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Memories of Lil Lilly
Lil Lilly
A Sweet Cat
March 29th 1998- March 5th, 2010

Shortly after my beautiful cat Luvy died on December 12th, 2003, out of grief, we went searching for a cat, replacement. Adoption and animal shelters had many cats and after a lot of searching, nothing clicked. Then one day, early February 2004 on a website full of pages of cats and photos, there was one without a photo, just a description, A SWEET CAT. That's all it said, besides it being a pure Persian cat in need of a good loving home, no monetary value. We drove over an hour after work on a Friday evening to the city of LaVerne. We found the address to be a filthy, congested apartment occupied by a woman, her husband, beautiful baby crawling all over the dirty carpet and a bunch of cats and dogs running around. All the furniture was raised above kitchen counters so that the baby can't reach it. We sat there in anticipation and there came this small, cute, white fluffy thing with her tongue sticking out. I picked her up and we looked in each other's eyes and immediately connected. Before we took off, the lady ran to the kitchen to hand us the authentic Cat Fancier Birth Certificate that stated the family tree of Princess Malaysia, her given name and the proof that she was a pedigree Persian.

On the way home, she sat on my lap, her face facing me and her paw touching my hand, just staring at me as if saying, thank you for rescuing me. The family couldn't afford to feed her any more so they had the good sense to find her a good home. I kept looking at her and trying to name her, then it struck me, she was as pure and white as a lilly. So there it was, LIL LILLY! The name stuck to her, she loved it and responded to it. When we got home, I feared that our male Persian cat Biggles will attack her, she was so little. Little did we know that little scrawny cat was the Alpha cat and she showed him from the first minute, who is BOSS! Lilly was famished, she ran to the kitchen and ate for quite some time then went on a house discovery, sniff sniff here and there and she was home overnight as if she always belonged. All night she ate and drank, poor thing had to share food and water for a lot more animals.

Lil Lilly was the sweetest cat ever, never scratches or bites, unless tickled on her tummy, playful, tender and loving at all times. The first couple of weeks were hard as she was not fixed, staying up all night howling in heat. So we took her to the vet to get her fixed as we had no intentions of breeding her. The vet said that during the surgery he noticed that she has been bred over and over again and was very lucky to find us and take her of her once and for all. Lilly flourished after that, she gained weight, her hair grew long and she looked like a healthy well kept cat. She and Biggles were like twins, both white, long haired Persian cats. It was a delight to see them sun bathing together, lying on their backs and just enjoying the warmth of the sun.

Biggles passed away on May 26th, 2009 of old age complications and 2 months after Lil Lilly starting breathing heavily and couldn't move much and her belly was bloated. Upon taking her to the doctor and doing an ultra sound, it appeared that she suffered congestive heart failure, a lethal heart condition that caused fluid around the heart to accumulate and press against her little lungs thus she couldn't breathe well. The cure was temporary, diuretic pills so she can lose as much fluid as possible and every couple of months extraction of additional fluids to make her feel comfortable. Lilly was a trooper, she hung on for much longer than the vets expected, 6 months. She wanted to be around us, live amongst us and enjoy our company. Lilly couldn't eat last night or this morning and I feared the worst and we contacted her pet communicator who was vacationing in Argentina and she immediately jumped to help. She contacted Lilly who admitted she was in a lot of pain and discomfort and wanted to go NOW! That she has had a wonderful loving life living her last years with us but want to go and she was mad when told that humans try their best to prolong a life but was relieved to hear we will take care of her. Lilly must have had a heart attack shortly after the communication, sometime this morning between 9am-11am before she was found dead on the floor. Unfortunately I was at work and found out later. It killed me to know that she passed away while I was gone. I was hoping, when the time came, she was in my arms.

Lil Lilly was such a joy to have for 6 years, she was like a baby daughter to me. When Lilly was communicated to 3 years ago for the first time, she said every animal has a purpose on earth and hers was to educate humans that each animal was unique in it's own way. Unique she was, there is no other cat like her. Her sweet demeanor, her cute little pink tongue sticking out and all her adorable antics. Every one loved Lilly, even non cat lovers. She was such a special cat. I miss her so much already and don't how to go on without her. I miss her jumping in bed and her little paw presses finding a comfortable place close to me to sleep, laying on my chest and breathing her sweet breaths on my face or sleeping on my pillow against my head staring at me, lovingly.

Lil Lilly was born on March 29th, 1998 and she died at 12 years of age.

A Sweet Cat she was, every step of the way.

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