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Memories of Lady Blue
What can I say? You gave me so much. Your unconditional love was always there for me. When we joined CLAW you opened a whole new world because of the Internet. We shared many adventures and did many exciting things there. Then came the cat club, Fur and Fang, and then Petsburgh. At Petsburgh, you surprised me by becoming the second in command as Chaircat. These last 4 months had been very hard for you and me. Right after the catfood scare, you got sick with kidney failure. All of the other cats were fine, so we didn't know if it was the food or not. Having to have special food everyday, having to get fluids from me, too, was not easy. But you bore it well. Wagging your tail for the brushing, the food with a syringe, and even having to have the fluids everyday showed me how much you tried to fight that awful disease. As you walked though the house, you didn't just walk, you bounced. So happy to be alive. Even today, when I came into the dining area where your special carrier was, you sat up waiting for food. When I finished feeding you, and was carrying you back to your special bed, you leaned hard into my chest with your special hug. I hugged you back and told you how much I loved you. I told you not to give up, to listen to your heart, that it was there for you, strong and sure. Little did I know that would be the very last time we would be together.
I love you and miss you so much. I will never forget you and the love you gave me even when you were so sick.
I know you are a kitty angel now and you are happy, free of pain, free of all disease. I see you running in the meadow, feeling the soft cool grass beneath your paws. I see you visiting with all the other CLAW, Fur and Fang, and Petsburgh Internet kitties. I see you hugging, bathing, and taking care of the kitties in our house who are there at the bridge.
Lady Blue, you are so special. What will I do without you? There is no other kitty that can take your place. You are known in so many other countries-- America, England, France, Spain, Australia. They too, mourn your passing. I love you, my kitty angel, Lady Blue.

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