like it emotionless. I've went to the doctors but so far the only answer they have is lose weight. I know they are right but it seems it's more than just that . well I'll log on later and read over things when I can see better. I hope I haven't deleted any of your past messages. I watched a new show The OA. I love you & miss you much Sheri

3/29/17 1:00 A.M
Hi Logan, I miss you ! I've been thinking of you just haven't stopped to write. Susan's Friend passed away from Cancer she was 50 possible younger. I walk Taser at the park & all kinds of birds are singing and making their Bird sounds. Well I just wanted to say a quick Hello & I miss you. love Sheri
I changed your song to Ill fly away it use to be one of my favorite song when I was a child, a new season to spring but it feels more like summer to me I do not do great with Heat, placed some new items out, Think of you often!!!

Hello Logan, 7/12/17 5:16am
I haven't written in a few months. I haven't Forgot you. I still thing of you every day. Life seem mostly empty and routine, I'm sure it has some to do with the work environment I'm in plus it's summer and very hot. I just wanted to check in & let you know I have not forgotten you !! I keep thinking your departure was in Sept. but the date shows August , I changed a few things on your page. I think of you often , Love Always Sheri

8/26/17 10:05am
Dear Logan, your condon still sit vacant, I put some flowers in the vase that's been sitting in you space & most likely will place some more out this weekend, Susan still finds this whole situation sad as do I. I don't read over past post because I'm sure to start crying. I'm house sitting / cat sitting. I'm sure this cat suffers from PTSD the last few times I've watch her she decides she doesn't want to eat. This is the 3rd time I've been over to watch her longer than just a few weeks if she decides not to eat this time around I most likely will not watch her anymore it's just to frightening. Good news ! she was just eating a little of the food I put out. Thank God ! I miss you and think of you often, walking Taser and listening to all the different birds chirruping. bye :( sheri. Good New Susan's going to renew your website another year, she thinks of you more than she's lets other see. It's just really sad sad oh so sad

9/1/17 2:52 am
Logan, you are missed! I'm house sitting in Irving / cat sitting which is somewhat frightening because the little cat hasn't eaten as much as she does when her people are here. She done this the last 3 times I've watch her. If she doesn't hold her weight or can wight I won't be able to watch her for long period of time. I really just don't want anything to happen to her while I'm on watch I don't want to deal with the stress or death of animal. We'll I was going to change a few item on your site but I like it I'll listen to the song & maybe change that . I love & miss you SRC

9/18/2016 9:51am, Hello Logan I've been thinking about you. I have a coworker who lost their dog they had him for 16 years, I still find it some what difficult that your not here. Working crazier than normal no one wants to work there, if I was anywhere near retirement I would get out of the unhealthy environment Love & miss you much SRC

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