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Memories of littleguy
our life stopped today as your heart stopped beating know one will ever know just how much I loved you and how much love you gave back to all of us even when you were in your mood and where ruling the house .
there will never be a moment when you will not be in my thoughts and memories as you where one of a kind just a giant with a heart to match your size. and I know now that the hot summers will never bother you again as you will always be in the weather you loved the most your winters how you would try to stay outside all day until mommy made you come in as she thought it was to cold for you but it was your love and even though you and your brothers had a few moments they are all missing you dearly. in my life I never seen a dog as unique as you where and one that could be as crabby as everything one minute and as happy as a clown the next .
you and your brothers are my children and there will never be a moment when you are not missed and loved and I know we will all be together again one day and you will lead the way for the rest of us left here.
the day life as I knew it stopped September 14,2016 as I will try to make it through until I see you again my beloved friend and son .

love mommy

September 18th 2016
its been 4 days since you left and it hasn't got one bit better as we miss you more then the world will ever know and your newf brother cade finally ate and drank after 3 days as he misses you so much and so do rocky and munchkin but not like cade as he was your true brother ,I miss so much not hearing you bark at the air or just the leaves moving but theres been 2 times in the last 2 days that I thought I heard you out in your precious yard and I hope and pray I did as I was I sign from you that your ok and just waiting to lead the way for the rest of us left here
until we meet again
love mommy

September 23rd 2016
day #9 and mommy just wants to say hi and how much you are loved and missed and I cant wait until I see you again and you come up under my hands and just push them to get your ear rubs my sweet boy ,I cant tell you just how hard it is for me without you but I know your in a better place as your not hurting or suffering in any way and I hope you have your cold and snow and also all the chicken you want and boy can you bark at the air now my sweet one and I know your happy
love mommy

September 28th 2016
its my birthday and 2 weeks since you have been gone my sweetest boy I hope and pray you know just how much you are missed and loved ,it is the worst birthday of my life as you are not here and everyone keeps telling my happy birthday but how can it be without you here with me and my sweet boy you are so loved and missed and always will be .
love mommy

October 7th 2016
its day 23 my sweet boy and its your birthday today you would have been 7 and oh I miss you so much I miss everything about you your talking to me ,your nudging my hand , your brushing up against me, your little dirty boy smell, your barking at the air in your back yard oh how you loved that back yard and now I cant even bear to go in it as it just isn't the same without you my dear boy and just everything about you more then anyone would ever know as you wern't just a dog your were my love one of the true loves of my life and I cant wait to see you again dear boy
love mommy

October 14th 2016
its 1 month today my sweet boy since my heart broke after losing you so suddenly life just isn't complete without you as I'm typing this the tears are flowing as they do everyday as its not easy going on without you .I have never hurt this bad for anyone ever before and I just hope and pray all the time that you are happy with no pain in your poor little body ,until we see each other again
love mommy

November 14th 2016
its 2 months today that you left us littleguy and there has not been 1 day that I would call a good day since you left all I think about and hope for is that your out of pain and a happy boy as long as I know that I will make it until I see you again as I could not bear any other thought about you .my life will never be complete or whole again until I'm with you my dear boy ,oh how I wish I could just here you barking at the air one more time as I just miss that most of all and just that sweet look on your face as you pushed your head under my hand to get the ears rubbed but really who am I kidding I miss everything ,love and miss you so much

love mommy
November 22nd 2016
its 7 years today that I brought you home dear boy and I am truly heart broken that your still not here with me as almost 7 years was just way to short to have a love like yours and I remember that day so clearly today as if it just happened and I am just lost here left without you as you were one of the true loves of my life and I will never have your love again and that is unbearable dear boy and if I live another 50 years there will never be a day when your not in my head and heart ,I love and miss you dearly
love mommy

JANUARY 2 2017
well another year is coming without you here with me and I'm just so lonely without you my heart just aches and my eyes still cry daily for you sweet boy and there will never be a day until I see you again that I don't honor you in my heart and soul you were Truly my MANDOG and always will be until I see you again bubbies
love mommy

Well my sweet boy its five months today that you left me and went to heaven and how I miss you so my life will just never ever be complete again without you in it ,I never knew love could ever hurt this bad ,I think about you every day and still cry for you daily as this life just isn't worth living now without you , I will always have you in my heart and honor your memory .
I love you

march 14th 2017
well my sweet boy its 6 months to the day and almost to the exact minute that I found out from daddy that you had passed and all that keeps running through my head is the last time you looked at me I see it like it was just a minute ago and also that terrible picture of when I saw you again in your favorite spot my heart still aches just so badly over you and nothing can bring tears to me as quick as a thought about you as you are my heart dog along with your brother cade and believe me worrying about him is finally gonna break me .I'm just so lost without you and it just hurts so bad I'm trying to move on but I cant I go and kiss you and talk to you everyday ,please just let me know in some way that your ok that's all I want to know and maybe my heart wont hurt so badly still and my life will never be complete again sweet love , I miss and love oyu so much .
love mommy

september 14th 2017
my sweet boy its one year since you left and the pain is as fresh right now as that day as the tears are flowing as I'm writing you and my heart still physically hurts to not have you near me and I can clearly see the last time I looked at that beautiful face while you were still breathing and than just hours later getting that heart breaking call that my littleguy was gone and the back yard is still a challenge as your not in it as we did nothing with it this summer , bubbies I wish I could just hear you bark at the air one more time or see the slobber straws coming down your face or smell that fresh smell when you had been outside in the cold and came in .I'm just still so heart broken to not have you my sweet boy but I'm happy that your at the bridge and pain free until we meet again my boy I LOVE YOU MORE THEN EVER .

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