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Memories of LADY
You were the second born of a litter of six and strangely the second of the group to die. I raised you on a bottle because your momma did not have any milk for you or your siblings. I can remember going to the whelping box to feed you and you would crawl away barking and growling. Your eyes had not even opened yet. I had to laugh. You were so precocious. Yet, you remained ladylike in your endeavors. You were my guardian. I remember when I had a headache and a friend came to visit. As she was coming across the yard, you would not let her come past the Pecan tree. Your mommy was not well and was not to be disturbed. This was a friend you knew and trusted any other time. You spent most of the daylight time resting and sleeping when nothing was going on, while the other kids guarded, ran and played all day long. You had appointed yourself night watch. I cannot count how many times you would be sleeping by the side of my bed (at the head) and jump up barking and growling at a sound you had heard. I also cannot count how many times I had to peel myself off the ceiling.(laugh) You hated it when there were family squabbles. You would cling to me shaking sooooo hard. I know you were not frightened but you did not like harsh words among family. I never could convince you that everything was ok. You needed me to not be upset, you did not like anything that took the smile or laughter from me. I miss you Lady. You always looked like you were smiling and enjoying life. I could not stay mad or sad around you. It was not all fun and games with you. Sometimes you and Missy would get into some awful fights. Sometimes all four of you would have a donnybrook of fierce determination. Do you remember when you and Missy caught my arm in the middle? Patrick took me to the hospital for stitches. When they wanted to report a dog bite, I snuck out the back door so I would not have to give my name and address. No way were they going to put you or Missy in quarantine for my stupidity. NEVER get between two sisters fighting. (smile) The day the vet came to help you crossover to Rainbows Bridge is one I will never forget. I cannot regret it because your body had betrayed you. You had a terrible disease. PDM. The only saving grace about it was you were in no pain. However, in time you had lost all use of your mobility. When it was just your back legs involved we would put a sling under your tummy and take you outside to run and play. It was hard keeping up with you. Even though only your front legs worked, it really did not slow you down much. I know you tried so hard not to have accidents in the house, but Hon you could not help it. When you lost the use of your front legs too then we knew it had come to the time that you needed to be released from your paralyzed body. It was hard because you had all your mental faculties. When the vet came, you were happy to see her ... As long as she did not try to get close to me. You on the other hand, were graciously accepting her overtures. Your only thought through the whole procedure was to protect me. How can a person be so proud and yet so heartbroken? You are Home with the angels now. I will never forget you and I will always love you.--------------- DEC 24,2010 Hi Ladybug, Merry Christmas. I know I have been a long time coming back, so it seems. But I do come to visit, I just can't find the words to tell you how much how I miss you and how precious you still are to me and always will be. Sometimes I still reach down beside my bed where you always laid to touch you. But alas, you are not there in the physical way. I do feel you in my heart everyday. I don't know why but this Christmas eve I am feeling very lonely for you and the others. An omen?? Of what? Watch for me my dear girl, for one day we shall be together again God willing. xoxoxoxox April 15, 2012 Hi Lady, Some very sad news today...for me anyway. You get to see Dakota again. He should be meeting you all at the Meadow now. Please take good care of each other. I can't talk much right now. Too numb, but I wanted to let you know to watch for him. I love you girl and always will. Mom

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