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Memories of LADY
On Jul 3rd 2010, LADY was brought to me, negleted, injured and very sick, very near death. She was brought to Baybrook Clinic, between the Doctors, Staff, and MY prayers, some how she managed to pull thru, every week I brought Lady back for Her check up,I slept every night with her, Giving Lady all my Love and devotion. 5 weeks later Lady had seizures, I brought Lady to the Hospital, there they told me she may not make the night, At 8 the next morn, 18 Aug 2010 The clinic called, she was not responding to meds, and I should come and say my "GOODBYE'S". Lady Passed away in my arms at 11.45 am 18 Aug 2010 Jesus gave you to me, to give you something you may never had, LOVE, Devotion, and Total commitment of my Love for you, Your pain is now gone, BUT mine will be always, TILL WE MEET AGAIN, LOVE YOU, Daddy (Lou)
Sept 4th 2010
It's Sat, My nites and days are of the times we had, although you were ill, I loved caring for you, I see you have lots of friends, and I thank every one who sent me cards, some i could respond too, but, I'm still have trouble putting words in the "Thank You"s' to others. Untill tonite when i visit you, Love Daddy

Sept 4th 2010
The gift i left you, is filled with all my "LOVE" for you and always,


Sept 6th 2010,
It"s 1:15 AM, cann't sleep, "Miss You" Daddy

Sept 7th 2010

My little Lady,I am so sorry, but you ashes will not be comming home to daddy, someone at the health dept or hospital didn't follow policy and procedures, I had to call to try and locate you, the state said they disposed of your sweet,loving body, I cann't hold you as I was looking forward to, NOTHING will make up for what i am going thru, But be assured that your loving memories of our time together are of much comfort at this time and always will be forever, JESUS please help me Daddy

Sept 9th 2010

My Little Angel,
Today, the policy"s and procedures have been changed at the hospital,The moment that any departed fur baby leaves for any testing, they have too be signed in and out till there Mommy or Daddy get them back. Because of you my Lady, other mommy and daddys won't have any additional suffering. Miss you, Love Daddy

Sept 9th 2010
Lady, Daddy brought the cookies and "thank You card to the Doctors and Staff at Baybrook Hospital, I attached a picture of You and gave them a copy of your New home at Rainbows Bridge,maybe if they have time they will visit you.Until I visit you again Love Daddy xx

Sept 10th 2010
Eyes full of tears, heart filled with pain, Till I visit you Again, Love Daddy xx

Sept 11th 2010
Your out of sight, But, not out of my Heart and Mind. I live every day wondering if I could have done more for you. LOVE Daddy xx

Sept 12th 2010
Good nite Lady, (Thank you Lord for bringing Lady in to my life, allowing me to love and care for her in the short time she had on this earth.) Love Daddy xx

Sept 14th 2010
In my Heart Always Love Daddy xx

Sept 15th 2010
Today is the 4th Weds since your passing, at 11.45 AM, My tears are building that stairway to Heaven to be with you. Lady and Midnite, someday we will all be together again, and ALL the furbabies that I was giving too care for. Love Daddy xx

Sept 20th 2010
When you left me, a lot of myself left with you, miss holding you, and the kisses you gave me in return XXOO Daddy
Sept 22 2010
I close my eyes and drift away while saying a silent prayer, LIKE DREAMERS DO,
IN my dreams, I walk with you, In my dreams, I talk to you, In my dreams, I"M holding you, "IN DREAMS" and then, just before dawn I AWAKE, and remember YOU have gone. Now, AGAIN my Heart fills with pain, DAY after DAY, JESUS , Help me. when will it go away,, Daddy XXOO

Oct 18th 2010. 2 months ago at this time the hospital called and told me to come to say "Goodbye" that you weren't going to make it,everyday, is like today,at 11.45. today, you will have passed,My last time hugging and holding you, our last togethers,For a little girl that I only had for 6 weeks, YOU REALLY STOLE MY HEART, every one says in time,the pain will be less,LADY, i would rather have lived with pain, then without you. LORD, help me thru this. LOVE DADDY XXOO PS.. To my other girl, MIDNITE, who passed 11 years ago, Oct 27th, you have always been in my Heart, You have always been remembered,Watch over Lady.Love DADDY XXOO Oct 19th 2010 XXOO Daddy Oct 21st 2010
Another day,still alot of A Broken Heart,all memories,lots of love I wanted to give you.Love Daddy XXOO Oct 22 2010 Miss You,Love Daddy XXOO Oct 23 2010 XXOO Daddy Oct 24th 2010 So many Tears,,,XXOO Daddy Oct 25 2010 Always XXOO Daddy 0ct 26 2010 Jesus ,help me, i miss my Lady. Love Daddy XXOO Oct 27th 2010 XXXXOOOO Daddy Oct 29 2010 Miss You XXOO daddy oct 30 2010 XXOO Daddy Nov 1 2010 The "chair" for the many nites you slept on my legs, the hope of "forever Untill" Now only memories forever Till we meet.Love Daddy XXOO Nov 2 2010 XXOO Daddy Nov 3 2010 A little after 3 am, cann't sleep,wanted you returned to me.Why so much hurt.Love Daddy XXOO Nov 4 2010 Such a short time together, but, so much love for you. Daddy XXOO Nov 5 2010 Miss you Daddy XXOO Nov 6 2010 Someday I will see you again Love Daddy XXOO Nov 7 2010 I passed the room we where together, visions of our time spent there, memories of HOPE to see you well and all of my furbabies playing, miss you. Love daddy XXOO Nov 8 2010 Lord, please help ease the pain, Miss my lady.Love Daddy XXOO
11-09-10 GSL XXOO Daddy 11-10-10 ILU Daddy XXOO 11-11-10 AML Daddy XXOO 11-12-10 IMHF Daddy XXOO
11-13-10 FELU XXOO Daddy 11-14-10 You were my gift from "GOD" Love XXOO Daddy 11-15-10 ILU Daddy XXOO 11-18 2010 It is 3 months today since you passed, Daddy is still in pain, When will it stop? Jesus please help me Daddy XXOO 11-19-2010 it's 2:45 am, cann't sleep, Love You Daddy XXOO
11-20-10 Love always Daddy XXOO 11-21-10 Goodnite Lady XXOO Daddy 11-22-10 Sleepless nites, memories, tears, all part of my love for you. Miss U. Love Daddy XXOO 11-24-10 Happy Thanksgiving Lady, XXXXXOOOO Daddy 11-26-10 XXOO Daddy 11-27-10 Miss you so much XXOO Daddy 11-29-10 love Daddy XXOO 11-30-10 Always in my heart and on my mind Love Daddy XXOO 12-2-10 Jesus, please guide me,so much pain,miss you. Daddy XXOO 12-3-10 So little time together, but, so many dreams of you. Daddy XXOO 12-5-10 Lady, christmas is near, i had hoped for you to be with us, I live on the memories of the time we had together, some day soon we will be with each other.Love Daddy xxoo 12-06-10 A visit, A memory, A prayer Love Daddy XXOO 12-07-10 Missed Love Daddy XXOO 12-08-10 always in my heart, always on my mind Love Daddy XXOO 12-09-10 Miss you Love Daddy XXOO 11-10-10 Another day, Another Tear closer to you. Love always Daddy XXOO11-12-10 Tears and Memories Love Daddy XXOO 12-14-10 Memories, Dreams, Tears, Pain. Love Daddy XXOO 12-15-10 almost 4 months since your passing to heaven Love daddy XXOO 12-16-10 Love Daddy XXOO 12-18-2010 11:45AM 4 MONTHS AS OF TODAY, STILL SO MUCH PAIN AS THE DAY YOU PASSED< MISSING YOU< DADDY XXOO 12-19-10 Daddy XXOO 12-20-10 Time, Tears,Pain in my Heart Daddy XXOO 12-22-10 Christmas around the corner, your in my Heart, wish You and my other furbabies could have been together Love Daddy XXOO 12-23-10 Almost Christmas, wish you could have been here.Love ya and Miss you Daddy XXOO 12-25-10 MERRY CHRISTMAS MY LITTLE GIRL, LOVE YOU< MISS YOU Daddy XXOO 12-26-10 My little Lady, i stand here watching the snow fall,pretending your in my arms, I'm keeping you close to me, IF ONLY you could have made it.Love and miss you Daddy XXOO 12-28-10 Soon the start of a new year,Still in my heart, in my thoughts,Miss You, Love daddy XXOO 12-29-10 Another day, still Heart Broken,With me Always. Love Daddy XXOO 12-30-10 Almost the end of a painful year without you, But, I know you are in a better place, only wish it was with me. some day and maybe soon, we will be together. Love always Daddy XXOO 1-1-11 A New Year, Same OLD HEART BROKEN, Miss you so much, such a short time Archie is here, comforting me, Just like you did , I believe you are watching me, and know how much I'm missing you,SO<> LADY, thank you for sending Archie to me, to give my Love to him as I did and still do for you.. Love Always Daddy, XXOO 1-21-11 Many memories for such a short time Love Daddy XXOO 1-22-11 Archie is here, thank you Lady Love daddy XXOO 1-24-11 Another visit, many memories, such a short time together Love Daddy XXOO 1-25-11 Miss You Love Daddy XXOO 1-26=11 XXOO Daddy 1-27-11 Love Daddy XXOO 1-28-11 Always Love Daddy XXOO 1-29-11 WHY , Why still so much hurt, Love Daddy XXOO 1-30-11 Dreams, Love Daddy XXOO 1-31-11 Missing you Daddy XXOO 2-1-11 Another month, Missing you so much Love Daddy XXOO
2-2-11 Miss U.. Daddy XXOO 2-3-11 I didn't forget your visit, computer was down, but you already know that.Miss U Daddy XXOO 2-4-11 Fri, Archie showed up last nite,poor boy, it was cold outside, he was so happy to come in and get warm, feed, LOVED, (you know when daddy is having a rough time,)Archie always shows up, Thank you LADY Love Daddy XXOO 2-7-11 Daddy wasn't feeling well, couldn't get up to visit , but, your still on my mind and in my Heart Love Daddy XXOO 2-8-11 Well Lady, Archie showed up, cold weather and all, he gave me HUGS like you used too do, So many good memories in the short time we had together Miss U Love Daddy XXOO 2-9-11 In my Heart, on MY mind, Love Daddy XXOO 2-10-11 Luv U Daddy XXOO 2-11=11 XXOO Daddy 2-12-11 Miss U Daddy XXOO 2-13-11 Time after time, why??/ Love U Daddy XXOO 2- 14-11 Valentines Day (:( Hugs XXOO Daddy 2-16-11
Hello Little Girl, Miss you.Daddy XXOO 2-17-11 Another day, still building Stairs of Tears to you Miss U Daddy XXOO 2-19-11 Love you Always Daddy XXOO 2-20-11 Miss U, U r in my heart Daddy XXOO 2-21-11 Daddy XXOO 2-22-11 Love U Daddy XXOO 2=23=11 7 months, still hurting inside Miss U Daddy XXOO 2-24-11 Miss U Daddy XXOO 2-25-11 Morning lady, looking at your picture,sure do miss you, Luv Ya Daddy XXOO 2-26-11 Daddy is not feeling well, but time to visit, Luv you Daddy XXOO 2-28 -11 Meds kicked in today, Thought I might be seeing U, Love Daddy XXOO 3-1-11 another month, closer to spring, closer to one year your passing, still hurt so much Love you, miss you Daddy XXOO 3-2-11 miss u Daddy XXOO 3-3-11 Memories, so many, for such a short time together Daddy XXOO 3-4=11 My little Angel, Luv U Daddy XXOO 3-5-11 Daddy XXOO 3-6-11 XXOO Daddy 3-7 -11 Memories, Love, Missing U Daddy XXOO 3-8-11 Almost Spring, Luv Daddy XXOO 3-10-11 As always Luv daddy OOXX 3-12-11 still hurts ,still many tears,miss you so much Luv Daddy XXOO 3-13-11 Almost together always, love Daddy XXOO 3-14-11 Archie is here, comforting me, We miss you Luv daddy XXOO 3-15-11 So little time together, but so much love i had for you,so much you gave me in return Love daddy XXOO
3-17-11 10 Am That was your time for feeding, now, memories Love Daddy XX 3-18-11 Another day, another visit, missing you so much Love Daddy XXOO 3-19-11 Today, Tomorrow, Always Miss U Luv Daddy XXOO 3-20-11 Sunday, Archie is here, giving me hugs like you did,i feel like i'm holding you, i try to think and believe this is your way to be with me thru archie,to let me know how much you loved me, Thank you Lady, thank you Lord for helping me deal with this pain in my heart, Love Daddy XXOO 3-21-11 Monday, it's snowning, Archie showed up at the back door, all wet, he is inside with me now, i dried him, brushed and huged him, just like i did with you, thank you little girl, Love Daddy XXOO 3-22-11 Hugs and Kiss's, Now they are only thoughts. Miss U Love Daddy XXOO 3-24-11 Missing you so much, still having trouble getting over losing you Love U Daddy XXO 3-25-11 Archie is here, keeping me company, miss you so much Love Daddy XXOO 4-4-11 much luv,much sorrow Daddy XXOO 4-5-11 Archie is here, bright and early, does he know? miss u Daddy xxoo 4-6-11 Nice day, Archie is with me, (as you were with me)Hugs, licks and lots of purrring, luv u Daddy XXOO 4-8-11 Many thoughts of you, miss u, luv u Daddy XXOO 4-9-11 Made the rounds today, making sure if any one has archie they call me, don't want anything to happen to him like it did too you, Luv U Daddy XXOO 4-11-11 Rainey day, time to sit back and think of the time we had,short, but very loving, miss u, luv u always Daddy XXOO 4-12-11
Another day, another memory, another tear Luv & Miss U Daddy XXOO 4-13-11 Miss U Daddy XXOO 4-15-11 Friday, thoughts and wishes Luv U Miss U Daddy XXOO 4-17-11 Luv U Daddy XXOO 4-19-11 Long days, Lots of memories, still in pain Miss U Daddy XXOO. 4-20-11 "IF" a two letter word, if i could have done more to save you,Luv U, Daddy XXOO 4-22-11 "Good Friday" Archie is here, doing the things you used too do, Sometimes i almost believe it's you, in spirt, I do believe you have sent Archie to help with the pain of your loss,In my heart, in my mind, ALWAYS Love Daddy XXOO 4-25-11 Archie is here, thanks Lady, Luv Ya Daddy XXOO 4-28=11 My little Lady, I miss you so, Luv Ya Daddy XXOO 5-1-11 Hello Little lady, Not seeing Archie as often as before, but, I still have your memories Miss U Daddy XXOO 5-2-11 Missing U, luv ya Daddy XXOO 5-4-11 Archie is here, it's raining outside, and like you did when it was raining, he is lying on my lap all nice and snugglely miss u Luv Daddy XXOO 5-6-11 Alway's>>> Luv U Daddy XXOO 5-8-11 Hello Little girl, I sure miss yo, So many memories, if only i could have kept you until?? Luv Daddy XXOO 5-10-11 Archie was here all day, much comfort, wanted all the love i could give him, just like you lady Luv U Daddy, XXOO 5-12-11 Well little girl, archie "s mommy is back home, i suspect there be less vist by Archie, but thats alright, I have you on my mind and in my heart, Luv U Daddy XXOO 5-13-11 Fri the 13th, most times I'd say a bad luck day, but since having you to care for, it's been a lucky day for me, I have lost you here on earth, but, i have you and your memories forever Luv U Daddy XXOO 5-15-11` just a visit , just a thought, just so many hopes, many memories for a short time together. Luv Ya daddy XXOO 5-18-11 Miss you, luv u Daddy XXOO 5-19-11 Archie is here today,but, really it's you in spirt. luv and missing you Daddy XXOO 5-22-11 Missing U Luv Daddy XXOO 5-24-11 Dreams, Memories, then Pain Luv U, Miss U Daddy XXOO 5-25-11 Luv Always Daddy XXOO 5-27-11 Archie "s Here, Thank you Lord, thank you Lady..LUV AND MISS U dADDY xxoo 5-29-11 Memorial Day, thanks to all veterans for protecting OUR COUNTRY, and to my little Lady, miss you and will always Love U Daddy XXOO 5-30-11 Just a visit, never to forget you, missed Love Daddy XXOO 6-1-11 Luv and miss U Daddy XXOO 6-3-11 11 moths today you were briught to me, it's close to a year, still have lots of pain, miss u, luv u Daddy XXOO 6-5-11 Archie 's mom called, archie didn't come home last nite, His mom is worried, if it is with in your power, send him back home, or help us find him, Love You Daddy XXOO 6-6-11 Thank You Lady, we found Archie, He is hurting, he got into a fight with another furbabie, He was no match for the other cat, Luv u and miss u Daddy XXOO 6-7-11 Always in my Heart Luv U Miss U Daddy XXOO 6-12-11 Missed visiting you for a few days, Daddys painting, and working, But your always on my mind, miss u so much, Love Daddy XXOO 6-14-11 Archie Is Here, hugging just like you did, purring and happy, I believe it's you comforting daddy Miss U Luv U Daddy XXOO6-16-11 In my heart and and always on my mind... Luv Daddy XXOO 6-17-11 Friday, getting closer to the day you passed, Luv and miss u Daddy XXOO 6-18-11 Morning thoughts, days of gone buys,still in my heart and on my mind Luv u Daddy XXOO 6-20-11 Many dreams, lots of hurt, when will it get better..Luv and Miss u Daddy XXOO 6-22-11 In a couple of weeks, it will be a year that they brought you to me, I tried so much to make you better, I feel i failed you, Love u, miss u Daddy XXOO 6-25-11 Archie has been here with me, today, he nuggled up with me, just like you did,I could feel you close to me,purring and hugging,, miss u soo much.. Luv U Daddy XXOO 6-27-11 No archie for 2 days, went to see if he is ok, nobody home miss u Luv Daddy XXOO 6-28-11 My little Lady, again i ask you to help Daddy, Archie is sick, this is so close to when you were found and ill, watch over Archie, Jesus, Hold my hand and walk with me while i pray for Archie"s recovery, Lady I miss u so much, Luv Daddy XXOO 6-29-11 Talked to Archie's Mom, things look better today, Archie's mom is a wonderful person, she keeps me informed about Her Boy,Still not out of the woods yet, but, all that praying, and care he is getting and you Lady and all the furbabies in Rainbow gardens watching out for Archie<< thank You, Luv U Daddy XXOO 6-30-11 Archie's Mom called, he is a little better today, I may have Archie when his Mommy goes away for acouple of days, (I cann't wait,) Am i so lucky, His mommy trust me to take care of him while she is away, Well Lady,we got our work cut out for us, He will have everything his mommy does for him, Love, Care, Hugs. Miss u, Luv U Daddy XXOO 7-1-11 Almost one year since you came too me, in 2 days at 1:30 in the afternoon you were handed to me, instant love for you, you were in such need of help, and love, the love i could give you,, the medical attention, i tried my best for you, of that care, I had 6 weeks of caring for you, wish things could have been different for you, Well little girl, looks like i"ll Have Archie while his Mommy takes care of a few things, If at anytime i need help, Jump in there and let me know, this Boy is special, and every bit of Help I can use.Luv and Miss U Daddy XXOO Post Note.. To My Little Angel in Heaven (Mathew)The time is getting closer, and we will all be together..Luv Daddy XX 6-2-11 1 Year today, a sat that lives in my heart and mind, 1-45PM exact....Luv and Miss u Daddy XXOO 7-3-11 Archie's 1st nite, almost the same as when you came into my life, only difference ,ARCHIE is getting better and i hope stays that way..Miss u Luv daddy XXOO 7-5-11 Little girl, memories are like yesterday, the only difference is now for awhile I have Archie to care for, just like i did with you, Nites sleeping together, caring and watching, hugs, kisses..But.. i feel he misses his mommy, he sleeps on her clothing, with the many movements while he sleeps, HE is dreaming of the many times with his mommy, soon she will be home..I MISS U Lady.. luv always Daddy XXOO 7-6-11 Archie is doing good, Called his vet today to check on the meds, (nice people) Glad I have you to help me, Miss U Luv U Daddy XXOO 7-8-11 REMEMBER LAST YEAR THIS TIME,you came home to be with me ,what a day, you were getting better, and i was able to care for you, , Archie is home with his mom, I miss him, was great taking care of him while his mom was away. Luv U Miss YA Daddy XXOO 7-10-2011 HI LADY< daddy miies U...Luv U Daddy XXOO 7-12-11 Time goes by so fast, soon, 1 year since your passing, Great times,fond memories Luv & miss u Daddy XXOO 7-13-2011 Visited Archie yrsterday, He is looking REAL good, he remembered me, so good to see him, miss him and his visits, the little face looking thru the door,the meows to come in, BUT at least i know he is in the house safe and sound with his other furbabies and Mom, Untill..Luv U miss U Daddy XXOO 7-15-11 Miss U Luv Daddy XXOO 7-17-11 shortly it will be ayear....Miss u daddy XXOO 7-18-11 Saaw Archie today, he is better and looking good, sure wish u could have gotten better also, Luv u Daddy XXOO 7-20-2011 I sure do miss u, Luv u Daddy XXOO 7-21-11 Lady, I need your Help again, PLEASE send me some sort of message about Archie, His Mom and I are really worried about Him, We aren't sure what is really up with his tummy, some good news, then bad news, don't like the meds they have Archie on, Talk to me in my dreams of you tonite, Help Me and His Mommy. Love and Miss U,PLEASE , I cann't bear loseing Archie Daddy XXOO 7-23-11 Another Day closer to you leaving , ALL the good times we had, even though it was only for a short while..Miss u soooo much, Luv U Daddy XXOO 7-25-11 3 weeks and 2 days before that fateful day,I feel the pain as the day gets closer, blocking it some times with the memories you gave me>>> Miss u , luv u Daddy XXOO Thanks for the help with Archie XX 7-27-11 I see u , i feel u, I miss u Daddy Luv U XXOO 7-29-11 Thinking of u, Missing u Luv Daddy XXOO 7-31-2011 My little girl, Daddy misses u so much, I will be taking care of Archie and the furbabies for 10 days, It is close to the time I lost u, and your first seisure,Guide and Help me with all the furbabies, Luv U, Miss U.. Daddy XXOO 8-2-11 Wish u were with me, Visited Archie and the furbabies, SOON 1 year, Lord>> did I do enough for Lady?/ Lov and Miss u Daddy XXOO 8-4-11 My Sweet Lady, We had another furbabie pass away, CHAUNCEY is his name, He will be joining u, if he isn't already there with u, Play and be happy together, Daddy misses u and the furbabies I cared for, We will all be together some day, Love and Miss U Daddy XXOO 8-7-11 My Little Lady, It's getting closer to your passing, I feel the hurt and pain, I've been visiting Archie and the other furbabies for comfort, hoping thru them, i would be closer to u,Miss u Girl, Luv U Daddy XXOO 8-9-11 Just took care of Archie and the other furbabies, That feeling of your lose last year is getting worse as it gets close to the day of your passing,All i try to do to keep busy isn't helping, I miss you so much, Luv and Miss u Daddy XXOO 8-12-2011, A year ago Today i brought u to the vets for your check up, Everything was looking good, If I only knew what was about to happen, Luv u Miss U Daddy XXOO 8-15-2011 Soon, it will be a year, Luv and Miss U Daddy XXOO My Dear Sweet Lady, Needed to be with Archie and all the furbabies today, Your so close to my Heart, So close to you leaving me, The hurt seems to never leave, Miss u And Midnite, 11 years for Midnite and on the 18th of this month it will be 1 year for u, Luv U Daddy XXOO 8-17-2011 Tomorrow will be 1 year since your Passing, it was this time that i brought you to the hospital,You had a seisure, How my heart was filled with pain for u,My Lady, My Love, tears are falling , I LOVE YOU, Good nite,, Daddy XXOO 8-20-11 Every nite i thoght of u, on the 18th so may memories of that day, at least your free of all pain, I love u sooo much, miss our time together, Thank u for all the memories, Love and hugs Daddy XXOO 8-22-2011 Hello Little Girl, Looking at all the pictures i have taken of u, Many Smiles, Many Tears, BUT>> MANY MEMORIES, Luv U Daddy XXOO 8-24-2011 In my heart always, on my mind all the time, luv U Daddy xxoo 8-26-2011 Today is smokey's birthday, he is 11,, All my furbabies remember u and miss u, u played so good with all of them,U gave me so much happieness, Miss u, Luv u Daddy XXOO 8-28-11 Storms almost over, your furbabies slept thru it all, U were on my mind as always Luv U Daddy XXOO 9-1-11 Missing U, Luv U always Daddy XXOO 9-2-11 Another day, more memories, miss u little girl>>Daddy XXOO 9-5-11 Hugs from Daddy XXOO 9-6-11 Helloo Lady, Last nite i was with u, holding and hugging u, All my furbabies were with us, Is it a sign that soon we will all be together, Miss u and all my past babies, I was with Archie and Chance, stella and Lilly last nite, need all of u, Love Daddy XXOO 9-8-11 Another day, another tear, Miss U Luv Daddy xxoo 9-10-11 Just visited Archie, Chance, Stella and Lilly, Thinking of u always Love Daddy XXOO 9-12-11 Miss u Lady Luv Ya Daddy XXOO 9-15-11 Gone, Missed, BUT WILL NEVER be forgotten,Luv and Miss U Daddy XXOO 9-17-11 Luv Ya Daddy XXOO 9-19-11 Time, always time,So short, so quick, then only memories, enjoy the moments, for when there gone, only the memories are left, the hugs and words become whispers in the air, Luv U Lady, miss u, thanks for bringing Archie and the other furbabies for me to care and love... Love you Daddy XXOO 9-22-11 Missing Archies visits, But, now there is a black kittie coming around, I feed him/her, so cute, Luv U Little girl, Miss U Daddy XXOO 9-26-11 Missing U, Memories and more Memories... Luv U Daddy XXX 9-29-11 Day's are passing very fast, missing you on a daily visit, but, in my heart every second,Miss and Luv U Daddy XXOO PS..Archie is sick again, watch over Him XXOO 10-1-11 Luv U Daddy XXOO 10-3-11 Archie is doing better, Lots of homeless Kitties coming around, Feeding them, They remind Me of U, Miss U Lady, Still lots of Tears when I think of U Love Daddy XXOO 10-5-11 Beautiful Day, Another furbaby showing up to eat, Daddy is taking care of them,Miss U, Luv Daddy XXOO 10-8-11 Sick a few days Lady, Missing U Luv Daddy XXOO 10-11-11 Missing U so much, so many memories, we had only 6 short weeks together, but my luv for u is like i had u forever, LUV Daddy XXOO 10-14-11 Friday, Raining, Lying down, Thinking of "what if", Tears never go away. But at least your not in pain, Miss U. Luv Daddy XXOO 10-17-11Archie had a little problem, but, I think u were watching out for him, He seems better tonite, Miss Ya Daddy XXOO Archie is doing good, The other furbabies are good also, Luv Ya and Miss U Daddy XXOO 10--21-11 Time is sure passing fast, so much going on, Missing u , Luv U Daddy XXOO 10-24-11 Day's are shorter, nites longer, Memories forever, So glad that u put "ARCHIE" in my life, The Black Kittie who comes everyday for food and water, Thank U, Luv and miss U Daddy XXOO 10-28-11 Busy week, I visit u every day in my Heart, and leave notes as often as i can, miss u, luv u Daddy XXOO 10-30-11 Missing U Luv Daddy XXOO 11-2-11 Missing u, wish I could hold u again, Luv Ya Daddy XXOO 11-4-11 Sweet thoughts,Warm Heart,This is what U left for me, Luv U Daddy XXOO 11-5-11 Little Girl, I wont be leaving to many more messages, I'm running out of allowed characters,Thought when i renewed, I would get more, So, I will visit u each day, and leave my thoughts once a week, U were with me a short while, but left a "forever love in my heart " for u Daddy XXOO 11-14-11 Miss u so much, wish i could hold u again Luv U Daddy OOXX 11`-17-11 Still so many tears when i visit u, My heart fills with pain, wanting so much to hold u, only memories, miss u.. Luv u, Daddy XXOO 11-20-11 Hello Lady, All my heart is with u, luv and missing u Daddy XXOO 11-23-11 Thanksgiving>>> Thank You Jesus for letting Me care for Lady...I Miss her so much...and for all the other fur-babies I had a chance to care for and Luv, (Lady.. Please watch over My Fur Babies. Archie, Chance,Stella LIlly, Somkey,Princess,Mittens, And my newest fur.babie, He has no name yet, Hope I'll be able to take him soon, Feeding him every day, And My Partner...KATHY, who is also feeding him , She is Archie"s Mom who Has a Heart of Gold Like Me)... Daddy XXOO 11-26-11 Miss U Luv Daddy XXOO 11-30-11 Lady... I was with Archie and the Kids today, We all miss u, Luv U Daddy XXOO
12-4-11 Thinking of U every day, wishing u where here with me,Luv u Always Daddy XXOO 12-6-11 Looking at your pictures, Miss U sooo Much, Luv U little girl, Always in my Heart and on My Mind Daddy XXOO 12-09-11 looking at your pictures, the cadge you slept in, closed now, with all the memories of u,luv U Daddy XXOO 12=12-11 Hello Little Girl, Dreaming my day away of you, so many memories, so short of time together..Luv U Miss u Daddy XXOO 12-15-11 10 Days till Christmas, Miss U , always Love U..Daddy XXOO 12-18-11 In one week it will be Christmas, I placed a litttle toy in your cage, wishing u would be able to play with it, But, in my Heart, I know you are in Rainbow Heaven playing with it, miss U so Much, Luv U Daddy XXOO 12-20-11 Luv U Daddy XXOO 12-24-11Hello Lady, well as you know I had an over nite guest, The Black Kittie, I named him Champion, All these kitties that come to me, I know you are sending them, Thank You, , Merry Christmas little girl, Daddy will always miss and love You Daddy XXOO 12-27-11 Miss U, Luv U..Daddy XXOO 12-30-11 THE END OF ANOTHER YEAR,Still, your in my Heart, On my Mind every Day Love U Little Girl. Daddy XXOO 1-2-2012 Daddy's little Girl, I MISS U Luv Daddy xxoo 1-04-2012 It will be going into our second year since you passed away, time is flying fast, maybe soon for me to, cann't wait to be with all of my Furbabies,I will see Archie and the Gang tonite,so glad you sent him in my life Luv Daddy XXOO 1-05-12 Saw Archie, and his gang, His Mom and Dad, we had a good time, most of all "ARCHIE" looks real good, so glad he is inside now,I feel real good today seeing Archie last nite, miss him, miss u, Love all my fur-babies that i cared for, miss and hope all of u are happy in Rainbow Bridge..Luv Ya Daddy xxoo

At This Point all entries have been copied to make room for more entries
3-20-13 Hello My Babies, spring is here, time to reflect on my Fur-Babies, Miss all of you very, very much. Pay me a vist, I miss you all...Daddy, and Uncle Lou for My best friend Archie xxoo 3-28-13 Almost Easter, Miss U all, Archie(My Best Friend) Lady, Mittens (Lonely hear without you to care for) Nutmeg, many memories, of you all, SOON, we will all be together Love Daddy,and Uncle Lou for Archie. XXOO 3-31-13 " Happy Easter " my Special LADY, I wish every day that I could have done more for you..Mis U and always Loved U Daddy XXOO 4-6-13 Hello Lady and Mittens Too, My visits to all of you Furbabies, Brings Tears, BUT, so many memories of our time together, I can feel the warmth of your hugs, the purr of your love. MISS ALL OF MY BABIES,, Daddy XXOO 4-09-13 Hello Lady, Hello MY Mittens, Mittens, It was 3 months ago i brought you to the Doctor to fix your problems, Only to be told that I was to be with you a short while longer, never to beable to take you Home with me, You were such a good Furbabie, I miss U LOVE and Miss YOU Daddy XXOO 4-21-13 Sorry My Furbabies, daddy was busy working in the yard, But, your still on my mind, spring and I miss you all, Only wish I had the chance to hold all of you again, You all left me with many memories, Love and Miss You All Daddy XX OO 4-30-13 Last day of april, Missing You and Mittens, My Boy Archie,Elvis, and all my other Babies, When You all get a chance .Visit daddy, need all of your help, trying to heal a broken heart,Love and Miss All of My Babies..Daddy xx00 5-9-13 Hello Lady, This is for you Mittens, Today will be 4 moths since i said GOODBYE to you, My Heart is still in pain, My tears still fall, But I know your with Lady, Archie, Elvis and My other furbabies, Love You, Miss You. Daddy XXOO 5-17-13 Hello all my Babies, Archie, Lady, Elvis, Mittens, Mid nite, Nutmeg, Today Daddy ado[ted a A Senor Kittie, His name is SPARKY, He is 10 years old and Lonely, His Mommy Passed away and no one to care for him, SO Daddy took Him in, Guide Daddy as you all have done in the past, And ARCHIE, He looks Like You, Miss all of U, Love Daddy xxoo 5-24-13 Well My furbabies, Sparkey is doing well, He is around the house making himself comfortable, Smokey gives the hiss when they pass each other, But, he did that with Kittie when Kittie first came to live with us, Missall of MY Furbabies, I still get tears in my Eyes when i think of all of you, Missing and loving all of you, Daddy xxoo 5-31-13 Hello All My Furbabies, Sparkey doing well, Have all of my FurBabies in my Heart, On my everyday thoughts, Miss all of you, Love, Your Daddy, And ARCHIES "Uncle Lou" XXOO 6-9-13 Today, 5 months ago you left me Mittens, Such a wonderful girl, miss u , all my furbabies are together ,someday all the joy you all gave me, I'll will feel again holding you all, Love Daddy xx 6-25-13 Hello Special Lady, Mittens, "ARCHIE", Elvis , Time is moving fast, Miss all My Furbabies, SPARKEY is getting along with Princess, Kittie and Smokey, I needed the vist last nite from all of My Fur babies, keeps me going, Love all of you, Miss you so much Daddy xx 7-9-13 Hello Lady, Archie, Elvis, Midnite, AND "MY BABY MITTENS" 6 Months today at 3:30pm you left for RainbowsBridge, You were such a good girl, loved You, even when you were very sick, you still loved your Daddy, Miss all My babies, MISS ALL OF U. Love Daddy xxoo 7-21-13 Many Memories, Many Tears, My Heart Misses all my Furbabies... Some day we will all be together Daddy xxoo 7-27-13 Missing U so much, Always in my Heart, Love Daddy xxoo 8-5-13 Another year since you left, It's just like yesterday, Daddy misses U, and all those who have left, Love all Lady, Archie, Elvis,and My Girl Mittens, and I didn't forget my Nutmeg Daddy XXOO 8-11-13 LADY>MANY MEMORIES< for such a short time together, Mis U , Daddy xxoo 8-18-2013 TODAY, the third year since you went to Rainbow Gardens Daddy still feels the pain, I wish I could have done more for you, so we would have had more time together, MISS U, LOVE U, waiting till we can ALL be together again.. Daddy xxoo 9-1-13 Time flys, memories allways stay, Miss U...Daddy xxoo 9-9=13 Hello my Little Mittens, 8 months ago you went to Rainbows Garden, Miss you, luv U, in my heart, on my mind always... Luv Daddy xxx .9-23-13 All My furbabies, I miss U so much,In my thoughts always, in my heart tiil we meet...Luv U all Daddy xxoo 10-6-13 My Lady, My Mittens and all my past furbabies, you are always in my heart,i was so lucky to have been your Dad and caregiver, miss you all Daddy xxoo 10-9-13 9 months today at 3:45 Pm U left for Rainbowgarden to join Archie, Lady, Elvis. and Midnite, U were such a good furbabie, Miss U and all my Furbabies. Love Daddy xx 10-22-13 Hello My Babies, thinking of ALL of you, miss everyone Love U all always Daddy xx 10-29-13 I had a dream, in it, I was with all of you, I miss you all. love and a lot of memories, some day we will all be together, LOVE Daddy xxoo 11-6-13 Lady, today, is the 1st year of Archie leaving us, he joined you, Mittens, Elvis, AND Midnite. I know your all in a better place, wish I could be there with you, some day we will all be together. LOVE U ALL Daddy (Uncle Lou) XXOO 11-9-13 Hello Mittens, Thinking of you as I always do.Miss you, And to all myother fur babies, Daddy Misses you all.. Love daddy xxoo 11-23-13 To all my furbabies, Miss and love you all, Holidays again, but memories are my gifts from all of you Love, daddy xxoo 12-8-13 MISS U and all the furbabies that I was giving to care for, and too all the furbabies that I have known, Someday. WE WILL BE TOGETHER AGAIN LoVE to ALL Daddy XXOO 12-24-2013 Christmas Eve, No holding you, no gifts to watch you play with, JUST ALL THE MEMORIES I HAVE OF YOU, miss you and all my babies, Midnite, Nutmeg, Lady,and ARCHIE and Lets not forget ELVIS and the head butts I got when things just didn't go right LOVE YOU ALL Daddy xxoo 1-8-2014 Lady, Elvis, ARCHIE, and My special Girl Mittens, tomorrow will be 1 year you have gone to RainbowGarden, Think of you always, in my heart and all the memories you have given me, Love Daddyxxx 1-9-2014 To my little girl, MITTENS, today a year ago was just to be a visit to the doctor, But ended being your last day with daddy, we couldn't do any more for you, IT BROKE MY Heart to say GOODBYE,miss you, love you, ALWAYS Daddy xxoo To my other girl LADY, Play together, someday we will all be together...Daddy xxoo 1-27-14 My Dear Lady, Please watch for and welcome PRINCESS, Princess passed to RainBows today at 10 oclock, She will now join Mittens, Archie, Elvis, Midnite, ALSO, OB (OutBack) has gone to join all of you, she passed Jan 15th at 3:30, may you play happly, Love and Miss all MY FURBABIES DADDYxxo 2-6-14 My Little girl Lady, My Baby girls, Mittens and Princess, all together... TEARS AND TEARS, miss u all, Now joined with Archie, Elvis, Midnite, Mittens, And Princess is OB(outback)...Someday, we will all be together in that Place they call RAINBOWS Garden Love Daddy xx 2-9-2014 Hello Mittens, Today, 13 months have passed since you went to join Lady, ARCHIE< Now with Princess and OB, miss all of you, LOVE ALL OF YOU and miss so much, Love Daddy xx

2-27-14 To MY girl ,PRINCESS, one month today, miss every morning you greeting me with that " Meow " and wanting to be hugged and loved, Miss U. love Ya daddy xxx

3-6-14 Hello Baby, Miss you, Still believe I could have done more for you, Love You, Daddy XXOo For Mittens,wish it could have been a longer time for you, Luv U XX , and MY PRINCESS, MISS your "MEOWS" for attention and that Extra food in the Morning Love YOU Daddy xx

3-20-14 12:37 PM First day of spring....so beautiful, just like all my furbabies,,,Lady, Elvis, Archie, Mittens and Princess..Miss all of you, thank you for the wonderful memories Love xxx

3-27-14 "PRINCESS" 2 Months have passed since OUR GOODBYES, Always in my Heart, Miss U...Daddy xxoo
4-9-14 "Mittens" 15 months, miss U Baby, Daddy xx
4-27-14 Princess, you left so fast, my heart still hurts, love you Daddy
5-9-14 Mittens I miss you, love, Your Daddy xxoo
5-27-14 Princess, My girl, pain still there, missing you so much, Love Daddy xx
6-09-14 "Mittens" In my Heart, always on my mind, Daddy xxoo

6-18-14 My Lady, 3 years and 10 months today, tears are flowing, miss You...Love Daddy
7-27-14 Miss you My Princess, Love Ya always Daddy
8-28-14 My Furbabies Lady, Mittens and Princess miss all of you, so many tears, so much pain, miss you all Luv Daddy xxxxxx

9/27/14 My Furbabies, as you know I saved another Furbaby, Left behind when they moved away and left Him , He wandered for weeks, survived on what people would feed him,, I took him in, and now he is being loved just like I did with you, Tears as I write this, I miss holding and hugging all of you, some day, and I hope soon, I will be with all of you...Daddy xxoo
11-1-14 Thinking of you and all my furbabies, miss you Lady, Love Daddy

11-27-14 Hello Mittens, Thanksgiving Day, I give thanks for the wonderful time and memories you gave me, Missing you, Always on my mind, in my heart,10 months ago left ,still hurting my heart......thinking of all of my furbabies Daddy xx oo
12-14-14 Hello My Babies, miss all of you. love always Daddy xx
12-25-14 Merry Christmas Lady, Love you always xx Daddy
Merry Christmas ,Princess, Mittens Daddy XX
1-6-2015 A New Year, still love and missing all my Fur Babies, Lady, Princess, Mittens, And Archie, Elvis....All in my Heart every day, living on all the wonderful memories Love Always Daddy......and to Archie and Elvis...Uncle Lou
1-27-15 Princess, You were such a loving Girl, miss you, One year today at this time, 10;40 am xxxxxxxxxx
3-21-15 Lady, and all my furbabies, Miss all of you, watch over POCKETS, he is sick,and I don't want him to leave yet to join all of you, Please give me time with him, Love all of you, Love Daddy..xxoo
8-9-15 All my babies, I miss U , Love U. we will be together soon...Love You All Daddy

8-18-2015 5 Years today at 10'20 am you passed away, so much pain, such a loss for daddy, you gave me 6 weeks of hope fore you, i'm happy that the last days of your life I was able to give you love...

To All my furbabies, Lady, Mittens and Princess too, daddy miss you all so much...wish you could have stayed to meet Sparkey and Pockets...Love U daddy xxoo


10/28/2015 One month today, Pockets forgive Daddy for letting you go, I love U and Miss U, if you can, please visit me in my sleep, or let one of the Fur babies here give me your message, love U always...
12/31/20015 Today AGAIN my furbabies another one joins you at the Garden, Take RIVER in and show her around, she passed today at noon after being hit by a car, MY family and I are missing her as I miss all of You, MY babies...LOVE ALL OF YOU, DADDY

1-23-16 Hello My Fur babies, Hello , my sweet boy, POCKETS...4 months today, and a blizzard outside, just like the day Daddy said GOODBYE to you...so many Heart Aches, so many tears...but, soon we will all be together Luv Daddy ...XXOO
3/8 2016 Miss all my Fur Babies....will be crossing the bridge some day to see and be with U all XX Daddy
3/23 Pockets, today is 6 months since you left, miss and still hurting from you passing, someday we will all be together again, Daddy xxoo
4/23 Dear Boy Pockets, My love for U grows every day. as it goes for all my fur babies, Smokey is sick, he is 16, I am besides myself with the thought that I might loose him to Rainbow garden, please help Daddy, Please xxxxx

5/7 Thank you My fur babies, Smokey is on a path of recovery, Miss all my babies, Pockets, Mittens, Princess and our latest River, miss you all xxo

6/6/16 Smokey, and Sparkey are doing much better, please help in any way U can, Miss all my Fur babies ove U all Daddy,
6/23/16 Pockets, I miss U so Much, I wish I could have done more to save U Love Dadd
7/2016 Lady, Pockets, Mittens, Princess, soon I will be adding another furbaby to this list, Sparkey, he has a tumor, at this time they have giving him 3 months or more depending on the rate of growth of the tumor...............I love all of you, hurting real bad now...
8/8/16 Thank you Lord, Thank you My babies, Xrays show no increase in size of tumor....Sparkey is himself again, XOO
8/23/2016Pockets, Daddy miss's you so much, Your love for me was wonderful, I wish we had more time together..Love ya Daddy
3/6/17 Miss all my furbabies,,,, 4 new ones to remind me of you all xxoo
8/8/2017 Been awhile, miss all my furbabies, daddy has his hands full with 4 new furbabies...love and miss all of you xxoo
12/24/2017 Dear Lady, and all my furbabies,, Smokey joined you today at 1'40 pm Daddy is a basket case, help me.... Love U all.. Merry Christmas
To all my furbabies, especially SMOKEY, MISS YOU TEARS ROLLING DOWN MY EYES 2 weeks since you went to The Rainbowgardens...LOVE YOU thanks for the 18 years and memories together...xxxxx

3/15/2018 Hello all my Furbabies, think of you all the time, your all on my mantel, except my First, midnite, but still in my heart...love and miss our time together, AS ALWAYS Daddy xxoo

3/24/18 SMOKEY, 3 months today at 1:40 pm you went to Rainbow Gardens, Miss U ,Love you, thank U for all the Love and memories you gave me...Daddy xxoo
4/12/18 Smokey, MY SPECIAL BOY, and all my furbabies, miss U all, so many Tears, miss all of you...Lady, Princess, Pockets, Mittens, Muffin, Love u all xx

5/22/2018 A visit for a lonely Daddy, miss all my furbabies, so many memories, so many good hugs..Love U all, in my heart always Daddy

7/1/2018 Well my Lady, it will be 8 years you going to Rainbow garden, Just s much pain as the day you passed, but all the memories of 6 weeks together are like a life time spent with each other...You responded with love toward me, for all the best I could give you in 6 weeks, LOVE, CARE, Daddyxxxx

9/15/18 Been a while my Girl, but, in my thoughts always, some days lots of tears for all my furbabaies loved all of you, and you gave me all your love in return Daddy xxx

11/11/18 Hello Baby, a while since i stoped by, miss u, we had a great 6 weeks together, wish they could have helped u more, glad i could give you 6 weeks of love, and u in return did the same to me..will see u some time soon, meet u at the bridge as i cross over...love u xxx daddy

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