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Memories of Leo
Leo showed up on my patio 4 years ago, homeless and hungry. He was estimated to be between 8 and 10 years old. I believe that God sent him to me to care for him and give him the best 4 years of his life. Leo had kidney disease, heart disease, a bad heart murmur and a cancerous growth which was successfully removed. He was a neutered cat so someone had previously owned him but I believe he was abandoned and abused because of the fear he had of all people, but particulary men. He did not know how to "play" but eventually learned from Maxi and Sweet Pea, the next two stray cats that God sent to me. It took several weeks, but Leo began trusting me and became my companion. He was an indoor/outdoor cat until I moved from an apartment to my own house when I made him a strictly indoor cat. I received an abundance of "gifts" while Leo had access to the outdoors. We formed an incredible bond and we loved and adored each other unconditionally. Two years after he was diagnosed with kidney disease and his creatnine and BUN levels were elevating, I began kidney fluid treatments and heart medicine for Leo. I personally did not administer the fluids but hired someone to do it for me. I was frightened of the procedure and felt I could not handle it. So I spent a small fortune having Michelle do Leo's fluids 3 times a week. He seemed to be doing well but as time passed, Leo's kidney levels were changing. I knew that someday I would be faced with one of his diseases killing him. I prayed all the time that he would not suffer. The Vets told me that as long as he was eating and drinking, his time was not up and to leave him alone. In July, 2008, my husband underwent colon cancer surgery followed by radiation treatments. The day before his last treatment, November 5, he died of a hemmoragic stroke. A month later, my precious Sweet Pea, who I only had for 2 years, developed bladder stones and a mass on his bladder. I had to euthanize him. These two losses were devastating and the thought of losing Leo a few months later almost put me over the edge. I could no longer afford Michelle doing Leo's fluids and had to learn how to do it myself. I cried many times as I stuck him incorrectly and had to restick him, sometimes 3 times before I got it right, and prayed for help which I received because it finally became second nature after a few months. I did it to keep Leo alive but I always dreaded those 3 days a week. About four months ago, Leo started losing weight and his red blood count was dropping. He was getting upper respiratory infections that his body couldn't fight. His appetite remained wondferful, so I waited for "the sign." I had a trip planned to visit my 95-year old Dad in Florida and other siblings and family members. My friend and colleague, Kay, begged me not to go. She had a foreboding feeling about Leo. I left on Saturday, May 9th. On Tuesday, May 12, Michelle, my pet-sitter, told me that Leo was completely congested and took him to the Vet who prescribed different medication than he had been on for the same condition for weeks. On May 15 Leo stopped eating and drinking and Michelle was getting his meds and food into him through a syringe. I called the animal hospital and made an appointment to put Leo to sleep on Sunday at 4:00 pm. Then I called American Airlines and changed my return trip to Saturday instead of Sunday. I had Michelle put me on the speaker phone so Leo could hear my voice. He perked up and moved upon hearing me. I told him to hang on and that I was coming home and how much I love him and missed him. When I got home and opened the door on Saturday morning, I called for Leo but he didn't come to me. I went upstairs to the bedroom and there he was, lying on his side, all 4 legs moving frantically in the air in an effort to get up and greet me. My heart broke. I knew I couldn't wait until Sunday and called the animal hospital at 11:30 am. They close at 12:00 Noon. Leo couldn't walk at this point and was crying from pain and weakness. I was crying and talking to Leo telling him that he would soon be with Chuck (my husband) and Sweet Pea and all the pain would be gone forever. I only had about 30 minutes to be with my beloved Leo-Poo before he took his last breath. I ordered a private cremation and I have his remains in a beautiful box. He will be next to Sweet Pea's remains and Chuck's remains. The losses I have sustained within 6 months have been devastating but I am apparently made of strong stuff. I miss them terribly. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to give two beautiful, homeless cats the best time of their lives. I do not have children and so my cats became "my kids." At this point, I don't want to replace them, but that may change the next time I go to PetSmart and see all the kittens and cats up for adoption. Maxi, the remaining beautiful 4-year old long-haired Tabby, is being incredibly affectionate and loving and I am giving him a tremendous amount of attention and love. My heart bleeds for anyone who has lost a pet and felt towards that pet the way I feel about mine. For me, it's the equivalent of losing my children. May you Rest In Peace, my sweet angels. You will be in my heart forever and someday we'll be together again. With Love Forever, Mommy.

May 21, 2009 - I miss you so much Leo Poo. I received beautiful sympathy e-mails from other Mommys whose kids are probably playing with you there at Rainbows Bridge. Maxi misses you a lot. He is very quiet sometimes. Were you there last night flying around the house as a bright spirit? Maxi looked all around and I felt your presence. I'm so happy you are free of pain and suffering. I should not have continued the fluid treatments as long as I did. I know you hated them but I didn't want you to die and you were still eating so well. Thank you, my precious, sweet angel, for waiting for me on Saturday. I know you miss me too. You are with me in my heart all the time. I love you, my Leo.

May 16, 2010 - Today is one year my precious Leo since you are gone. I recalled every moment as if it were yesterday and I cried and kissed your box of ashes. Maxi put his scent on your little box. We miss you so much Leo-poo. I wish I had had more time with you. What a joy you were in our lives (Daddy's and mine). I'm sure Maxi misses harrassing you and pouncing on you! You were so regal - like an Egyptian Sphinx! Maxi and I are getting along. I think he is lonely during the day and whines when I get home for me to play with him. He's very affectionate and I need that with you, Daddy and Sweet Pea gone. I hope you are bringing them as much joy at Rainbows Bridge as you did here on earth. You are at peace, my angel, and not suffering and for that I am grateful. It broke my heart to see you in pain. I love you so much, Leo. I think you know that! Rest in peace, my beloved Leo. Rest in peace. With all our love, Mommy and Maxi.

May 16, 2013 - My sweet Leo Poo. The years fly by, don't they? Maxi and I miss you so much! Maxi weighs 15 pounds and is very, very affectionate. He pounces on my chest every morning, sticks his face in mine with his little wet nose. I kiss his face and his purr machine goes crazy! Sometimes I think you have jumped on the bed!! Whenever I talk about you to anyone, I start to cry. I can't help it! I still want to write a book about you, Sweet Pea and Maxi. I think it would be a best seller! I remember as if it were yesterday the day you appeared on my patio, hungry and frightened. That can of tuna fish was the beginning of our wonderful relationship. You are so special, Leo and you are with me every day. I cannot believe you and Sweet Pea are over there across Rainbow Bridge, but you know, of course, some day we will all be together again. I know you are doing well and have lots and lots of friends over there. Sweet Pea is with you too! I must do a guardianship one of these days for Sweet Pea. At least I gave him 2 wonderful years and now he is not limping anymore and not in pain. Sigh..... I wish I could touch your beautiful face again. Kisses from Mommy and Maxi, my angel. We love you and Sweet Pea so much!

May 2015. My darling angel, Leo. Maxi and I are doing well. He's getting older. I can see the changes in his face and his energy. He still jumps in the air to catch a ball!! But then he lies down after a few seconds and that's it! I made a mistake. When you left us and Sweet Pea left us for Rainbow Bridge, I should have gotten him a playmate. Too late now. He is incredibly affectionate. Still whines for attention and runs to me when I come home at night. It's hard to believe it's 7 years since you crossed the Bridge. Time just flies by. I miss you Leo. Every time I talk about you to someone new, I start to cry. But I know you have a great life over there with Sweet Pea and other friends!! My friend at work just lost her puppy so make him feel welcome. I adore you Leo. I love you with my heart and soul. I will miss you forever. Love, Hugs and Kisses, Mommy

May 20, 2016. My sweet, wonderful Leo Poo....It doesn't matter how many years go by. I miss you as much now as I did when you crossed over to Rainbows Bridge. I just told your story to a friend in New York and choked on my words as my eyes filled with tears. I always cry when I talk about you because I want to hold you and kiss you again. If you are visiting Maxi and me, please give me a sign!! Maxi goes nuts sometimes as though he is seeing a ghost! I always think it's you and/or Sweet Pea who I also miss so much. Speaking of Maxi, I'm sure he misses you as much as I do. He has lost some weight and I hope it's just old age. I dread the thought of him joining you and Sweet Pea one day although I know he will have his brothers to pounce on once again! No one lives forever! We'll all be together one day.... I know you're doing so well and for that I am grateful. No one should suffer. I just miss you so much, Leo. You and I had a "story" - one that I should try and publish! No plans to retire anytime soon so it's on my bucket list. It's such a special story too. I remember everything that happened as if it were yesterday. Kisses and hugs to you my baby, my precious Leo. Mommy and Maxi love you so, so much!

May 25, 2018. Hello My Sweet Angel, Leo! Here it is 2018, and I can't believe how fast the years go by. Your picture still hangs on the fridge and in the bedroom. As I listen to the song I picked for you- In The Arms of an Angel - I cry tears of sadness because I miss you today as much as I did when you left for Rainbow Bridge. I always wish the same thing --that circumstances could have been different and that I could have been with you that weekend I had to go to Florida to see my ailing father. I tell your story to people and can't contain the tears. You were sent to me by an angel and now you're one yourself. Maxi is still strong at the ripe old age of 14!! He has arthritis but for the most part, he's pretty healthy. I know he's bored and he misses you as much as I do. I should have gotten him a playmate. Well.....I finally retired and I'm living with a wonderful man who LOVES cats and would have loved you dearly. He loves all animals and had a few dogs.
The last one was Luke and he loved him with all of his heart. Luke had to go to Rainbow Bridge over a year ago. Can you please do us a favor, sweet Leo, and find Luke and tell him how much his Daddy, Dan, misses him and that he hopes he's happy over there. Dan cries when he talks to me about Luke, just as I do when I talk about you. The pain of losing our fur babies never goes away......
Until next year, my precious, special Leo-poo. Be happy. Some day I'll be with you again. Love and Kisses Always - Mommy

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