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Memories of Lady Toplin Kurland
Lady, you were our angel dog. We used to call you our gentle elf...because you had a magic about you and an unmatched gentle nature and soul. You found us when you were 8 years old and lived with us until you were just 11 days shy of 15. And over those years, you brought us joy, laughter and the warmth of your loving, devoted heart. Some thought we rescued you but we know you rescued us so many times from whatever ailed us, and especailly from the deep pain we felt when we lost your adopted sister (Julie--who found us when we rescued her at age 6, just two years before you came to us). You were rambumctous at first when you came to us but you got with the program quickly and hung close with Julie. You were a pair of bookends that we took everywhere with us. People always stopped us to say how beautiful you were. And your beauty ran much deeper than your physical appearance. You were indeed a gentle soul. You were soooo trustworthy, great with kids (you let hem climb all over you without a peep), you were never aggressive at all (in fact, while you loved going up to greet every dog, you hid behind us if a dog was the least bit aggressive or forward). And you LOVED people. You seemed to want anyone and everyone to stop to greet you, pet your soft head and share a loving connected glance. You would stand on our porch or at our front door and never run away. You would just watch as people and dogs went by -- with your insightful gaze as if you were connecting to them deeply through your soul. And you were STRONG. You survived the emergency surgery you had just two days after you came to us for an infected uterus, and the pain from the mowed off toe and lyme disease you suffered in your life with your past owner. And then with us you were a trooper and made it through your pancreatitis (we were so scared we would lose you in 2012 but you dealt with the 6 days in the intensive care unit with your gastric tube and came back to us). And while you then developed an autoimmune disease, kidney disease and GI issues, you still remained spry and happy. And you wore those booties (without any objections) to protect your crumbling toe nails due to the pemfigus. But you hung in, happy and strong. No one believed you were 14 as you walked us and trotted down the streets near our beach home. You still looked, acted and lived vibrant and joyous. But in the end, we knew your arthritis and the fall you took weakened you as your kidney disease worsened. And we knew we had to let you go. We close our eyes at night and see you in our minds' eyes and feel you in our hearts. And that will last forever and ever. Love Now and Always through eternity...Mommy Ellen and Mommy Char

Please also visit Julie Rose.

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