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Memories of Lizzie
5/11/10 Lizzie, did Annie find you? Please take care of her like you always did when you were both at home with us. Our hearts ache, missing both of you now. I can still hear your voice and feel your soft fur and see your sweet face looking up at me. I never knew I could love a kitty as much as I loved you, Lizzie. And now little Annie is gone, too. Those were the days, weren't they.

6/9/06 My Lizzie, I miss you too much today. Everything reminds me of you. Annie is trying so hard to take care of me as well as Daddy -- you would be very proud of her. She still hopes that I will bring you home, and I once in awhile I catch her looking for you. Since you left us, Annie has been very careful not to get in trouble and get lost. She knows she needed you to find her and tell me when she needed help. She is being a very good and sweet girl, but there is a big chip knocked out of her heart since she lost you. There was never a kitty like you, Lizzie. My little buddy, my special beautiful smart little girl. Without you, life is just ordinary. You took the music with you when you left us.


Lizzie, my brave little girl, I know you would never have left us if you didn't have to. You know how much we needed you to get us up in the morning, get everybody their breakfast, get the bed made and house straightened. You organized everything all day long, made sure Annie got everything she needed by tugging on my sleeve, licking my elbow, and giving me a real good whack if I didn't act fast enough. You set the clocks, made sure the window blinds were straight, the house neat, and that everybody was taken care of. You found Annie when I was in tears because I couldn't. You never let me out of your sight. You helped me with every mundane task all day long and made everything a joy. You made me laugh when you argued with me or whined and complained that I wasn't doing something exactly right. You were so unselfish. In the early years, you took a back seat to Annie. You were the good one and weren't in trouble all the time, so you didn't get the attention that Annie did. But, you were the loyal, steadfast, trustworthy one who could always be counted on and never gave us any worry. From the first day you came home, your sturdy little body cuddled me all night. Every morning I woke with you lovingly washing my face. You made me feel that I was the most important and loved person on earth. And what a class act you were. What other kitty likes only classical music? What will I ever do without you?

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