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Memories of Lily Bible
Words can't even describe how wonderful this angel was to all of us. She was our best friend, our little girl and the greatest pet that ever lived! Actually she was never a pet to our family, she was a family member no less than the rest of us. Sometimes she probably was even treated with more heartfelt sympathies than most human beings. She was always given anything and everything she ever wanted or needed. If Lily was a part of the argument, she won it every time. But she however never acted like one of those spoiled children when they get everything they want. Lily was the most well behaved darling animal that I have ever had the pleasure of getting to know. She was there when we were and ready to play. She was there and sad with you when we were sad. She was there and never left our side when she knew we were sick or in pain. There was even a time when I personally was having problems with my foot and I was limping. Well Lily all of the sudden started favoring her one side and was limping and in pain. So we took her to the vet several times and found nothing. Come to find out she was having sympathy pains because I was in pain. I stopped limping she stopped limping. It was the cutest thing after we figured out what was going on. She was just the most loveable family member you could ever ask for, god broke the mold when he made Lily. We could never imagine replacing her, because I know in my heart that there is not another like her. She was very protective of her home and her family, but even so, she never would bite a human in her life. She was the best garden dog I have ever seen. Every year the garden was planted and it probably grew better with Lily around, because she chased off everything that ever dared to enter her garden. Because that is what it was, it was her garden. And she ate some of everything that came out of that garden. If you gave her a bite of tomato and didn't tell her it was from the garden, she wouldn't even smell it. She was just still everyone's mind that sweet little puppy. She was a Yorkshire Terrier that should have had plenty of years left of her life but yet she was dealt a bad hand of life and left us way to soon. Short lived life that is not fair at all!

Lily Bible
(July 2003 - April 18th,2012)


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