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Memories of Lenny
You came into our lives as a grandcat who was going to stay temporarily. Because of your original mother's condition, you stayed. At first we just cared for you. Gradually, we fell in love with you. The longer you were with us,the more central you became to our lives. After we retired and your current mother became disabled, your father took over your care. He formed a deep bond with you that he never has had with another cat. You kept us busy, entertained and became our child since our children were grown. You met us at the door when we left the house for a few hours. You served as our alarm clock each morning to wake us (way too early) and get your needs met. You learned to demand what you wanted and nearly always got it. You were sick so many times and used up at least nine lives. Each time when it would seem that you were at the end, you would start eating again and go back to your normal life. This time was different though. You were unable to recover. You declined slowly at first and then it became a very rapid decline. You were visited in the last week of life by our children and grandchildren so they all got to spend time with you before you were at your worst. When we took you to the vet, we didn't know what the outcome would be, although we suspected it. The vet very sensitively helped us make the very difficult decision to let you go. It was a hard decision. But we stayed with you as you very peacefully went to sleep. You looked about the same as you did in the final days when you just laid on your blanket (made for you lovingly by grandson Matthew). Now you are suffering no more, although we are filled with grief over losing you.

After a having a happy life and making many people happy, we hope you find peace and comfort at the Rainbow Bridge. You may meet your "brother" Milo who preceded you in death by about 10 years. You may also meet Sophia, the other grandcat who came temporarily and stayed. It took you a long time for you to accept Sophia but eventually the two of you cuddled together by the warm heating duct. When Sophia died you mourned and didn't eat for several days. You didn't know Polly, Percy or Cat who all preceded both of you in death but are now at the Rainbow Bridge.

2/23/2019 Lenny baby you have been gone only a few days but the house is so empty without you. I keep expecting you to jump in my lap. I look over at the heating duct expecting you to be there. I hope you are finding friends at the Rainbow Bridge.

3/11/2019 Sweet baby Lenny I miss you more and more as time passes. I think I hear you coming and you are not there. I miss your loud meowing in the morning to wake us up, even though I used to get irritated when you woke us up so early. Many people have written about their furbabies. Are you making friends with them? I hope you are happy now that all your suffering is over and that you are enjoying life at the Rainbow Bridge.

3/15/2019 Sweet baby, it has been almost a month since you went to the Rainbow Bridge but it seems so much longer. We have your ashes in your bedroom now by the plant. Stephanie wants us to bury you with Milo in the Rose Garden in the spring. We were going to do that but I also like having you near me so I don't know. But I know you are at the Rainbow Bridge and your ashes aren't really you. Everything still seems so empty without you. I expect you to appear and jump in my lap and have Papa scold you for putting your claws in my legs when you jump up. I want to hear your loud motor purr when you get really comfortable and happy. And you were so funny when you would start licking yourself after I petted you to get the "people germs" off. I miss you so much but am glad that your suffering is over and you no longer feel sick so often.

4/2/2019 My sweet baby Lenny, we have turned the calendar page again but I still think of you just as much as last month and the month before. I start more PT tomorrow. All of my therapists who used to come to the house liked you and petted you and you would watch carefully to see what they were doing. This therapist will never meet you and I will miss having you there watching over me as the PT has me doing hard things. But I will think of you sniffing through all of the therapists things, trying to turn some therapy tools into play toys that you could chase and eventually getting bored with therapy and taking a nap. That is what I feel like doing during therapy sometimes too. Have you met some of the new fur babies who have come to the Rainbow Bridge recently? They are all missed terribly by their humans. But I know you are happy now that you no longer have all of that illness and can enjoy feeling good again.

Oh, and there is something sad I have to tell you. Stephanie now has Parkinson's disease the same as me. But she is doing everything the doctor says and is doing lots of exercise which is good for her. Her doctor says she is doing very well so that is good news. I think she will be just fine,since she is very motivated and doesn't get lazy with her exercises like I do. We all think about you sweet baby, but I probably miss you the most. But don't worry. I am happy that you are happy.

4/17/2019 Dear sweet baby. I have begun the therapy I told you about. It is very, very hard. I wish I had you to climb into my lap when I got tired of doing exercises. I don't know if you would like the new therapist or not. She is very demanding and might not want to give you any attention. But I am improving some, at least that is what everyone else says, so I guess it is worth it. Matthew is giving the rest of your treats to his cat and he feels connected to you when he does that. I hope you are finding treats you like at the Rainbow Bridge. Sweet baby, I miss you and love you very much.

6/1/2019 Hi my sweet precious Lenny boy. I have finished all of my therapy now and I am doing better there. I still miss you so very much. I used to get mad at those loud meows you would use to wake us up bnt now I would love to hear them again. I have been writing a lot to other pet parents whose babies have gone to the Rainbow Bridge. There is so much sadness and suffering here and some people have lost their babies in very tragic ways. But I am thankful you are away from all of that pain and are enjoying life in the warm sunshine. Some other sad news--Deborah's cat Molly died several weeks ago so Deborah and Amelia are very sad about that. Maybe you have seen Molly. Be nice to her and show her around the Rainbow Bridge. I will always love you forever.

8/2/2019 Dear sweet baby. Tomorrow Amelia will be 16--the age you almost made it too when you died a few weeks before your 16th birthday. We had her birthday party here yesterday. You would not have liked it. We had lots of kids here with all the uproar that goes with that. You would have hid under the bed until it was over. I hope that life is peaceful for you at the Rainbow Bridge and you have a special place you can go when you want to be alone. I miss you so much and will love you forever.

10/14/2019 Sweet baby Lenny. I still feel like you should be jumping in my lap and curling up in the warm covers with me as the cold weather comes. When the people in the house get out of sorts, I get in my bed and imagine that you are there with me. I can hear your motor purr as I give you my full attention and you know that I am going to ignore the people and give all of my attention to you. I miss you more now as more time goes by. I will never forget you and you will always have a special place in my heart. I think you are my last cat and that makes you more precious. Enjoy the Rainbow Bridge my sweet baby. I hope you are happy there.

12/1/2019 Sweet baby boy. This will be our first Christmas without you. You won't be there to get under the tree, knock the ornaments off and turn them into play toys. We now have Milo's ashes from Stephanie so I have put them in the room with your ashes. Stephanie wants both of you to be together. She has three cats now and they just got a puppy dog. You would not be happy in her house with three active boys and a house full of animals. I am glad that you spent your last years with us when you got older. I miss you so much my sweet boy and will always love you.

1/05/2020 Dear sweet baby. The new year has come--the first calendar year without you. Amelia gave me a stuffed cat for Christmas that you can heat in the microwave and cuddle. But it is still nothing like having you with me. We just took the Christmas tree down. You would have been in the middle of things but this year it was quiet. I miss you and love you so very much.

1/16/2020 Dear Lenny. On Wednesday it will be one year since you died. I didn't know I would still miss you so much. We had to take away your suffering but I would love to have you back here sitting beside me and asking for treats. I love you so much.

4/17/2020 Sweet baby Lenny. We are having a pandemic where everyone has to stay home. I was already at home but there have been lots of changes. It is hard to get groceries now. But if you were here I would get your food. At night I cuddle the stuffed cat from Amelia and think of you. I love you with all my heart.

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