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Memories of Lilly
Lilly was rescued from a puppy mill in 2004. Her age at the time was unknown. The rescue vet estimated her age to be about seven years.

Lilly initially came to our home as a foster dog. She was blind, and older, and her rescue mom was having a difficult time placing her in a home.

We gladly took her in, and immediately decided to adopt her. She fit in well with our other doxies, and acted like she had always been with us.

Shortly thereafter she started having seizures. We sent her to a neurologist who diagnosed her with epilepsy. With medication her condition stablized and she continued to be her sweet, loving self.

Because Lilly was blind in one eye, and had only partial vision in the other, she often times would tilt her head when you were speaking to her. It looked like she was trying to focus on you and your words. We affectionately referred to her as "tick tock".

Another nickname we gave her was "the stomach" because she always had an appetite. I always thought it was because she may have been starved at the puppy mill.

Lilly was also an inside dog, though she had access to the outside via the doggie door. Lilly enjoyed staying in the cool house. She would lounge anywhere, the floor, the sofa, one of the many dog beds in the house. She became especially fixated on staying in the house after we moved to a city whose summer's were especially hot.

Lilly loved to stick her head out of the car window and let the wind blow her ears back. She loved to bark. She loved to play with her little doxie brother Elvis. Lilly loved to be petted. She liked to steal socks, and to sleep on the cool floors during the summer and on our bed during the winter. She loved going for walks, in fact she was the most perfect leash walker we've ever had, she would always stay right by your side.

Earlier this year, Lilly developed a persistant cough, which after extensive testing, was diagnosed as asthma. It seemed her little lungs weren't working as they should. Again, more medication was added, and for several months she was back to being her spry energetic self.

On September 20th, she began having difficulty breathing, and we rushed her to the emergency vet. She was admitted to the critical care unit, as they tried to identify ways to help her breathe. After several days in the hospital, we decided it was time for her to come home.

Lilly came home on Tuesday, September 25th. It was the three year anniversary of adopting her.

It became clear that evening that Lilly was not going to make it. Her breathing became more labored, and she struggled to find comfort. In the early morning hours of the 26th, Lilly passed on to the rainbow bridge.

There she will wait with so many other beloved pets, for her mom, dad, and brothers and sisters to join her.

Though she was small, her personality was larger than life. Though her time with us was short, she impacted our lives forever. Technically we rescued Lilly, but truthfully, it was she who rescued us. Lilly was proof that bad beginnings can be overcome with love.

Lilly opened our eyes to how wonderful it can be to adopt a "special needs" dog. And we hope that we too can encourage people looking to adopt a rescue dog to consider an older or special needs dog. The joy Lilly brought to our lives can never be measured. If we had the chance, we'd do it all again.

I could go on and on about her. Those who knew her immediately saw how special she was.

My only regret is that we didn't have more time with her. But I know the three years she spent with us were the happiest she ever had.

We will miss and love you forever silly Lilly!

September 26, 2008 (One Year Later)

My sweet Lilly, oh how I miss you. I looked at your urn last night and cried and cried, remembering the horrible events that took you away one year ago today. Things are a little better, I can talk about you and not cry (sometimes), but I still ache for you. I miss your sweet little face and the way you would bob your head back and forth. I miss kissing your little nose, and how you would ALWAYS try to get to whatever food was around. 365 days have passed since you went on to the bridge, but I still feel as close to you as ever. I know one day we will be reunited, but today I am sad because you are not here with me now. We all miss you so much sweet girl, but for me, it's a little harder because you were my sweet angel. Until we meet again my silly Lilly.


They say memories are golden
Well maybe that is true.
I never wanted memories.
I only wanted you.

A million times I needed you,
A million times I cried.
If love alone could have saved you,
You never would have died.

In life I loved you dearly,
In death I love you still.
In my heart you hold a place
No one could ever fill.

If tears could build a stairway
And heartache make a lane,
I'd walk the path to heaven
And bring you back again.

Our family chain is broken,
And nothing seems the same.
Bust as God call us one by one,
The chain will link again.
September 26, 2009 (Two Years Later)

I can't believe it's been two years since you left us for the Bridge. Everyday I think about you. I know that Scarlett, who was just a baby when you passed, would have loved you so much. She talks about you, and I don't know if it's because I tell her stories about you in order to keep your memory alive, or if it's because she really does remember you.

Earlier this year Scarlett told me "Lilly's here" and I when I asked "where?". She pointed up to the ceiling. Was she just pointing to heaven or did she sense your presence? She told me that she wants to build a rocket ship so she could go up to heaven and see you....funny, I wish the same. They say that time heals all wounds, but this kind of wound is not supposed to heal completely. I still wonder if things had been done differently maybe you would have been with us longer; or at the very least your last days with us would have been better.

I have been told "Our Creator would never allow the innocence and unconditional love you shared with Lilly to just be taken away from you forever" - and I find great comfort in that. Oh Lilly, you know how much I miss you. The phrase "forever in our hearts" is what is engraved on your urn, and it is true, you will be forever in my heart. I love you little girl...stay close.


GOD BLESS OUR PETS (author unknown)
They say memories are golden
well, maybe that is true
I never wanted memories,
I only wanted you.
A million times I needed you,
a million times I cried.
If love alone could have saved you,
you never would have died.
In life I loved you dearly,
in death I love you still.
In my heart you hold a place,
no one could ever fill.
If tears could build a stairway
and heartache makes a lane,
I'd walk the path to heaven
and bring you back again.
Our family chain is broken
and nothing seems the same,
But as God calls us one by one,
the chain will link again.

September 26, 2010 (Three Years Later)

I can't believe it's only been three years since you passed over to the Bridge. It feels like so much more. Everyday I think of you, every day I grieve your passing. Your dad tells me that crying when I talk about you does not honor your life and the joy you brought to us; but there is a whole in my heart, and I miss you so very much I don't know what else to do.

Yesterday I was speaking with Scarlett, who was just a year old when you passed. She told me she wanted a puppy to keep Guinness and Nikita company (I guess Max and Elvis aren't enough - LOL). I laughed and told her that should we get another dog some day, it would surely be an older dog. She didn't like that idea; but she doesn't understand or remember you enough to know how wonderful older dogs are. But I do. I know that there is an older rescue dog out there who will join our family one day. I can only hope and pray that it is as wonderful, loving, and special as you were.

Recently you visited me in my dreams. And when I remembered the dream; I broke down and cried. Because I knew it was your way of checking in on us, and letting me know you were okay. I wish you could visit my dreams every night.

I know that one day we will be reunited at the Bridge. And I will once again have the opportunity to scratch you behind your ears and kiss your little wet nose. Until that day comes, I will continue to think of you and miss you, my sweet little girl.

Love you always,
"Don't cry because it's over, Smile because it happened." Dr. Seuss

September 26, 2011 (Four Years)

Enough time has passed that I can think of you without crying. Most times I can even speak about you and do not cry. This does not mean I love you less, for there is still a huge hole in my heart.

As Scarlett grows older, she wants to talk about you more. She was only one when you passed over but she remembers you some, and the rest I fill in with stories or pictures. She tells me she dreams of you...and I know that you are reaching out to her. You are such a good girl.

Even though I still feel guilt for the way you passed, I know that you are healthy and free. For those who think that dogs have no place in heaven, I say God wouldn't be so cruel as to allow us to never see each other again.

I love you my little angel.


September 26, 2014

I can't believe it has been seven years since you went to the Rainbow Bridge. Some days it feels like it was just yesterday. Are you with your brother Maximillion? When we had to help Max cross the Bridge in June, I whispered in his ear and told him to find you; you two always had a special bond. We miss you so much. Not a day goes by that we don't think about you. You were my angel on earth, and now you are our guardian angel watching over us. Please take care of Max for us. Tell him that we miss you both, and that you can visit us anytime. I know that we WILL be reunited again one day.

I will love you always.


September 26, 2015

Eight years. How can this be? You are still in our hearts. I see your picture every day and I miss you just as much as I did they day you crossed over. Now Max is with you. So much has changed; but one thing that will never change is the love we have for you. You left the biggest impression on us in the short amount of time you were here. We will see each other again Lilly. Take care of Max, tell him we love and miss you both.

I will cry for you today just as I did when you left for the Bridge eight years ago; but I will also smile and be thankful for having you in our lives. You changed us forever, and you will never be forgotten. You will always be my sweet, silly girl.

Until we see each other again.

I love you always,


"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened. " -- Anatole France

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