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Memories of Liney
My dearest Monkey, we miss you so much. You came into our lives so unexpectedly and immediately became the best part of every day for us. The way you would put your mighty paw on my leg to let me know you were there for a good chin scratch, the way you would plunk down on the couch between us and take your rightful place in the stately way you did everything. Each day you would reveal some new cuteness or wonderful part about you. Each day of the 6 years short years we had to cherish you went by way too quickly. I never would have guessed this time last year that you would be gone from our physical existence.... we miss you so much. I can still hear your rumbling purrs and remember how I caressed your beautiful face as though it was yesterday when it's already been 3 months since the last time. I will never regret coming home on almost every lunch hour to spend 20 mins with you getting some outdoor time and I will never regret all the hours we spent walking around the gardens. You were a true gift from the universe that I recognized as soon as we met and I never imagined the time for us to part would come so soon. I know now that you were a real fighter and that you must have been fighting that cancer for years before it won. I am just so sorry that there was nothing more we could have done at the end...I love you Liney-pie.. you will always have a place with me. Thank you for all the wonderful times, you were the best cat ever. Liney, I had never known any cat like you before nor do I imagine I will again. Always the picture of calm and cool, a gentle giant with a heart of gold. You were the best part of everything and made it all worthwhile; thank you.

Feb 9, 2018
Kai asked me yesterday what is love? ... Liney. This passed year has been very hard for us without you. Every now and again my mind flashes on a memory of our time together whether it was curled up on the red velvet couch or stretching out in the yard, as if it was yesterday... you are still very much in our hearts. Kai just framed a gorgeous print of you soaking up the sun in a statuesque pose, the sunlight lighting up the green of your eyes and the green of the grasses and blue of the sky. I wish I could go back to that time and live it over again with you... not that we would do anything differently... I know that we cherished every moment together. For the last year we have been living in this strange new apartment that has no yard and gets no sunlight; a true metaphor for how I feel about living without the brightness and light that you brought to our lives; the excitement to explore the world around us. We miss you very much Liney pie and I am at a loss as to how to carry the love that we shared into the future. I pray to find a way to move forward and yet when I consider volunteering somewhere or fostering another it seems insufficient. I hope that when we move, we will find a better place where the sun will shine and we can find some peace. Perhaps one day that will be somewhere like the Rainbow bridge. You are loved greatly and deeply Liney. I hope that you and Aura have met and been able to reconcile that you are different sides to the same coin of my heart...at the very least you are in good company. My infinite happiness and infinite sadness. I love you both very much.

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