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Memories of Little Star
It's been a little over a week now and the pain in my heart is so great. Everything I do or see reminds me of you my love. Thinking of you always Little Star.
Brought you home today Little Star. Your with Daddy forever now.1/12/18
1/13/18 Woke up this morning and knowing you were home with me made this emptiness in my heart a little more bearable but still just as painful. Bill and Mary say hi. Tucker al toso
1/17/18 Sorry I haven't talked to you lately but every morning I wake I'm hoping it's all a dream but unfortunately it is not. I still cry everyday because you aren't here with me to go for our walks etc. But you are so much in my heart 24 hours. The people that have sent cards you would not believe. So many thought so much of you my love. Play with Max and I will be back soon. AML Little Star.
1/20/18 Hi honey. Just got done putting your picture on your memorial. Laura and Jeff helped so much. They say hi. Again I miss and love you so much Little Star. Pain is not going away. Still grieve every day for you. You always will be my everything and I will NEVER forget you. AML Little Star. I love you Little Star
1/23/18 Hi honey. It's been 3 weeks now but seems like yesterday. I miss you so much Little Star. I will talk to you more this weekend. AML Baby. Daddy
1/26/18 Hi baby. Star so many people have shared their love and prayers for you since I finalized your site. We have so many friends out there. Other friends and people will soon be sharing their thoughts. Tomorrow we will go for a nice walk. Suppose to be nice out. AML Baby. Daddy
1/27/18 Good morning baby. Just got back from our mile walk. Had you close to my heart and nice and warm. Was kind of windy out but we made it. Still miss you so much. The pain is not going away. Still cry everyday. Getting some comfort in seeing how many people have reached out to us through this beautiful website. Thinking of you everyday my Little Star. Will talk again soon. AML. Daddy
2/1/18 Good morning my Sweet Little Star. Today marks the worst day of my life. 1 month ago today you crossed over to Rainbows Bridge to wait for me. Still so hard to believe. I miss you as much today as I did that day. If there's any consolation baby you know of all the people from all over the WORLD who are sharing their thoughts and prayers for you and me. There really are a LOT of nice people out there. Rainbows Bridge is truly a godsend. We have so many people to reply to but that truly is something we will enjoy doing. Keep playing with all your new friends Star and know that I love you. AML Daddy
2/4/18 Hi honey. A little more than a month ago you passed over to Rainbows Bridge. Still miss you so much and still cry everyday. It snowed today and I know how much you love walking in the snow but just to cold out. Remember how you used to pick up your paw and look at me? Then I would pick you up and carry you for a while. Now I carry you in my pocket on walks so you don't get cold anymore. Not the same but as close as I can get. Cho Cho went by this morning. I know you liked them to. Little Star you probably know already but the outpouring of love and support from this website has just been unbelievable. So many people care baby. I will talk to you again soon my love. Until then continue playing with all your new friends at Rainbows Bridge. AML. Daddy
2/11/18 Good morning honey. According to all the responses you are getting at your memorial you must be making so many new friends. Don't forget Daddy loves and misses you too baby. As you can see I've put a bunch of pictures of you on your memorial. There will be more to follow. Auntie Laura helped so much. I still miss you so much my Love. Just writing to you like this is so emotional for me but I will never stop. I will be talking to you every weekend. I promise. Still pretty cold out so haven't been going on our walks. Warm up coming though. You take care my Star and continue to make new friends. Until I cross that Bridge to meet you. AML Daddy
2/18/18. Hi baby. Another week gone bye and still cry and miss you so much. People say it will get better but I'm beginning to wonder. How much I love you Little Star. Pet parents are STILL visiting you and leaving their thoughts. And I love them all as I'm sure you do.
Today is Daytona Day honey. We are going to Bill and Mary to watch. You know Daddy loves his NASCAR.
I know you are making some very precious friends at Rainbows Bridge, among them Baby Bee, Bob Barker just to name a few.
Don't forget me though (like that would ever happen).
Again baby I miss you so much. Life as I know it will never be the same. It is so hard to type with all these tears. Doing my best. Take care honey and play in the Meadows. Talk again soon.
AML Daddy
2/25/18. Morning babygirl. Another week goes by and again I cry as I write these words. Everyone says it gets easier but I just don't see it happening. I still miss you so much. Everyone again says hi. Was gonna take you skiing yesterday but back was hurting. Hopefully in a couple weeks. You'll be tucked away safe and warm close to my heart. Really windy today but you probably know that. Hope you are making many friends at the Bridge. I will again talk to you next week. I can't wait to see you again. Always on my mind and in my heart.
AML Daddy
3/4/18. Good morning baby. Again crying as I write this to you. Just left Uncle Jeff and Auntie Laura. Put some more pictures of you on your memorial. They look so nice honey.
It's now been just over 2 months since God decided he had something a little more special for you to do. I still cry everyday and miss you so much. Don't know what I would do without all the support from friends and everyone at the Rainbows Bridge especially all the parents. I hope everyone who visits your site enjoy all the pictures and memories of our time together. I will be back again soon my special Little Star.
AML. Daddy
3/11/18. Good morning my Sweet Little Star. Again I am crying as I write this to you. I still miss you so much honey. Went for a nice walk with you the other day around the high school again. Gonna go later again. I know how much you like that walk. Eventually gonna do our other routes. One day at a time baby. I think the pictures that are on your memorial are very special. They encompass all the fun times we shared together. I hope you have met Baby Bee and many more friends at Rainbows Bridge to play and be with until Daddy joins you.
Will visit and talk to you next week honey. Until then kisses to you.
AML. Daddy
3/18/18. Hi baby. Another week, more tears. I hope they never stop. Love and miss you so much Star. This week will be especially tough. As you know I put a birthday cake by your memorial. Happy birthday Thursday honey. We will again celebrate our back to back birthdays this year, just in a different way. We had a nice time outside yesterday and will do the same today. Spring might be here finally. Hopefully you still enjoy our walks together. I know you do. Again my precious Little Star happy birthday to you. I love you.
AML. Daddy
3/22/18. Happy birthday baby. I love you. I hope you get some shrimp today at the Bridge like we use to do.
AML. Daddy
3/25/18. Hi baby. Just sitting outside with you close to my heart enjoying some nice weather. Hope you don't mind but I took Foxy for a walk this morning. She doesn't get out enough so I'm sure she enjoyed it. I hope you had a nice birthday party at the Bridge. I bet Bob Barker and Baby Bee we're there. Wish I could have been but God decided something else. I love and miss you Little Star. Everyday there are still tears. Time DOES NOT heal the pain. Not so far. I will talk again to you soon honey.
AML. Daddy
4/1/18. Good morning my Sweet girl. Happy Easter Star. Tears are again flowing as I type this to you. I still miss you so much. I still cry everyday. Can't wait to be with you again forever. Gonna make a nice ham again today. I know how much you love it. We will eat good for a while. Didn't get much walking in this week. Been pretty cold as opposed to last weekend. Continue playing with all your new friends at Rainbows Bridge. I know you are making new ones daily. Will again visit with you next week.
AML. Daddy
4/8/18. Hi honey. Be a short visit today but doesn't mean I love you any less. As a matter of fact I love you more each day. Went over to Bill and Mary last night. Visited the boys for a while. Sorry we haven't been out for walks lately but it's been pretty cold. Still waiting for the warmth so we can really enjoy the days. I still cry and miss you so much every day. I hope that pain never goes away. Love you baby and again I will visit next weekend.AML.Daddy
4/15/18. Hi my love. Been having some issues with talking to you today. Just wanted you to know that I love and miss you so much honey. Wendy and Baby Bee visited you this weekend. Pet parents are certainly a special group of people. Tears again are falling as I talk with you. In a way I hope they never stop. I love you so much Little Star and miss you more every day. Until next weekend. AML. Daddy
4/22/18. Hi honey. Another week, still pain. You know Little Star the camping season is fast approaching and I have asked you to send me a sign if you still wanted to continue our adventures. I do believe you have sent me 2 signs and last night you came to me in a dream meaning you want to continue camping. We will be together just in a different way but please continue to send me signs. It does mean SO MUCH. Also had a good talk this week with someone very special about my final wishes for you and me. Sure hope you enjoyed our 3 miles of walking today. Such a beautiful day. I'm sure my legs will be hurting tomorrow. Until next week my Love know that you are forever in my heart. AML. Daddy
4/29/18. Hi baby. Sitting outside with you as we speak. Finnaly getting warm out. Did you notice Dr. Klemp visited you last week? I finnaly was able to get a couple of thank you cards out so that made me feel a little better. All part of the healing process. I still miss you so much Little Star and still cry everyday. But will NEVER forget you. Will be going camping in a few weeks. Won't be the same but you still will be there with me. Might take a friend along. Watching Foxy for a few days. Still not you though. Until next week my Love. Play with all your friends.AML. Daddy
Hi honey. Gonna make this short today. Want my messages to you to last forever. Had surgery on my eye this week. Not good. Love you so much. Forever together. AML.Daddy
5/13/18 Hi honey. You know I was here last week as I am every week. Evidently pushed wrong button. Love you baby
AML Daddy
5/20/18 Hi my darling. Listening to Celion sing the song I put on your site. Tears like crazy. Miss you so much Little Star. Garden is planted but not the same without you here burying your bones and stuff. Eye is getting better but not perfect yet. I'm gonna visit Baby Bee this week. For some reason you two should be pretty best friends by now. Her Mom is a very special person. Tell Bee to say hi to her. Until next week. AML Daddy
5/27/18 Hi precious. Pain seems to be getting worse. Thought I could deal with your loss but I can't. So hard each day. I do hope you have enjoyed the many walks we have been doing. They will NEVER stop. So hot honey. Would have made it as comfortable as possible and you know it. Forever thinking of you my love. AML Daddy
6/3/18. Good morning my Sweet Little Star. Another week and still so much pain. I wish so much that I was with you right now. Eventually I will be baby. Mary and Bill and everyone else says hi. Hey I hope you enjoyed all the walks this week. Was cool out so was able to do lots. Next week honey I will rearrange your memorial a little. Again my love I miss you more than you can imagine. Thinking and loving you everyday my Little Star. AML Daddy
6/10/18 Hi baby. Crying so much right now. Miss you so bad. I could not have picked a better song to express our love. Watching Foxy this weekend. Not the same. Honey I'm thinking about going to every other week just so this communication lasts until we are together. Again been doing lots of walks with you. I know you love em. Miss you so much my precious.
AML Daddy
6/17/18 Hi honey. Finnaly had enough strength to get you on the Monday night ceremony last week. A very special and emotional evening. So many special pet parents there. And all for the same reason. To celebrate the loss of a fur baby. Almost been 6 months Little Star but it still seems like yesterday. I miss you so much. Really been walking a lot with you. Need that time with you so bad. Until next week my Love. AML Daddy
6/24/18 Hi Baby. Still miss you so much. Slowly getting things together for our eternity together. Love you so much. AML Daddy
7/1/18 Keeping it short honey. I want this to last forever. Still cry and miss you everyday. Love you my special girl. AMLDaddy
7/8/18 Hi baby. Again gonna keep it short. Want memories to last forever. I love and miss you so much Little Star. Crying again. AML Daddy
7/15/18 Hi baby. Trying to figure out things with Rainbows Bridge so I'm able to continue talking with you. Means so much to me. Will figure it out shortly. I love you my baby, forever. AML Daddy
7/29/18 Hi honey. It has been such a tough week. Miss you so much. Cried so much this week. Will never get over you leaving me. I Love you AML Daddy
8/12/18 Hi honey. Daddy here. Still miss you so much. Cry everyday yet. Hope I never stop. Visited Baby Bee last weekend. I hear you have been getting along well with her. You must keep each other company until her mommy and I come to join you. Bee and her mommy are very special as you are to me. I pray everyday that somehow I get closer to you. Until we talk again my Little Star, AML Daddy
8/26/18 Hi honey. It's only been 2 weeks but it seems like an eternity. I still miss you so much baby and cry EVERYDAY. I do take some solace in the fact that Baby Bee's mom and I have been in contact. It helps to talk to someone who is going through the same pain I am. Until I talk and visit with you again my love know that you are still forever on my mind and in my heart. AML Daddy
9/9/18 Hi Little Star Just sitting outside by myself thinking of you and how much I love you and miss you. I've been in contact with Baby Bee's mom. She is a very special person who loves and misses her girl as much as I miss you. Got doctor appointment this week so will see how things are going. Don't really care anymore. Just want to be with you. Love you honey. See you soon. AML Daddy
9/23/18 Hi honey. Another 2 weeks and still so much pain. Yesterday was especially tough for some reason. Biopsy in 2 weeks then will know more. Won't fight it whatever the results. Baby Bee's mom sent me message yesterday. She's such a special pet parent. Will talk to her soon. I love you Baby. Think of you every minute of every day. Play well with Bee.
AML Daddy
10/7/18 Hi baby. Today is a special day for Baby Bee and her mommy. Not a day we really want to celebrate but just to remember. Keep Bee close to you this day honey. Play together until we are all together. Our day will come in January and I am not looking forward to it. Still not a day goes by that I don't cry and think of you often and still love you. Love you forever baby. Tests will be back this week.
AML Daddy
10/21/18 Hi baby. Time seems to be going by so fast lately. Still miss you so much Little Star. Did you see the 'candles' Baby Bee's Mommy had out for you all a while back? We both miss our babies so much. Tests came back benign Star. Mixed feelings right now. Will visit again in a couple weeks honey. Love you so much. AML Daddy
11/4/18 Hi baby. Hope you enjoyed the really long walk yesterday. One of the longest we ever took. Was a beautiful day. Today not so much. Soon I will be changing your season background to winter. Time is going so fast. Soon it will be a year since God decided he had a more important job for you. Say hi to Jake, Pal and especially Baby Bee. I love you and miss you still so much. Until we are all together.
AML Daddy
11/10/18 Hi Star. Just needed to visit and let you know how much I love and miss you. Had a very bad week emotionally. Visited Bee and felt better. Visit you again soon.
AML. Daddy
11/22/18 Hi baby. Gonna make this short. First holidays coming up without you by my side and it's so hard typing this through all my tears. Happy Thanksgiving to you honey. I will put some turkey out for you. Love you and miss you so much.
AML Daddy
12/9/18 Hi Star. Been a little while but never did I forget you. Got a beautiful Xmas card from Baby Bee's Mommy. So special to me and you. I know you have wings now and am watching and waiting for Daddy. Give it time honey. Got a few things to take care of first and they involve us. Eventually we will be together. Give Bee a hug for her Mommy and you take care of each other. Holidays not gonna be the same this year. But I will visit Xmas Eve.
AML Daddy
12/25/18 Good morning my special Little Star. Merry Christmas to you my friend. Our first apart but at the same time never separated. I am so lonely here without you Baby. Had our shrimp last night. Hope you enjoyed yours. Our bad one year anniversary is fast approaching and I will be here that day for you honey. Again Merry Christmas baby. I miss and love you so much. Talk to you again in a week. Hard to write through all the tears. Bye baby.
AML Daddy
1/2/19 Good morning my precious Little Star. Today marks the worst day of my life. One year ago today God decided he had a very special job for you. I remember it like it was yesterday. I love and miss you so much baby. One day we will be together forever. You are always with me in some way and you know what I mean. Tears will fall today again as they do almost every day. Love and miss you so much.
AML Daddy
1/27/19.Hi baby. I know it's been a while since I visited you precious but know in your heart I haven't forgotten you. Had more eye surgery a couple days ago. Heck of a way to start retirement. Was rough surgery but thinking of you got me through it. I still miss you so much Little Star. Can't wait till we are together forever. Will visit you again soon baby
AML Daddy
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