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Memories of Lizard
* He hated being brushed.
* He loved to scratch furniture, books and newspapers.
* He like batting things like lamps.
* A very fussy eater.
* Like to hog the bed. If someone was sleeping he would lie down and take at least half the bed. In some cases he would sleep between a person's legs and you couldn't move.
* Like to "love bite".
* He would love bite people's legs when they were in bed.
* When my mom stripped the bed he would sit on the bed and she couldn't make it again until he got off.
* Like to sneak around.
* Like to go outside and explore.
* A couple times late at night I would open the door and lo and behold, Lizard was there and dart out and wouldn't come back in.
* If you tried to get him inside he would run away and would often run through things a person couldn't fit through.
* Licked our dog Amber in the face.
* Licked our dog Brinkley in the face.
* He once touch Amber as she slept with his paw and she growled.
* He and our dog Sparx would sniff each other.
* He and Brinkley would sniff each other.
* A couple of times Brinkley wagged his tail and Lizard hissed.
* There were a couple of instance where a neighbor's cat would show up outside. Lizard would hiss from inside and the neighbor's cat would hiss from outside.
* He loved to hide in the house and find new hiding spots.
* A couple of times he went "missing" but would usually turn up either in the house or in the yard.
* He loved his "tree fort".
* He loved scratch posts.
* He meowed a lot and was particularly vocal.
* Would meowed non-stop if he wanted out.
* Would sometimes bat the door with his paws if he wanted outside.
* If his litter box hadn't been cleaned in a while he would stand in the litter box and poo outside it.

Please also visit Amber, Brinkley and Dixie.

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