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6/1/23 Hi sweet LiLi( aka Liam), I love and miss you so much! It's been a week & half since you went to the Rainbow Bridge but, it feels like an eternity. I'm so sad without you. Tears are starting to well up in my eyes as I write this. My beautiful sweet stray little girl. You entered my heart & then my home. I hope I gave you a better life than the one you had on the street. It took awhile but, I finally brought you in. 2 years of feeding you outside & 2 years of worrying that you wouldn't show up one morning or evening. Worrying you'd get hit by a car or that someone would hurt you in some way. I'm crying too hard to write anymore right now so, I'll close & write more soon. Love, Mommy xoxoxo 6/2/23 Hi Beautiful Girl, I love & miss you so much! Mommy's been crying alot the last couple of days! I hate it here without you!!! You got some lovely messages on your guestbook which brought me to tears, too. I keep expecting to see you sleeping under your favorite chair or looking out your favorite window or walking in the bathroom looking for love as I do my business. What is it with cats wanting attention from their person when they are using the toilet??!! Is it that you have a captive audience? Haha! I wish you were still here. My heart hurts without you. I'm so sorry you got sick. I did my best LiLi/Liam & you fought until the very end. Such a tough little street cat! I didn't want you to suffer so, I had to make that awful decision & let you go in peace. I can't believe you hobbled into the bathroom to use the kitty pan & you were nudging me one last time that day. I think you were the one comforting me, letting me know it was time & that you loved me. I miss your kind soft eyes & your little squeaky meows. I love you, Liam!!! Love always, Mommy xoxo 6/4/23 Hi Liam, I love you oodles & oodles! I think an explanation is in order for your 2 names. When you first started coming to my porch looking for love & food, I was unable to touch or get close to you as you were a stray. Don't know why but, I thought you were a boy so, I named you Liam. After months of patience & consistency, you gradually let me come nearer & nearer & then finally pet you. It was then that, much to my surprise, I discovered you were a girl!!! So, I renamed you LiLi! However,the name Liam had taken hold so, I used both names. I miss you, my LiLi/Liam!! I hope you are hanging out with Tori & she's showing you around a, & you're making new friends! Love always, Mommy xoxo 6/8/23 Hi Sweet LiLi, I love you so much! I picked up your wooden urn today & it's really beautiful. I'm very pleased with the engraving. I got it with both of your names on it & the day you went to Rainbow Bridge. You have a special spot on my bureau with your cards & dish around it. I put your favorite toy in with you along with some of your fur & a whisker. Now you are safe & all tucked in inside. I miss you something awful!!! Love always, Mommy xoxoxo 6/10/23 Hi Liam, I love and miss you! Sometimes I get so mad that you aren't here anymore. It's just not fair! It really stinks that you didn't even get to spend a full year at our new home. I want to say that I am so very sorry that I had to jab you with the back scratcher thing to get you out from under the bed on that terrible day!!! I know I upset you & you were hissing at me a little. I had to get you into the crate (wish I hadn't had to do that!) to take you to the vets :(. You bit me, too, on 1 finger but, I know you didn't mean it. I'm so sorry I scared you. Please forgive me. My heart hurt without you! Love always, Mommy xoxoxo 6/12/23 Hi LiLi, I love you! Today is the 13 year anniversary of Tori going to the Bridge. I'm so sad, missing you & her so much! I pray my little girls are together having fun & healthy again. I can't help thinking I didn't do enough for you & that I should have taken you in sooner. I hope you can understand why I didn't. We didn't have enough time together!! I'm really missing you & your absence has left a HUGE hole in my life & heart!!! Love always, Mommy xoxo 6/14/23 Hi Sweet Girl, I love you! Mommy is really missing you tonight & I feel so sad without you. It's really unfair that you got sick. Who knows what your life was like before finding me. You deserved to have a good life. I wish it could have been longer with me. I'm so sorry. Love always, Mommy xoxo 6/19/23 Hi Liam, love you so much!!! Yesterday was Father's Day so, that was a little rough for me. However, I trust you & Tori & the dogs we had through the years celebrated with him! I wanted to say thank you, Sweet Girl, for opening your eyes when I asked you that very difficult question at the vets. I know you understood me & just like with Tori many years ago, us humans worry that we are making the wrong decision. I miss you deeply! Love always, Mommy xoxo 6/24/23 Hi LiLi, love & miss you so much!!! Well, I tried to get a memorial necklace to put some of your ashes in & 2x got the wrong one so, I'll be ordering a completely different one soon. I hope you don't mind if I put some of Tori's in there, too. That way I will have both my girls with me all of the time. Love always, Mommy xoxo 6/27/23 Hi Liam, just wanted to tell you how much I love you........ALOT!!! Been having lots of rain & bad thunderstorms here. You probably wouldn't like it too much! Frankie got scared earlier & ran and went under the bed. He's still there! I miss you so much, little girl! Love always, Mommy xoxo 7/6/23 Hi Loodle Doodle ( one of my nicknames for you), I love you, Little Girl!! I'm so glad you came into my life and I got to have your sweet presence in it. They say that stray kitties choose their person & home. If that is true, how lucky I am that it was me!!! Thank you. Our time together was too brief but, I know you are waiting with Tori & we'll be together again one day. I hope I did enough & made your life better. I feel bad that I didn't take you in to stay sooner. You just seemed so miserable in the morning after the 2 times I was able to bring you inside out of the brutal cold. When you didn't show up for almost 3 days after a really bad snowstorm, I thought you might have frozen to death. Oh, how I cried & worried. I couldn't find you anywhere & saw no kitty tracks either. The food I left out wasn't eaten. I was so sad. When you finally showed up, I was so relieved & happy. After I thought about it, I think maybe you couldn't get to the porch due to the snow being plowed so high in the parking lot & yard. I went out & created a path with my boots every time it snowed after that. I miss you so much!!! Love always, Mommy xoxoxo 7/11/23 Hi LiLi, I love you so much, Little Girl!!! The figurine I got for you with the angel holding a black cat finally came. I'm very happy with it & I hope you like it. I put it next to your urn. The rainbow colored heart pendant for ashes with the paw print on it came as well. I put some of you & Tori in there so, now I take the both of you everywhere I go! I miss you so much, Sweet Girl!!! Love always, Mommy xoxoxo 7/19/23 Hi my sweet LiLi, I love you! I'm so sad without you!!! I hope I did right by you & you know how much you mean to me! I'm angry that you're not here anymore. It's not fair. I imagine that your life wasn't so great before you found me & then I finally took you in. You survived the crazy traffic on Grant Ave., snowstorms, hot Summers, dealing with Frankie, & the move to the new place. Then you get f***ing cancer?!?! How messed up is that? You didn't deserve that! I'm so sorry, Little Girl. I think you were finally able to completely be yourself & then you got sick. I can feel the tears starting now. Sweet LiLi/Liam, my heart is broken without you. I love you, little Ludo!!!!! Love always, Mommy xoxoxo 7/21/23 Hi Sweet Girl, I love you so much! I want my Ludo back!!! Love always, Mommy xoxoxo :( 8/6/23 Hi my sweet LiLi, Mommy misses & loves you sooooo much! I miss your little black paw pads & footsers, your cute little mouth & lips, your beautiful black fur with those couple of random white hairs on your back, your gentle & quiet meows, and your loving presence in my life. I was thinking I wasn't mourning you in the right way because it's different from when Tori died. You both told me that's ridiculous. Of course it's different because you are 2 different kitties!!! I miss you & mourn you with all my heart & soul! Love always, Mommy xoxoxo 8/20/23 Hi Sweet Girl, I love you so much, Liam!! It sucks around here without you. Something got into the pot about a week ago where I planted your paper heart with the wildflower seeds & messed it up pretty bad! I was really upset. I was able to save the biggest piece & it seems to have rerooted itself. I'm keeping it inside now. I hope it blooms soon. I miss you. Love always, Mommy xoxo 9/9/23 Hi LiLi, I love you, sweet little girl! A friend of mine was telling me she thinks one of her dogs has cancer. Taking her to the vet on Tuesday. It made me think of you & how sad it was to find out you had cancer. I said to my friend that our furbabies enter our hearts & sometimes they break it, too. Then, I started bawling my eyes out!!! Even though it hurts, I wouldn't trade having you( & Tori) in my life for anything! On a happier note, your wildflowers rerooted themselves & have grown a bit more. Still waiting for them to bloom. I miss you so much, Liam!!! Love always, Mommy xoxoxo P.S. Frankie says hi!! :) 9/29/23 Hi LiLi( aka Liam & aka Ludo!),I really miss you, little girl! I was just reading something online about someone who helped a stray cat & then, unfortunately, the kitty was sick & died. So sad! Broke my heart &, of course, got me thinking about you. Then, the tears started flowing. I wish you were still here & had more time to enjoy inside life!!! I pray I was a good Mommy to you & hope you know how much you were loved & still are!!!!! Love always, Mommy xoxoxo 10/16/23 Hi Sweet LiLi, I love you so much, my little black girl!!! Miss you so much, too!!! Well, the Phillies keep on winning! It's so exciting! Hopefully they will go to the World Series & win! I wish you were here, Sweetie!!! Love always, Mommy xoxo 10/31/23 Hi Little Ghoul, Happy Halloween! I love you so much!!! This witchy Mom needs her beautiful black kitty flying on my broomstick with me tonight! We can scare all of the other ghosts & goblins before we go home to make a witchs brew!!! I miss you something awful,my Liam/LiLi! I think of your sweetness and also your toughness every day. I wish you were still here! I'm so sad & heartbroken without you!!! :( Love always, your Mummy xoxoxo 11/9/23 Hi my sweet LiLi/Liam, Mommy misses you something awful!! The last 2 days have been more rough than usual missing you. Can't seem to stop crying & thinking that I wasn't such a good Mom to you!I hope & pray I did right by you. I've been really depressed lately. I'm not happy where I'm living, feel like a terrible Mom to Secret & Frankie( & you & Tori, too), & just feeling pretty lost. I haven't felt like doing much of anything lately. Poor loving Frankie has had to deal with me crying the last couple of days. He's been so sweet, though, laying next to me, drying my tears, & giving me kitty snuggles. He's so naughty & makes me crazy sometimes but, really is a sweetheart & makes me laugh! I really love & miss you so much, Liam!!!! I wish you were still here. The holidays are going to suck without you. I got you a special Christmas ornament for the tree this year & now you won't be laying under it. So sad! I hope you & Tori are together taking care of each other!!! Love always, Mommy xoxo 11/23/23 Hi little LiLi, Happy Thanksgiving! I'm so thankful for you! I love & miss you lots & lots!!! Love always, Mommy xoxo 11/30/23 Hi sweet Liam, I love & miss you so so much!! I can't believe it's the last day of Nov. & Christmas is only 25 days away! Ugh! Where does the time go? I don't think I'm going to decorate the apt. & outside this year. I'm just feeling so sad & depressed, missing you & I'm still pissed off at RJM. My heart isn't into decorating at all. It would be too heartbreaking to not see you laying under the tree like you loved doing last year. I got you a special ornament for the tree, too, & now you're not here to see it. I will decorate Secrets stall like usual and, who knows? Maybe I'll change my mind about here as Christmas gets closer. I miss you, my sweet stray girl!!! On a happier note.......I recently remembered that you had a few other names that I gave you when you were still outside. Can't believe I forgot that.......I think Mommy is slipping! Haha! Anyway, you were(still are) Liam Coalette( since you had all black hair!), Waddles Peirce LiLi!!! What a mouthful! It's making me smile and cry thinking about all of your silly names! Love always, Mommy xoxoxo 12/5/23 Hi Liam, I love you, Little Girl! Well, I decided to decorate after all. Put the tree up today. It looks really pretty with all of the white & colored lights on it but, it makes me sad, too, because you are not here sleeping under it. I miss you alot & my heart is so sad without you! Love always, Mommy xoxoxo 12/10/23 Hi Liam, I love you so much! 15 days until Christmas now.......Yikes! I really lost it last night with missing you & this being our 1st Christmas apart. The tears were flowing big time. I was reading an article about that & one suggestion was putting your furbabies ashes under the tree and/or placing a candle next to the urn. So, I am putting you under the tree during the day which I thought was appropriate since you loved laying under it last year.And, in the evening I will light a candle next to you & leave you in your usual place overnight with your decorations. I miss you so much, Sweet Girl!!!! Love always, Mommy xoxoxo P.S. I added a pic to your residency of the ornament I got you after last Christmas. I wish you were here to see it! :( 12/25/23 Merry Christmas, my beautiful little LiLi! I love & miss you so much! My 1st Christmas without you & I'm feeling pretty sad. I keep expecting to see you curled up under the tree. There really is such a huge hole in my life & my heart since you went to the Bridge. I love you, Liam! I hope Father Catmas brings you lots of goodies, treats, and presents. I'm sure you made it onto his nice list. Have fun with Tori as you both rock around the Christmas tree! I'm thinking of you & sending you lots of holiday hugs & kisses! Love always, Mommy xoxoxo 12/30/23 Hi sweet Liam, Happy 15th Birthday!! And, Happy 6 year Anniversary!! Since I don't know your actual birthday, I made it the same day as the day I finally brought you into my apt. But, it's 6 years total that you became a part of my life. I hope you have a beautiful birthday at the Bridge & you have a big party with lots of presents and a yummy cake. Please know that I think about you everyday & that I love and miss you so much!!!! Love always, Mommy xoxoxo 1/1/24 Hi LiLi, I love you, Sweet Girl! Happy New Year 2024!!! Can't believe another year has gone by & it's also a new year without you. Miss you so much!!! I think about you every day & I'm so sad without you! Love always, Mommy xoxoxo 1/20/24 Hi Beautiful Liam, I love you, sweet girl! Mommy is very unhappy where I'm living! Partly because you're not here anymore & partly because the rules and incompetence here are ridiculous. Wish I could just leave here but, it's a process. I really thought I was going to get the apartment I looked at last Friday but, the more time that goes by,the more discouraged I get. Feeling pretty depressed about it! I miss you, Sweet girl!!! Love always, Mommy xoxoxo 2/14/24 Hi LiLi, Happy Valentine's Day! I love and miss you so much!!! Love always, Mommy xoxo 3/5/24 Hi my sweet LiLi, I love you so much! I have such a big hole in my heart since you went to the Bridge!!! I wish you were still here. It makes me pretty mad that you were a stray for God knows how long, I finally took you in, you were settling in & seemed happy, & then you got cancer so, I had to help you cross over to The Bridge. I don't want those feelings of anger to cloud my feelings of how lucky I am to have you in my life & how honored I feel that you came into my home & trusted me with your care! I finally got that sign for you that I wanted. It says "Once upon a time I picked up a black cat & the rest is history." I have it leaning on the window sill behind you. Mommy is crying now. I miss your sweet & sassy presence in my life. I love you, Liam/LiLi!!!! Love always, Mommy xoxoxo 3/31/24 Hi Sweet Girl, Happy Easter! I hope you get lots of yummy treats in your Easter basket! I will write you a longer note on your guest book & that way I can leave you a gift, too. Things have gotten even worse where I'm living & we really need to get out of here asap! I love & miss you so much! Love always, Mommy xoxo 4/13/24 Hi my Sweet LiLi, I love you so much! Mommy got the new apt. & I'm happy, happy, & more happy!!! I think you'll really like it there. 19 days & counting until we can get out of this Hell hole & never look back! It's just been really awful here. Thank you for visiting me & helping me through this whole process. I miss you more than words can ever say! Love always, Mommy xoxoxo 5/1/24 Hi LiLi, I love and miss you lots & lots!! One more sleep & wake-up & then we are getting out of here and never looking back!!! I certainly won't miss those frickin house centipedes! They are so disgusting! The new place is really great & I think you'll be happy there. You are forever in my heart! Love always, Mommy xoxo 5/22/24 Hi my sweet Liam, I love & miss you so much my beautiful black stray girl! One year ago today pretty much sucked the big one!!! It was the day I had to help you cross over to The Rainbow Bridge. It was so incredibly sad then & it still is. I can't believe it's been a year already! I'm so so sorry if I didn't notice things I was supposed to concerning your weight. I thought it was just your usual skinny scrappy stray girl look. Everyone said, including the vet, that cats really hide when they aren't feeling well & that I did nothing wrong. I still feel like a terrible Mom sometimes, though. Maybe it's just me being selfish wishing I had more time with you! It's never enough time & I wish you could have been inside longer before you died. However, I am grateful for the time I had your sweet presence in my life! And, I know you are still around me & I feel you sometimes. Thank you for visiting me when you can. I love you, LiLi/Liam & I'm thankful that you're not feeling sick or in pain anymore!!! Love always, Mommy xoxoxo P. S. Frankie says he misses you too & he's still a brat!!!

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