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Memories of Lexie
Lexie came into our lives and gave us nothing but love, companionship and happiness for 13 and 1/2 years. She is survived by her loving parents Jerry and Jen, and her two pug sisters Layla and Lea. She was such a pretty, sweet and gentle soul. She was also the fastest doggie we've ever seen. She was a Lab/Greyhound mix. She's our angel now. We will NEVER forget you, Lexie! We love you and miss you so much!! ❤️

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* Had 2 Pug Sisters/BFF's
* Lived in 5 States
* Rode shot gun in a 2015 Nissan GTR
* Lived life over the road for a few months
* Visited 38 States and pooped in most of them
* Ate a Happy Meal from McDonalds
* Learned how to sit pretty
* Visited a Pet Store
* Had a Birthday Cake Photo Shoot
* Ate a human cupcake
* Left footprints in the snow
* Had nails did
* Recieved an Easter card in the mail
* Raced Horses
* Attended the First Annual Mid-TN Pug Festival
* Sniffed Goats
* Recieved a Valentine in the mail
* Cracked open Easter Eggs
* Ate a personalized treat from Three Dog Bakery
* Attended a Christmas Pug meet up event
* Saw the ocean in Florida & Maine
* Wore a pretty headband
* Ate a Girl Scout Cookie
* Wore a Pug T-shirt
* Ate a Star Wars treat
* Visited Treat Me Good Dog Bakery
* Visited Three Dog Bakery
* Ate a Pup Cup from Starbucks
* Ate a Pack Leader treat
* Vacationed in Gatlinburg, TN in a Cabin a few times
* Ate straight out of the food storage container
* Went to 2 dog parks
* Wore a Snuggie
* Recieved a bunch of cards in the mail for #lexiesbucketlist (even after she passed)
* Ate a Bone Shaped Papa Murphy's Pizza (Especially made for her!)
* Went on many car rides
* Learned how to shake with one and both paws
* Spoke I Love You twice
* Picture was printed in the Nashville Paw Magazine Instagram page
* Got to lick the spoon... more than once
* Stole the Pugs bed
* Let Layla catch her nub
* Won an Instagram Father's Day game due to a sweet picture of Daddy & Lexie
* Owned a couch
* Swam in Lake Michigan
* Went camping with Daddy
* Ate Taco Bell when Daddy and Momma weren't looking
* Ate corn on the cob
* Caught snowballs
* Ate Doggie Ice Cream... often
* Went to a Drive In Theater to watch Transformers 2
* Ate a bowl full of Hershey Kisses and survived
* Ate Chapstick (her FAV!)
* Killed a bird once and let Layla eat it (Ewwwww)
* Also killed a bunny once
* Stole and ate a Moon Pie that was a gift for momma's best friend lol
* Cheered her parents up when they were sad
* Slept in parents bed a few times
* Learned how to spell Car Ride
* Had her own (with sisters) Social Media Fan Page (Instagram)
* Had stand off's with daddy's work out gloves, they would "box"
* Played dress up with her sisters for momma
* Lots of walks
* Was able to tear up the carpet while inside her kennel as a puppy (TWICE! After daddy fixed it the first time)
* Couches tasted good too
* Seen Fourth of July Fireworks in Iowa & Ohio, even though she was scared
* Survived a dog attack/bite from a stray dog who attacked her in Gatlinburg, TN
* "Told" daddy that momma was the "one" by not barking at her when they first met
* Owned a doggie house in our house
* Raised Layla Pug to be the good girl she is now

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