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Memories of Lady
Today you were waiting on our doorstep. This time you were in a box, not smiling or with tail wagging, the way you always greeted us as we all arrived home. How I miss you waiting at the top step with your rear end moving side to side. Although we will never see you again, it gave me great relief knowing your cremains were finally home where you belong. I had the great opportunity upon retirement to spend many many days together with you. You were my clock, my comfort, my companion, and my best friend. You were the glue that held us together. We all are deeply saddened by your loss and the only comfort we share is knowing you are in a better place and no longer in pain. Thanks for protecting us and our home. Thank you for the joy and unconditional love you gave.

You were a source of comfort after 9/11 and my retirement. I was alone and you filled a tremendous void. We were almost inseparable for 10 years. When we met Karen and Link we shared so many wonderful times walking together. Then there were the obedience classes and play dates. We tried the agility classes and thought enough of the schooling. You were perfect and had nothing more to prove. I am still amazed how you leaped onto the 4ft stone wall at the lake, you were by all standards not exactly a spring chicken!

For 10 years we walked 2 miles daily. Whenever it was time to walk you could never hide your excitement. I loved holding the leash as you walked proudly by my side. When we stopped to wait for the light, I would ask you if you were ok. You responded by looking at me, smiling, wagging your tail eager to go. Walking and being around family were your greatest joys in life. I continue to walk our walk alone in your honor. When you left a piece of my heart left with you. I don't have you to bump foreheads or to wrap my arms around your warm soft furry body. Where did my little shadow go?

I never imagined the end would come so soon. We knew about the arthritis but were unaware of the cancer. The Vet the day before was completely unaware, until the blood test revealed the tumor. It was already too late and pains me that I had to make the life ending decision. I struggle with the decision everyday, but could not make a self serving one and put you through more pain and suffering. I can't believe your courage and strength in your final days. Not less than 24 hours before we walked 2 miles! Had I known your condition I could have eased your pain and made you more comfortable at home. There are no do overs and I have to accept it. You are in the Lords hands now. Run free my sweet baby girl. We will never forget you and maybe someday, you will be waiting for me at the bridge in the Heavens you now roam.

Love and miss, Dad, Michael, and Andrew

It's been a month since you passed. The house is not the same without you. I still look for you and still can't believe you're gone. Everyone that passes the house or comes to the door must wonder where is the bark we all used to get. You were the best self appointed watchdog I ever had. I always had to remind you to relax. You loved protecting our home and I thank you for making us all feel safe. It's playtime now so you go run and play and we will catch up to you. All our love.

The pictures and many memories are my comfort these days. I do have to admit that I get great comfort whenever you come through in a dream or I hear one of the many barks you used for different reasons. The "It's time to get up" bark and the "Please open the door so I can go outside" bark are just a few that makes me feel that although I can't see you,
you are not so far away.

Happy 11th Birthday Baby! We celebrate your birthday on the same day Andrew celebrates his because we estimate yours to be about the same day. You came into our lives at 6 months and we were able to share the joy for 10 years.

I can't believe its been a year since your passing. Not a day goes by that I don't think about that day and all the many, many days we shared. I believe your spirit comes by every once in a while for a visit. I catch your bark every once in a while and the dreams are all fantastic. Thank you and don't forget us as we will never forget you. Run free my sweet baby and remember you are always loved by us all.

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