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Memories of Lady
My Lady was love and sunshine wrapped up in black fur. She was a rescue from a local animal shelter which made her that much more special. Lady shared her gift with people at nursing homes, (she just loved to touch their hands) worked Armed Security with me at night for 3 yrs.(she could look at somebody and they would know to keep walking or they would MEET Lady, good thing they didn't know she also had a very big heart), and we traveled all over the United States. She would hop in her seat, head out the window with ears blowing in the wind, ready for our destination. We were leaving our motel room one morning and a little boy saw Lady and told his mother to look at the baby bear!!!
Lady has brought happiness and joy into my life, more than I can explain. The loss of her bark when I come home and her constant protection is forever gone. I feel very lucky to have the memories of 11 1/2 yrs. of tail wagging, cold nose on my face and most of all...watching her eyes when we would have our conversations!
Our walks in the wee hours of the mornings have ended, but will never be forgotten.

Hello my "Little Lady" it has been just over a month since your journey started and I miss you so much. I hope that you are making new friends and playing all the time. I feel that you are with me when I take walks at night or just sitting on the deck. Im sending you all my kisses and hugs.
Love Mommy

Lady, it has now been 6 months since our paths have taken opposite directions and I still miss you bunches. I know that you are having fun running in the meadows and playing with all your new friends. You will forever be in my heart and always with me on my journeys.
Mommy Loves You

My Lady, I can't believe that it has been a year since you left my side. It will never be the same without you...our bond will never be broken because you will live forever in my heart! I will see you at the "Bridge" when my journey is complete. Kisses & Hugs
Love Mommy

My Little "Lady", 2 years have now passed, and I still feel you walking beside me. Your spirit is still very strong and will remain with me forever!!! One day we will cross Rainbows Bridge together. I'm sending you all my hugs and kisses!
Mommy Loves You

My sweet "Lady" it has been three years since you have gone to play at Rainbows Bridge, I'm sending all my love to you so that you will know that you are still and always will be, in my heart! I look forward to the day when we will cross the "Bridge" together.
I love and miss you so much.
Love you, Mommy

My Dear Lady, it has been almost 5 yrs. since I had to let you go. That was the hardest thing that I've ever had to do. All your friends still ask about you and want to see your pictures. They are always bringing me gifts at Christmas time with a "black lab" on key chains, tins and anything else that you could imagine......they just simply can't forget my sweet Lady, nor can I. All of your toys are still in your basket and Holly & Mistletoe will walk over and smell them, but will leave them alone. Somehow they can tell that you were very special.......I know that you are healed now and can have fun playing with all of your new fiends that you have made at Rainbow's Bridge. One day, I will meet you at the Bridge where we will cross it together and never part again!

Hugs and Kisses
Mommy loves her girl

Hello My Baby, It has been 7 long years without you my "Lady"....Not a day goes by that you are not in my thoughts
and I still see you every where I go. I have moved back to where your first home was and everyone still remembers you and all of our long walks together, rain, snow or sunshine! It gives me joy to know that your body is free of all the pain and that you are healthy and can run and play in the meadows with all of your friends at Rainbow's Bridge. We shall see each other again and cross the Bridge together.

Hugs & Kisses
Love You with all my HEART

My sweet Lady, another year has gone by so fast, I cant believe it. I still miss you soooo much and I think about you and all our special times that we had together. I have your picture in my office and above my desk and I talk to your sweet little face every day. I'm just so glad that your pain is all gone and your happy and playing with all of your friends at Rainbow's Bridge. Holly is not going to make it much longer Lady, she is in so much pain and can barely walk. She will start her journey to Rainbow's Bridge in a few days and please wait on her to get there and walk over the Bridge together. Keep Holly with you and look out for her. Never forget...Mommy loves you with all her heart and then some. I will talk with you again in a few days.

Hugs & Kisses
My heart is with you

Lady, I just wanted to let you know that Miss Holly started her journey to Rainbow's Bridge this morning. As you my Dear Lady, she is pain free now....so watch for her at the Bridge and help her to cross over. Keep her with you and watch over her as you did me. Still miss you more than ever, Lady!!!

Mommy Loves you
You will 4ever B in my Heart

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