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Memories of Lexi
In loving memory of our Beloved Baby Lexi taken from us too soon but brought so much joy and love into our household while she was here. We will never be forgotten but will be forever missed.

In Memory of Our Beloved Baby Lexi
May 17, 2011 - January 29, 2012

Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers and we truly were hoping to share good news with everyone tonight about Baby Lexi but unfortunately she has now passed over to Rainbows Bridge very unexpectedly and suddenly. Everyone knows her right anal sac had ruptured last week and she was well on the way to recovery when her left one ruptured late this afternoon when we had her and Bella up at the tennis courts enjoying the absolutely beautiful weather. They were running through the fields, around the tennis courts, entertaining all the kids, just absolutely a PERFECT day. Then I noticed she was having trouble and I saw the blood. I got Steve off the tennis courts and we knew immediately it was her left anal sac. So we call Carolina Veterinary Specialists and said we were on our way. They were waiting for us and sure enough we were right. Normally such a very simple procedure and she made it through that with flying colors. Then just as she was fully waking up, out of nowhere her heart just stopped and they could never revive her. Trust me, they had 3 doctors working on her over and over trying everything humanly possible to get the heart restarted. God just had other plans for our dear Lexi, and it is one of those times where we just don't know why things happen and will never know and it was just a very tragic unexpected event and was no one's fault. She never suffered and definitely had a GREAT day today in the beautiful weather. Her twin sister Bella (and littermate) is also taking it very, very hard. She won't stop looking for her and won't leave us. The very short time she was on this earth, she was truly an angel and brought so much joy first to our breeder, Celeste Solano (we are so thankful for you Celeste and you were with us all the way and we can't thank you enough for always being there, especially in our times of need), and especially to Steve and me and her twin sister Bella absolutely worshipped the ground she walked on. While we know right at this moment in time we are just absolutely devastated and so distraught tonight, we know she is at peace and we reflect on all the love she gave to so many in her very, very short life here on earth. God just needed her more up in Rainbows Bridge. It's just we will miss her so very much, and Bella especially misses her. Bella has not left my side since I got home and each time a tear begins to drop from my eyes, Bella reaches up to kiss me. What is so hard is they were truly twins, sistermates and it had gotten so hard to tell them apart, but then Lexi would remind everyone with all her spunk that she was the boss so you knew then who was who.

Again, we want to especially thank Celeste Solono for bringing Lexi and Bella into our lives and just the compassion and how much you care for us and the babies is like no other on this earth. We love you from the bottom of our hearts Celeste and you are a true friend and we love you for that. Thank you to all my family and friends for understanding and being there for us during this very, very difficult time after losing our baby. We love you all and just keep us and all our other babies in your thoughts and prayers. We know none of us know how much time we have on this earth so please make the most of it. I can truly say, Baby Lexi and Baby Bella definitely made the most of their lives and at least we and Bella had such a wonderful, wonderful day outside with her. Right now, Steve and I and our other babies just need time for our hearts to heal.

We love you Lexi, Your Mommy and Daddy, your twin sister Bella, Sophie, Joe, Fergie and Chloe

February 5, 2012

To our Baby Lexi,

We just wanted to write you today. It's been just one week ago today we lost you, our beloved Baby Lexi. Our hearts still grieve for you just as your sister's Baby Bella's does but know that you will forever be in our hearts and there will not be a day that we don't think and remember you. Being able to write to you helps in some way. Please know your brother Baby Bentley is now here for you with your baby sister Baby Bella. He arrived last night and the two of you have the exact same faces, it was almost surreal when he arrived and we saw his face. Know that we all love you and know that we learned so much from you and know that something good will come from what unexpectedly happened to you last week. We are ensuring people are fully educated and appropriate protocols are put in place so that this never happens to such a sweet baby girl again. We know you don't blame us but it still hurts. Just last week at this time you were running around the tennis courts with your sister. We love you and miss you with our whole hearts and miss you so much. Just give us some more time to mourn and grieve and know one day that will one day turn into only happy memories which are what are helping us through these very sad days.

With all our love and hugs and kisses, Your Mommy and Daddy, your twin sister Bella, your brother Bentley, Sophie, Joe, Fergie and Chloe

February 19, 2012 -- To our Baby Lexi, oh how hard it is to know you are no longer here on this earth. It still hurts so very much. Please know how much we truly loved you and will ALWAYS love you. Your brother Bentley is with us now with your twin sister Baby Bella. We have received so many cards, emails, phone calls, flowers, etc. in rememberance of you. It just still so very hard. One day this pain will turn into only happy memories of our very, very special baby Lexi. We miss you so much and know you are there with Cede, King Louie and Max just waiting for us on the other side in heaven and we will be together one day again soon. It's raining here today and know it is the heavens crying with us over our loss of you and also on this 4 year anniversary of losing our other sweet baby girl, Cede. We will always love you and send our hugs and kisses to all of you, Your Mommy and Daddy, your twin sister Bella and your brother Bentley, Sophie, Joe, Fergie and Chloe. We will ALWAYS love you!!

Please also visit Cede, King Louie, Max Biehl and Sophie.

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