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Memories of Laura Jane
Laura Jane Sinclair was born on July 1, 2000 along with her sister Dallas Starr under the home of my next door neighbor. Both precious kittens came into our lives at a time when we were still grieving the loss of our other beloved pets, and it was as if this angelic little pair was sent from Heaven just for us to love them! I will always believe that God knew how sad and empty our hearts were, and made these baby kittens just for us to help fill them up again. And oh, how they did! Since the day we brought her into our home, Laura seemed to choose me as her mother, and in turn she became my special baby, my sweet, tiny, gentle little pink baby. I sometimes called her Laura "Pink" because her paws, nose, and lips were the most delicate, beautiful shade of ballet slipper pink.
Perhaps because I babied her so much, in a way Laura never really grew up and remained something of a kitten her entire life. In fact, she kept her kitten teeth and her adult cat teeth never grew in! She remained small and petite in stature, never weighing over 5 pounds, and managed to keep that beautiful baby face of hers even at the ripe old age of 14 and a half. Though Laura had a quieter, less flamboyant nature than her flashy sister Dallas Starr, Laura was no less of a "star" in her own way. Laura seldom "meowed" as other cats do--her voice was more of a sweet, babyish little chirp, and I loved to touch her and immediately hear that sweet little voice saying hello to me in her unique way. It breaks my heart to know that I won't get to hear it anymore except in my memories.
Laura truly lived up to her name--chosen because it reminded us of a beautiful, sweet, mysterious, intelligent, elegant lady, and that was Laura in a nutshell. Even though she looked small and sweet, you knew there was always intelligence, depth, and a wicked sense of humor lurking behind her twinkling green eyes.
Laura was so much more than simply a cherished pet--she was a family member,and I loved and nurtured her as if she were my biological child. I cared for her physical needs, but did my best to satisfy her emotional needs too. I hope to God I always did my best for her, and made her happy all the days of her precious little life. It gave me great pleasure to give lots of love, affection, and attention to both of my girls. I never got bored spending time with them. The best part about having Laura in my life was the unconditional love and companionship she gave me. No matter what might have been going on in my life at the time--whether I was happy, sad, rich, poor, pretty, ugly, whatever it may be, Laura was always there for me, loving me unconditionally. She didn't look at me and see flaws , she looked at me and only saw someone she loved. Her near constant presence with me at home was her way of showing me her love and devotion, and it's a very special, sweet love that only a pet can give. Not only do I miss Laura's adorable little body, but I miss the love she gave me more than anything else. What she brought to my life was truly irreplaceable. We lived through many years together and many experiences, both good and bad. Through all of it , her love was a constant positive force in my life. Wherever I went during the day, I always looked forward to going home and spending time with my Laura. She gave me her heart, loyalty, and affection without reservation, conditions, or questions. Is it any wonder then why she had mine?
Laura developed hypothyroidism and inflammation of the pancreas, the same illness that took the life of her sister Dallas almost three years earlier. Of course, we took her to the vet immediately as soon as we noticed symptoms, but none of the courses of treatment were successful and Laura grew thinner and weaker with every passing day. Since she became too weak to walk steadily, I was able to cradle her in my arms, with her sweet little head in the crook of my neck, just like I had done when she was still a kitten. The precious memory of holding her soft, warm little body, even as her strength and life force was leaving her a little bit more every day, is one I will never forget. I prefer to not dwell on the sadness of her final days, and choose to remember her as the beautiful, elegant, petite, intelligent, sweet, loving cat she always was in healthier times. I am eternally grateful that I was able to be with Laura as she passed away peacefully at the vet, and the last hands she felt and face she saw was mine, her mama.
As devastating as it is to lose her (when are you ever ready to lose someone you love?), I am comforted by knowing that Laura is at eternal peace now, reunited in Heaven with her sister Dallas and every other precious animal who has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She is most likely reunited with her dear sweet mother Katie as well, who so courageously let us know about her babies so that they might have a loving and comfortable forever home. Because I believe in eternal life, I believe that the souls of my girls' continue to live on at the Rainbow Bridge in Heaven. They are in the care and love of God now, whose children they were before they became mine, and I know that when my time comes my girls will be waiting for me. Though I continue to cry and grieve, I am overjoyed to think that one day I will be reunited with my dear sweet kitty girls again! More than anything else, I want to thank Laura for being one the best creatures God ever made, for every day of love and sweetness she gave me, and memories I will treasure for the rest of my life. Most of all, for loving me and being my best friend. You and sissy were my joys, darling! I am devastated by your loss, but forever grateful for being given the chance to love and care for you all the days of your life. It is an honor to have been chosen as your guardian and pet parent, and I loved every minute of it. Remember what I always told you and sissy: "No matter what, always remember that mommy loves you". You are my baby and have my heart forever, my little pink one. I love you, little girl! Until we meet again, my love..... XOXOXO, Mommy
July 1, 2015/ Happy Birthday my sweet, sweet Laura girl! My little pink baby! You would have been 15 years old today! Laura, you remained ageless,and never looked a day over 1 year old! I miss my sweet, tiny little girl so much. You are my kitten forever, even when you will be 100! I can't believe that 15 years have passed since you and sissy came into my life, and I would to anything to go back and do it all over again. You are the best gift I ever got, and I love you and think of you every day. Happy, happy birthday up in Heaven, my love! Mommy loves you little girl!
12/25/15: Merry Christmas my darling Laura! This is my first Christmas without you, and I'm feeling sad when I remember that at this time last year, I still had you with me. You were ill then, love, but you were here on Earth with me. Even though I miss you terribly, I'm so happy to think of you in Heaven with sissy, and I wanted to wish you a very special first Christmas at the Rainbow Bridge! I will always love you. You are my little pink angel now....Merry Christmas and lots of love and presents too, Mommmy
1/5/16: Laura, exactly one year ago today you left the Earth to become my fur angel. It's hard for me to believe I have lived an entire year without you, without hearing your sweet chirping voice, or seeing you curled up elegantly on the floor while I work at my desk. I love you and miss you everyday, but I thank the Lord for allowing you to give me little signs that your spirit is still very much with me. Every time I see a feather, or a butterfly flutters by, I know it's you and Dallas saying Hi Mommy! I will always love you Laura and treasure our time together, and I am comforted by knowing that my memories of you I carry with me wherever I go in life, and I will see you and hold you again one day. I love you my little pink girl! XOXOXO always, Mommy
12/25/16: Merry Christmas my sweet little pink baby! I love you and miss you every day, sweet Laura. I wish you and sissy the happiest holiday ever, with a million gifts. The greatest gift I ever got was your and Dallas's love. Happy Holidays, my angel fur baby.... XOXO, Mommy

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