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Memories of Licorice Louise
Dear Licky,
AKA Poo, Pumpkin Head, Baby Girl, Your sister Sadie is missing you terribly, she avoided your water bowl for some time and just lays around. The day we came home from the vet she was so excited and she looked out the door looking for you and we had to try and let her know you were gone. My heart aches and life will never be the same. You were my best friend and always there for me and always happy to see me! I miss that big personality and all the crazy things you did. I am going to be the best person that I can be so we can be together in heaven for eternity! You just would not give up or give in and I was afraid you were starting to suffer and was not very comfortable but you did not want to leave me. You were the most amazing pet (daughter) I could have ever imagined. I love you always and forever! Love, Mom, Dad and Sadie Sue

3/14/12-Happy Birthday Baby Girl! Today would have been your 13th birthday (day we adopted you). Sadie says to tell you woof woof (Happy birthday Licky, I miss you!). She is doing a little better, she dug up the one piece bed like you did now 2x and when she got scared she looked at me to help her just like you did! I am wearing my pawprint necklace today with your pawprint and your name on it. I only wear this one for special days! I wear the silver cross with your fur in it all the time, so glad I had it while you were still with me. We learned in Church for lent to pick one of the 10 commandments and really follow it until Easter. I chose not to use the Lords name in vain, had no idea I was doing it so that I can get to where you are someday. I will visit more, its just so painful at this point!! Love Mommy

4/18/12-Hi Poo! I miss you so much, it does not seem to get any easier for me at all. Easter was hard, it marked 2 months. Sadie bit Chyna the moment she came in and was sad the rest of the day. She must have realized you were always here when Chyna visited. She just layed around looking very sad. We talk to you all the time and can't believe you are really gone. I pray you can hear me now and can run around and play, you deserve it more than anyone. Love Mommy & Sadie

7/12/12-Hello girl! I finally donated your food to the Vet. It was so hard, they had to look up your file and I knew the screen would say Euthanized so I could not look. They thanked me and I had to leave ASAP as I started crying. Even after a few months it was painful. The other night I was having a pork chop and I cut up 2 bites and realized you were not here to get your bite. I gave them both to Sadie. We talk about you all the time and I look at your photos every day. 2 days ago dad walked Sadie and they went around the small block where you and I had our last walk together. I had to wait at the corner for them, I could not bear to walk around that block without you. Not sure if I will ever be able to walk there again. I hope you are behaving up in heaven but having a splendid time. Sadie still looks lonely without you but either of us are ready to try and get her a friend yet. Love Mommy

1/1/13 Happy New Year pumpkin head! I have been dreading today, I can no longer say you were alive this year. In just 38 short days we will be thinking of being an entire year without you. I hate it! I love you and miss you and I cry all the time. I know you are aware of a new sister Shylo since you helped pick her out from heaven. She did need me just like you did and it helps take my mind off of mourning for you all the time. Thank you so much for helping me even from above. I did not put up the Christmas tree this year, just did not seem right without you and Shylo would not have liked it either. Sadie misses you and she is looking older. She likes Shylo but I think you were her best friend and she misses you and noone can replace your place in her heart. Please take care of those children who were killed in CT, if anyone can cheer them up I know you can with your sweet loving self!! I love you Licky!! Love Mom

2/9/17-Thought of you all day yesterday. Your beloved Sadie was as Metro after having surgery and I got to bring her home, she was in the room at the opposite end of where you left us. I wore your paw print necklace. Grandma is with you now, give her lots of kisses. Sadie has bladder cancer. We are hoping to take her to the beach one last time this May. I see why you loved Sadie so much. Please look over Shylo and your new little sister Bugsy. We tell them about you all the time and your photo is above the fireplace still and in other places! I hope you have a good Valentines Day...you will always are forever be my Valentine sweet angel!! I miss you so and you always will be in my heart until we meet again....Let's both be good so that God will let us reunite forever!

8/1/17-Hi Licky Lou. Well girl, as you know, on 7/16 Sadie Sue came to join you. We are heartbroken, please take good care of her. She was so very sick but never complained and was happy to be with us but we had to let her go....I know you must be so happy to have your best doggy friend in the world up there with you to play with. Sadie did not get to go to the beach in May, we were happy to stay home and take care of her. I hope you show her the beach and let her just sit and watch. Sadie died in the first room on the exact opposite end. We had an incident back in April, that is when Sadie started peeing blood again, I was shocked. Shylo ended up eating Sadies medication, I ran her up to Metro, then came home and realized I was not positive so I loaded Bugsy up and then turned around close to home and picked up Sadie too. Just could not risk it. Sadie was asleep on the couch, I hated waking her up. They stayed 2 nights. Sadie was never really able to get on the furniture once she got back home and had a hard time getting in the car. Licorice, you are all over this house, we still have you food bowls out. I love you so very much and pray to be with you again one day pumpkin head.

12/12/20-Hows my Poo Poo bear? I hope you and Sadie and having fun together and taking care of Scrapper. I still have your picture up so when I come out of the laundry room it is like you are there waiting for your treat still. Can't believe it has been 8 years. Grandpa has now joined you up in heaven, hope he treats better than he did me. I think of you so often and have your ornaments up on the tree as always. You are always in my heart and I will miss you forever. I hope you girls have a great holiday! I suppose I should make one of these sites for Sadie sometime. See you silly girl.

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