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Memories of LITTLE
My Little,I remember when we first met,you and your sister (Daisy) and Gretchen (Shepherd puppy) were all rescues from the bad pound where they would abuse the dogs regularly! I was glad we were able to save the three of you.You and your sister looked so much alike it was like you were twins.I remember when you all got sick, Parvo! I almost lost you then with your sister and Gretchen but a quick trip to the emergency clinic (it was 3am, no sleep that night) and the tech said Parvo and started Iv's with antibiotics and also started hydrating you. Well the the three hours cost about $400 but saved your life and was well worth it.We rushed you three down to Gateway clinic and Dr Brian Forsgrin took you all under his care and said "I will do my best but you never know, Parvo is deadly" It's up to God! Well you three were there for about a week,I love Dr Brian,he truly cares for all the animals. The total was $1800 for all of you,I wont go into money matters as that doesnt matter, I would pay any amount to have you back my Little!I remember we bought a big sheet cake and on it they put pic's of dog bones with all your names and it said "Thank You Dr Brian For Saving Our Lives" They were surprised! Funny how you came to be with me,Karen adopted your sister and you to an elderly couple and they complained at first you were scared of everything (being abused caused this,also your hatred or mistrust of men)then as you relaxed your energy was growing day by day :) Well you were too much for the couple and you came home to live with us!When Karen brought you back somehow you got loose from her and ran across the road(God only knows how you didnt get run over) Then you were gone! We had about 5 people looking for you Little,nowhere to be found. You were still skinny from being sick and I worried so.They had given up and I kept on, I was about 2 or 3 blocks from home and I pulled in a driveway, the people came home and asked what I wanted,when I told the man's wife she remembered talking to Karen and said they just left but your welcome to go look in the back yard,I said thanks and started going back behind their house.I stopped and said a prayer,well more like made a deal with God promising anything but please let me find you.I continued walking and where the others stopped,I went on! There was a 5ft chain link fence with two 4x4's in front of it,I will never forget walking back and seeing you hiding there,wet,cold and scared shivering .I picked you up and put you inside my coat, zipped it up to let you have my body heat to warm you! We got back in the car and I never felt so happy as I did then, I had my little girl back! You got along well with everybody,Sasha loved you and Sam too! Lilly looked enough to be your sister except when her thyroid started acting up and she got bigger you could tell you apart.You were so scared of everything and would cower from fear!How anyone can abuse a dog or animal I cant understand.It took a while but the Barkers drew you out of your shell, Misha loved you too ,It wasnt until I lost our Sasha that I started cuddling up with you but you gave me your trust and after what you had gone thru I wouldnt blame you if you never trusted a man again! The next heartache was when we lost our Sam,you slept in my bed and gave me comfort when my life long friend died! We became closer and closer,when I would fall,you would look at me like are you ok Daddy? when it was worse and took me longer to feed or let you girls out you were good with no problems.I am alone here and cuddling with my loved ones is a big part of my life,we are all we have for each other.I see you do grieve when one of our family leaves and doesnt return.I always thought our H'ven being older would be next but we are all in shock,Brian said you had a tumor next to your heart,how can you tell?They dont take x-rays without a reason,he said the Friday the tumor ruptured and all I saw was you were drooling more,eventhe doctorwas surprised when he saw the x-rays.Now I curse myself for not seeing symptoms ,when I moved you on the bed you cried out a little I thought in fear and I was surprised but now know you were in pain,that was the only sign. Brian let me talk to you for a few min then off into emergency surgery,when he called me at 4:15pm and said Little came thru surgery but started coughing and then coughed up blood and died!My heart died my Little,If I didnt have my 3 I swear I would join you now! I loved my Sam,my Sasha was my lovin bear and Misha ,my gentle boy! I loved them all so very much but you my Little, after what you had been thru gave me your trust, and your love! Nothing matters anymore, I am just going thru the motions until the day I walk across the bridge to be with you again! God gave youback to me twice, I guess three times is too much to ask for :( I sit here and cry for my lost Little,The pain dear one is worse than ever! All My Love Daddy!
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