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❤️Dear Lacy, you've been gone 3 weeks and I miss you so much. My heart aches for you everyday and I can't
stop crying. The whole house reminds me of you. Your daddy is trying to stay strong but he too misses you so much. I'm taking your picture to Dr. Bob, so he can have you on his board. Dr. Bob and his staff sent you a beautiful card, when I read it I couldn't help but cry. I know you're happy and young again. I know you're pain free and running around and having a great time. I really miss hugging you and kissing your face and rubbing your tummy. Sometimes I feel that you're walking down the hallway and coming to your favorite chair. Oh, Lacy my beautiful puppy girl ,mommy loves and misses you so, so much !! Take care, daddy and I are sending you lots of kisses and hugs... ❤️

01/19/2016 Dear precious baby girl. Today has been a most sad day for me. I woke up this morning missing you so much. Yes, you are in wonderful place on the bridge with new friends. All of you are
happy and having such a glorious time. I can't wait to see you, so that I can wrap my arms around you
and kiss your lovely face. I miss everything about you!!!!!! I am sending you tons of hugs and kisses
Enjoy your day baby girl.. And

Dear precious baby girl Lacy... It's been one month since you left us. I couldn't bare to stay in town today so I am going away for the weekend. I miss you so much I can't even express my sorrow. Everything around the house reminds me of you. I keep your blanket close to me and smell it everyday. I worry the day it might lose your scent. I know your happy and running around with all your new and old friends. But I can't help but wonder how you're doing. It still saddens me how sick you were the last 2 days of your life and how helpless I felt that I did not know what to do. My only consolation is that you were at home with daddy and me when you took your last breath. And you were with us until morning time. My heart aches like I never knew it could ache. I loved you and still love you with ALL MY HEART... My precious LACY take care and we will see you someday...LOVE YOU !!!!

02/01/16 Dear baby girl LACY! How are you? How I miss you! My life is forever changed without you in it. You brought so much joy to my life. I can't imagine life without you . Your house is so terribly sad without you in it. I come home to An empty house. I remember you waiting for me every afternoon , how I LOVED how you greeted me. Oh, Lacy I cry so much for you!!!! 😥.... It's so hard waking up each day and not having you here! I love you SO MUCH and MISS YOU SO. MUCH! Be happy, play, run, jump and throw me a kiss my little girl. Love you ! 🐾❤️😍😘😘😘😘

Feb. 7, 2016 Dear Baby Girl Lacy.. Today is Sunday and the day is lonely without you. I miss you so much, that I cannot explain it. I try to concentrate on our beautiful life together. And we had a beautiful life. I remember the silly way you would run in circles and how you went into my school bag every afternoon looking for goodies. Oh, so many, many memories,baby girl. I wonder what you do with your time. I wonder and think about you each day. What I would go to wrap my arms around you. Send mommy a big kiss ..

Feb. 14, 2016.. Hello baby girl.. How are you? I am missing so MUCH! I still cannot imagine my life without you.. Today was my first Valentine's Day without you.. I still sleep with your purple blanket.. I wish I could see and touch and give you a big kiss.. You brought so much joy to my life.. I enjoyed you every single day of our life together.. I wonder each day, what your doing.. I know your pain free and for that I am happy.. I hope you have met some wonderful friends ..I'm sending you lots and lots of kisses.. I love you with all my heart..❤️❤️❤️❤️😥😥🐾🐾

Feb. 18, 2016. Dear Lacy, today mommy has missed you SO much. I have such a hard time trying to come to grip, that I come home and you are not here. I keep busy at work, but you're always on my mind. I have been reading about pet loss and it's been helping some. I still sleep with your blanket by my side. Sara came over today with Buddy. I know you and Buddy would have gotten along such fine. I walked in the house today and could literally smell you. I try not to think about when you were so sick. I try to think about all the things we would do together. I miss you with all my heart.. Think about me and send my a kiss. LOVE YOU ❤️😍😥🐾❤️

Feb. 29, 2016 Dear baby girl LACY, Today marks 60 days since you left us. My heart still aches and breaks for you. My days are still lonely without you. I just can't imagine my life without you in it. I know that you are happy and that gives me relief and consolation. I know that you are pain free and that you have wonderful eye sight. Because I just couldn't bare you living in pain. I know that you are running everywhere and enjoying your time with all those fur friends. OH! how I miss hugging you and getting those slobbery kisses from you. What I would do to just hug you and kiss you one more time. I'm sending you tons of kisses and hugs and please send mommy a kiss. I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART! My beautiful baby girl...

June 28, 2016 Dear Lacy...I miss you very very much!! How I wish I could hug you and give my baby girl a huge hug.. Time hasn't healed my aching heart! Sometimes a hear you walking down the hallway, I hear your collar jingling. It was so cute the way you would come and let me know you were in the bedroom ready for bed. LOVE and miss you with all my heart!! ❤️🐾😥
Sept.5, 2016 Dear Lacy, my beautiful baby girl. Mommy misses you so much. You are on my mind every single day. Life has been so tough without you! I want so bad to hug you. I want so bad to kiss you. I want so bad to hear you. You made me so happy. I don't know how I've managed to make it this long without you. Send mommy a kiss ... I blow you kisses everyday. Be happy my baby girl...🐾💕

Jan.2017 My dear precious baby Lacy.. You have been gone one whole year from me. I can't bare the pain without you. I know you are safe, healthy and super happy. I know you're running around, barking at squirrels, enjoying the warm sun and just loving that you have no pain. Your daddy catches my crying for you and tells me that I must let you rest. The tears are tears of sadness for you but also tears of joy for you. I can't wait to throw my arms around you and kiss on you. You were my BESTEST friend ever. You ALWAYS gave my all your love. I LOVE YOU, MY BABY GIRL AND I MISS YOU SOOOO MUCH. Hugs and kisses from mommy and daddy.

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