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Memories of Lady
My beautiful baby, I cannot write anything yet, it hurts so much. I promise that in time I will be able to write about some of the many beautiful moments we had together. In the mean time, my love, rest in peace and promise that you will be waiting for me, Dad and Sparky. I love you so very much, Mom
May 27, 2018. My lovely girl, eight years have gone by and I miss you so much. I_________________________________________________________________


There is sorrow enough in the natural way
From men and women to fill our day;
And when we are certain of sorrow in store,
Why do we always arrange for more?
Brothers and sister,
I bid you beware of giving your heart to a dog to tear.

When the body that lived at your single will
When the whimper of welcome is stilled (how still!)
When the spirit that answered your every mood
Is gone--wherever it goes-- for good,
You still discover how much you care
And will give your heart to a dog to tear...........


Buy a Pup, your money will buy love.

We've sorrow enough in the natural way,
When it comes to burying Christian clay.
Our loves are not given, but only lent,
At compound interest of cent per cent,
Though it is not always the case, I believe,
That the longer we've kept'em, the more do we grieve:
For when debts are payable right or wrong,
A short term loan is as bad as a long-
So why in Heaven- (before we are there)
Should we give our hearts to a dog to tear?

(Rudyard Kipling, The Power of the Dog)

Hello Sweet heart, Miss you so very much but know that you are pain free, young, running and wrestling with all your new friends. We have been taking Sparky to the doggy park and it has done him a lot of good. He misses you so much also. I can feel you near me, close my eyes and see your beautiful face and your eyes looking at me. Noble companion, reliable friend, sweet lovable being you are missed so much. Mom

June 8 2010
Hello Sweetie Pie,

I felt your presence very strong today. I know that you are my new guardian angel, I can feel you so much and I know you are helping me with Javy. I went to the doggy park with Sparky. We spent so many fun moments there, remember? How you played with Morpheus, every morning rain or shine we went and then after your operation we went on long walks, first just the two of us and then with Sparky. My love I miss you so much but I know that you are all right and pain free. I will see you soon, I know you, Sheena and Rufus are there waiting for me. All my love to you. Mom

June 15,2010

Hello My Love,

Spoke with Susan yesterday and have felt better since then. I know you are here with us I feel you all the time. Your ashes came last week and it makes me feel better. I know you are watching over us and protecting us, thank you my love. I whisper in your ear every night "I love you" just as I did every night before going to bed. I love you my love, Mom

June 18 2010

Hello My Love, It will soon be a month since you left. I miss you so very much but I have been feeling your presence more especially at night. I know that you are with me all the time. Love as always, Mom

June 23, 2010

Hello Sweetie Pie,

This Saturday it will be a month since you left. It has been a very difficult month. I miss you so much but I know that at last I am coming to terms to the fact that you are happy, playing with old and new friends and pain free. Sparky is doing better also, I have been taking him to the Doggy Park but he does not seem to enjoy it as much as you did, he does not like going out without you. He has found a new friend, his name is Diego and lives just around the corner. He is as small as he is and is also white. I have started bringing Diego to the house to play. Right now he is here and have been playing non stop for the past 2 hours. He got a summer hair cut two days ago. It has been hot, I am happy that you are not suffering the summer heat. I will soon be sending some of your chest fur so that I can have a pendant made with your fur inside and be able to wear it all the time. We have been looking at pictures that we took of you and will be sending Bobby some. We will also be seeing him so that we can give you some of the things you left for him.Play my love and keep waiting
for us because one day we will all be together again. My unconditional love as always, Mom.

June 27th 2010

Hello My Love,

It is Sunday afternoon. Javy just left for work and Sparky and I are here at the house. We went for a walk this noon with Jet at the R.B. trail where we went with you several times. Sparky has found a new friend, Diego, he lives just around the corner and in the afternoons he comes to the house to play with Sparky. He has done a lot of good with Sparky, he is playing again. We miss you so much. Bobby has not been able to come and pick up what you left for him, I think he does not want to come to the house and see that you are not here anymore.

You came to us when we most needed you and you needed us. You were a true blessing and I know that you are with me all the time. I was so proud of you all the time. You were truly a knockout. People would stop just to ask about you. Not only were you beautiful on the outside but so much more in the inside. Noble, proud, a pure soul if ever I have known one. We were so blessed in having been part of your life. You are and will be in my heart and soul. Love as always, Mom

July5th, 2010

Hello Beautiful,

How are you doing? Not a day goes by that I do not miss you so very much. Yesterday was July 4th and there was so much noise from the fire crackers, I know how much you disliked it and had to be given something to calm you down. Sparky was OK it does not seem to disturbed him as much as it did you. I love you so very much and miss you every day.

Hello My Love, it is Friday, I think it is the 22 or 23 of July, am not sure. Don't think that i have not visited you because I don't think of you. Not a day goes by that I don't, it's just that it hurts so much when I do. I don't know when this pain will stop my love. I feel you all the time and I know for sure you are our Guardian Angel. I have volunteered at Rain Bow Bridge to write to all the parents that have lost their beloved companions, it is hard for me to do because their words are also heart breaking but I found so much comfort when you left and I received letters from perfect strangers reaching out to another grieving parent that it inspired me to do it in your memory. You bring out the best in me my love. Love, Mom Sparky is here with me, Javy is at work and won't be coming until late tonight, he misses you so but tries not to show it in front of me. I miss you so much. All my love, Mom

August 3, 2010

Hello My Sun shine, I changed your song today. I miss you every single moment my love. Mom

August 7, 2010 Hello my love, how are you? It's Saturday about 11;00 PM. Daisy came this afternoon and we went with Sparky to Starbucks. How we miss you Sweetie! The pain does not go away. I see you every where. People have asked for you when they do not see you on our walks with Sparky. Will I be ever going to remember you without feeling this pain? I hope I do like I remember Sheena. There is such empty spaces the ones that you and her have left. Have you gotten together? I have this image in my mind's eye, from right to left, my mom, you, Sheena and Rufus sitting on top of a hill, I see your backs looking into the distance waiting for us. One day my love we will all be together. I love you so much, Mom


Sweet Heart, don't think that because I do not visit you more often I have forgotten you. No my love, I miss you every day as much as I missed you the first day that you left. IT is because every time I visit you I re live the day that you left for Rainbows Bridge, maybe in time I will be able to remember you with out feeling so much pain. I love you my love. Wait for us and we will cross the bridge together, until then my love look after us. Love as always, Mom

Dec 31, 2010
Hello My Love, It is New YEars Eve and I am here with Sparky and thinking of you. I miss you every day, I know that it was your time and putting you to rest was really the only option and I know that is what you wanted so I have no regrets about that. I also know that you are looking after us, I dreamed of you the other day, come to me in my dreams love. Sparky is going to the Flyball Club and every body is enjoying it so much, you should see how fast he learns. I miss you so much. Love you always, Mom

March 18th 2011

Sweet Heart, It's been several months since I have written you, not because I have forgotten you but because it is still so painful. Since yesterday I have been thinking of you more than usual. What is it baby, what are you trying to tell me, why do I have such sadness? I miss you so very very much. Sparky is doing much better, I still take him to the doggy park about 2 or 3 times a week and he has started playing with the other doggies. Javy is doing ok, we talk about you often, he always remembers the wonderful times he had with you, especially when you went with him to run errands and how people did a second take when they saw you. You were a knock out!!! I was so proud of you, not only because of your outer beauty but your inner soul. Such a special and wonderful being. Love you so very much, Mom

March 27, 2011
My Sweet girl, Yesterday was Javy's birthday, you were with us last year. It will soon be a year since you left, not a day has gone by that I have not missed you. I miss you so very very mcuh my love. But I know that you are pain free and free of all of your ailments that were so hard on you the last months. Sparky is doing ok, I take him to your doggie park and he is learning how to play with the other small dogs. It has been a hard year in more ways than one. I know that you are our angel and looking out for us. I know also that I will always miss you until we reunite some day. Stay well my lovely girl, Mom

May7th, 2014

My sweet sweet girl, I had not visit you in a long long time, not because I love you less but because I love you as much and miss you as much as the day you left. JAvy is doing well and so is Sparky. He has a best friend and his name is Marty. He is an older dog and has recently gone blind. When he comes to RAinbowbridge please show him around and take good care of him, he is a wonderful dog and Sparky, Javy and I love him so very much. I know that his departure will also be very painful but I know that you will take care of him. Love you, love you love you as always. Mom

Oct 15,2016

My sweetest girl, how are you doing? I haven't visited you in a long time, it is not because I don't remember you, you are in my mind every day. I love you just as much and miss you all the time.
As you already know, Marty is not longer with us but, he is with you. Sparky again has lost his best friend and he is missing Marty as well. I know that you will show him around. Take good care of him my love. I leave him in your beautiful, big and wonderful paws. Love as always, Mom

May 27 2018

My love, I will always miss you so much. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about you. As you know, Sparky has serious health issues. If possible please help us, can't bear the tnhought of loosing him also. Love as always, Mom

Please also visit Marty.

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