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Memories of Lilly-Bienchen
Thank you for the most wonderful 12 years you have given us , all the Love and the Joy you brought to us all, we will miss you so terribly , and we will never forget you, little Lilly Bienchen ! You are and always will be our darling Lilly Bienchen , our everything ! All our Love for ever and ever , your Mommy Aniya, Daddy Sal, Sisters Mitzie, Becky and SuzieQ., and brother David

It is March 9th 2014 and it has been 6 Months and 4 days since you have left us , Lilly Bienchen , and not a day has gone by where I haven't thoughtabout you ....you are always on my mind and there are still times where I have to let my sadness out and just cry, trying to ease the pain ="(
I miss you so much and keep hearing your funny little squawk everywhere ...
Last week Monday we saw 4 Rainbows and I believe it was you showing us that you are well and happy =) It sure made my day and Becky's too =)
Mitzie has been doing good , although I know she misses her little Sister alot =")
I love you little girl , and I can't wait to see you again soon <3
With all my Love , your Mommy <3

Dearest Lilly-Bienchen ,

Today is the one year Anniversary of your crossing over the Rainbow Bridge ... it has not gotten any easier , I have to tell you that , my little Lilly Girl , I miss you every single day ="(
I miss you so much and hear your sweet little voice everywhere! Especially in certain situations , lol , for example when I eat your favorite Greek Yoghurt , you would come running and loudly give your funny little squeek , and if I wasn't fast enough , you would get loud and pull my arm towards you so you would get your spoonfull of Yoghurt at least , haha =) Oh I miss that so much !
As well as the Japanese Rice Crackers you always went crazy about =") Just opening that bag made you come running from the farthest place in the house =) You sure had radar ears =)
My sweet Lilly Girl , we did lose the house in the Mountains this past February =( your Sis Mitzie and Becky and I had to move temporary to SSF , but it was not a good decision so we moved now for a while to a place in Campbell Ca
Things are still not perfect but at least we have a roof over our heads for now ...not easy being semi homeless =( Never thought I would ever be in this situation =(
Mitzie has done well considering two really stressfull moves in such a short time !
But it hasn't been easy for her either ="( It has been quite an adjustment from a large home to a small 2 bedroom apartment to now a small room ="/
You are with us always , not a moment in a day where we don't think about you sweet little girl =")
I hope you are doing well and have tons of fun over the rainbow bridge with all your friends =)?

Becky is doing well in school and Mitzie is a good little kittygirl too =) She is very well behaved when she is by herself the whole day when Becky is at school and I am at work =)
I am sure Mitzie misses you too and remembers you often <3
Today on your First year Anniversary I am lighting a candle for you and we will celebrate the most special and precious little Girl we know and love so dearly =) , our "Lilly-Bienchen " <3
Think of us and give us a sign some times =) we will cherish you forever and ever <3
Loving you until the end of time , missing you endlessly , my darling little Lilly-Bienchen , I will report again soon how things are here with us <3
Until we meet again I remain here with my Heart filled of Love for you little Girl ,
Always and forever , your Mommy Aniya , fursister Mitzie , sister Becky, sister Suzie and brother David and all the Family Members who love you <3


Dear little Lilly ,
I haven'the written in quite a long time and feel horrible about that ='(
So much has happened , but you are always in my Heart and mind , every single day ! I miss you terribly my little girl , and Becky ,David and Suze miss you too ! Mitzie has been ill for the past month , we are fearing the worst ! Her Liver is enlarged and right now at this moment she is at the Vet to have an Ultrasound done to give us the results and we are praying g it is not a tumor ="(
Mitzie turned 14 on Valentine's Day , we had a little party for her here and you were with us every second =)
How has Life been for you there over the Rainbow Bridge ? Are you healthy and happy ? Did you make new friends ? I can not wait for that day where we finally see each other again and you can tell me everything =)
I have been busy at work and Becky is in College now , can you believe it !?
Suzie is in South Carolina and has a beautiful new house there , and David lives close by in San Francisco and visits us often =)
I found some amazing old videos and photos of you and all the other siblings you had and it is not easy to watch them , I miss you just so much ="(
It is Eastern this weekend and another years has flown by but it has not gotten any easier without you , my darling Lilly girl !
Mitzie has all of your toys still here with her and plays with them sometimes , but now that she hasn'the been well she sleeps a lot =(
We will find out tonight just what is causing her Liver to be enlarged and I am hoping she will be Ok..
As soon as I know I will let you know , I promise !
I do hope you are doing well and you are without pains! I love you so very much my sweet girl , think about you every day !
Please take care of yourself and give us a sign some times , whenever you can ♥♥♥
Til I get back with news about Mitzie I will now send you endless kisses and cuddles , always and forever , your Mommy ♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡

May 19th 2016

My darling Lilly Bienchen ,

Time flies and I can not believe it is almost June !! Becky is doing great in college and even found a wonderful boyfriend =) You would LOVE HIM ! He is the nicest young man ever and I am so happy for Becky =)
We all are doing so far so good , but your fursister Mitzie has been giving us grief =(
She has been sickly for a few months now and we have her in and out of the Veterinary Hospital constantly ! Her Liver has been acting up and she had to undergo so many blood tests poor girl =(
Also we noticed that her voice has been poorly and she can sometimes barely vocalize ! Now the Vet is worried there is more going on in her than we anticipated and we will do another Bloodtest next week to see how her Blood panel is in general ! We will though focus to see if there is any cancer growing in her ! If she is stable enough they might anesthetized her and scope her throat for tumors ! I know you miss Mitzie alot and you would love to have her come and play with you , Baby girl , but I think especially Becky is not quite ready yet to let Mitz go , please don'the be sad , I know she will be with you and you both will have a great reunion =)
But Becky has been so effected especially when you left us and she needs Mitzie for a little wile longer =)
I miss you so much and there is not a day or night where I haven't thought about you sweet Lilly Girl ! We always think about how funny you were especially when we saw you in the bathtub looking for "Itsybitsies" ! Lol
Your cute little squawk is what I miss the most and you cuddling with me =)
I miss you like there is no tomorrow ='(
I hope you are well and I hope you have a wonderful
Time there with all your friends =) I believe that Calvin and Jadey and Mousie and Casper and the Bunnies are with you too =)? Give them all my Love , I am always thinking about you all ♡♥♡♥
I will let you know how things are with Mitzie next week , she is actually crying for food now , lol, that is a good thing since she has a hard time eating g lately and lost a bunch of weight ='(
Are you getting good food where you are =)? I bet it is very delicious =)
I can'tell wait to be with you again soon , I miss you so very much and I know the day when we all get reunited will come ♡♥♡♥♡
Please give us a sign sometimes when you can =) we feel that you are near whenever we see a rainbow =)
Please take care Sweetie pie and I will write soon when zip know more about your Sis Mitzie =)♡♥♡♥ Bit don'the worry too much , she will be Ok and we all will make sure she is fighting through this =)
I love you endlessly my little Girl ,
All my Love forever and ever
Your Mommy and Becky and Mitz and Daddy Sammy and David too=) ♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡

June 31 2016
Dear little Lilly ,
I can't believe it is going to be July tomorrow , goodness where is the time flying to ???
I noticed I made a few strange typos on my last posting and I am sorry , I am not used to type on this Samsung pad and if I don't pay attention to what I type , it will write weird stuff, haha
I hope you are doing well my little girl ? Becky and I went through some pictures I have of you stored on this Pad and we miss you terribly ="(
I have especially my rough days ..then I shed a few tears and have to recollect my wit in order to keep going !
Mitzie seems a lot more stable these days and I hope that she continues to do well =)
She gained even a little weight and I am so happy that she is interested in food and play =)
How are things for you ? Have you made lots of new friends ? I am sure you are able to show alot of new angels their new place at the rainbow bridge =)
I love you and miss you terribly and will never forget the day I got the call that you were available to be adopted , I was so excited I couldn't have driven fast enough to get you =)
Sad news though ,my Lilly girl =( I found out that your Foster Mommy Joyce Baker had passed away on May 9th this year="( She died of complications of Alzheimer and her husband Tom Baker was so sweet on the phone and remembered us all so very well
I was so upset about her death that I cried and had to pull my car to the shoulder as I was driving with Becky to Los Gatos ="(
As you might remember ..Joyce and Tom also rescued and fostered Mitzie until I was able to get her =) You two were so cute and you two headded right off together , you Taking the role of a surrogate Mother for rumbumctious little 4 week old little Mitz ,lol
I promised I will stay in touch with poor Tom ...they were married for 62 years =') that is amazing
Sweet girl , I hope I will see you again real soon , miss you tons !!
Please be safe , I will write again soon ♡♥♡♥
Til next time , love you endlessly my darling Lilly Bienchen , always , your Mommy Anya and sister Becky and Mitzie and everybody who remembers you ♡♥♡♥♡♥♡

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