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Memories of Lenny
You were Daddy's best friend, Mommy's protector, Stevie's courage -- as well as his partner in crime, and Mellie's first laugh. There is a void in our lives that we cannot fill. Daddy carries your collar in his left pocket wherever he goes, Mommy can't stop crying and doesn't want to sleep, Stevie stayed awake for days and tried to do the things you used to do, Mellie still plays with you and names her doggies Lenny.

You taught us how to love. We did not teach you. Your love was unconditional, even when we were grumpy, angry or otherwise unpleasant. You absorbed our pain and anger without complaint. You gave the warmest hugs and the best chin smooches. You kept our feet warm by sitting on them. You kept us company in the wee hours of the morning or night when we had to be awake. Your presence was joy, even though we didn't always realize or appreciate it. You did everything for us.

When we took you to the emergency vet on Friday night after having four seizures that day, no one thought you were dying. They wanted to keep you overnight to control the seizures. On Saturday night when we came to bring you home, they said you were comatose and suspected brain cancer and that you weren't coming back. Daddy brought you home on Sunday morning to be with us at home, despite that. You crawled into Daddy's lap on the car ride home, wagged your tail when everyone greeted you at home, and gave Mommy a big kiss on the lips. Thank you for giving us one last day. You still took care of us, rather than us taking care of you. You gobbled up your hot dog that Mommy made you, walked Daddy in the back yard, and snuggled with your family. You let Mellie show you all her prized Minnies and you laid right up against Stevie, like you always did. You were brave and strong, loyal and loving. You made our lives so much better.

You were always up for anything. We saw the world together. We experienced so many life transitions together, with you right by our side. You were our rock. It's hard to do anything without you. We see you in all your favorites spots, we hear you thump down in your bed and bark at cars going by or the dog out back ("same dog, Lenny!"). We miss everything about you.

Lenny, you are: Forever love. Forever family.
We love you, Lenny Bear. So much.

Lenny will make you smile even when you don't want to.
Lenny knows what is best for you especially when you don't.
Lenny takes care of you without you even realizing it.
Lenny absorbs your stress without complaint.
When Lenny looks at you you know he understands.
Lenny listens to you even though he might not understand.
Lenny loves unconditionally.
Lenny acts without hesitation, without self-consciousness, without fear.
Lenny is not graceful, and he is okay with that.
Lenny just wants to play and doesn't care who wins.
Lenny can always go for snack.
Lenny will remind you of what you should be doing.
Lenny pays attention to everything you do and say.
Lenny wants to work for you.
Lenny gives great hugs.
Lenny will give you a kiss even if you wake him up to do it.
Lenny will always play with you.
Lenny is mischievous, but definitely not sneaky.
Lenny loves the snow, but hates the rain.
Lenny lets you lay on him.
Lenny is a good dancing partner.
Lenny is both quick to learn and stubborn at the same time.
Lenny trusts completely.
Lenny protects his family.
Lenny loves his family.
Lenny is family.
Lenny is love.

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