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Memories of Lily
When I first brought baby Lily home and introduced her to her new sister; Mouse, I realized I had made a terrible mistake. Though the two had come from the same shelter, Mouse was three months older and easily twice as big and already an accomplished wrassler. It took a blink in time before our new arrival was hopelessly pinned to the floor and screeeaming for mercy. I told Mousey, "if you eat your new sister on the first day, there isnt gonna be another sister!" She heard me but didn't listen.
There was ambushing, there was bouncing, there was tripping and all to the operetic sqweeeeeells from poor Lily.
Everynight when I came home I expected to find nothing more than a fur clump where there had once been a Lily and by Friday I had decided that this could never be the happy new home for this baby and I needed to return her to the animal shelter come Saturday morning.
Saturday came and the world wide wrestling championships were in full swing in my tiny 8 by 10 NYC apt. Then something happened. I was stepping in to breakup this lopsided brawl when some thing made me stop and let the match play it self out.
I don't know how I could have been blind to this before but suddenly the mist cleared in my adlepated human mind and I was able to see Lily's game. Everytime Lily was pinned and screamed bloody murder Mouse released her, allowing Lily to escape. Now winning the element of surprise, my Lily lauched herself back into the fight. Mouse was tougher but Lily was always the 'Brainier'.

My sweet Lily, i cant beleive that you left us one month ago. In some ways it is as if you are still here, We talk about you and think of you all the time and your pillow hasnt been touched and still has its Lily dent just as you left it. We miss your patience and your loving disposition. i have explained to Frankie that her sister is now her guardian angel just as Mouse and Muff had been for you. I love you Lily. Please stay close by. Love Daady and Frankie
Hello my little Lily, I miss you so much and think of you all the time here. I hope that you are happy and warm and you have no more aches and pains in you tummy and you legs. The house seems so much emptier without you with us. I miss your sweet affection and kind spirit. ie..............Frankies a handfull.........as you know. Its funny, this week she has taken to lying down under that table that she used to chase you under. It maybe that she misses her big sister more than she lets on. I know that she is lonely with out you. Please keep us under your watchful eye and in your heart as you are in ours forever. Love Daddy and Frankie

Lily baby, My little sweet girl i look for your star every nite to say goodnite to you. I sometimes forget that you are not on your favorite space on the sofa anymore and im only now adjusting to going to the window instead to wish you sweet dreams. I hope you always know that Daddy loves you so much and will always keep you close. Please continue to look after us my baby. Love Daddy

My sweet baby Lily, I miss you so much, You are always in my heart. I hope you are happy and content. I was looking at the kind words your Doctor sent me about you after you passed from us. It made me cry and miss you all the more. Please keep us in your thoughts. We need to know that Lily is close by always. Love.....Daddy

My little Lily, I do love you so much, youre gentle presence will always be missed and your Daddy loves you my little girl. Please remember us as we think of you every day. Love....Daddy

Oh my baby Lily, It has been one whole year since you had to leave us. Though. we can no longer see you and touch you you are always a real pressence in our home. We think of you everyday and say a prayer to you every night. Dear Lily, please know that our love is forever and will never dim for you. Please stay ever close. Love Daddy and Frankie

Lily baby, Ijust sent a letter to Mousey because it was four years ago that we lost her. That was an awful day for you and me. It comforts me to know that you and your sister have each other now. We miss you so much down here. And I think Frankie is very lonely without you. You know that you are always in our thoughts and I often feel that you are not far from us down here. I love you so much my Lily.......Daddy and Frankie

My Lily, it is now three years since we lost you and you are ever present in our thoughts and hearts. You would be relieved to see how Frankie has grown into a sweet and affectionate sister to her little brother Sammie. It is VERY VERY Surprising!! It must be your guidance that has made this miracle transfiguration. We love you Lily and always miss your gentle patient presence in our home.
Love Daddy, Frankie and Sammie

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