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Memories of Keesha
Keesha, this was a very unhappy Valentine's Day when Bill had to take you for your final vet visit. You were our first "baby" and now we feel like a very important era in our lives is over. I'll always remember the times Bill would take you hunting and how you cried when he went without you; the nut danishes he would give you from the bakery; jumping off the boat and stealing the steak off the grill of a Fourth of July barbeque we went to. I remember when you got hit by the truck and miraculously survived; impaled your belly and survived; went into the hospital in 2003 very sick and survived. I also remember when you would knock the plastic pitcher into the bathtub because you couldn't stand the sight of it; how you loved deodorant (ugh!); how you ate half the plate of cookies I made and then had a sugar high that lasted for two days. But mostly, when I remember you, I remember you with your friend Lacey (who is rejoicing at being reunited with you). How the two of you would wrestle, both inside and outside. How you would pull Lacey around the back yard by her collar and that silly dog would follow you. I also remember how you would bark for Lacey after she went blind so she could find you, and how, just before I had Christine, you stuck by my side. You also would hover over her bassinette and watch anyone who went near her. (If only you didn't put that stinky dog toy in there.....?!?) We will miss you Keesha. 7/10/05 - Oh dear Keesha. We got a yellow Lab puppy named Jessie shortly after you died and had her for two months. Unfortunately, there was a tragic accident with her collar last Tuesday and she died. Only 4 1/2 months old! Please meet her at the Rainbow Bridge along with Lacey! She was only a baby! 12/25/05 - Merry 1st Christmas in Heaven, Keesha! Have a wonderful day with Lacey and Jessie. We got a new puppy in October, whom we named Gracie. She is a handful (not a Lab this time; she is a Llewellyn setter), but she is keeping us hopping! She is also giving Chloe a dose of her own medicine, because she lays in wait for her to come up the deck stairs and then jumps all over her. This is the same thing that Chloe did to you. So what comes around goes around. Oh well. We love you very much, Keesha. In fact, I sometimes get Chloe mixed up with you, because Chloe has taken up your torch as the 'elder dog' in the family. Merry Christmas with Lacey and Jessie! 10/9/06 - It's been a while since I've written Keesha. You have been gone for more than a year and a half now, and I hope that you're doing well with Lacey and Jessie. Often I see butterflies and birds around the yard that swoop down and stay for a while, and I'd like to think of these as you three girls who come to visit once in a while. I miss you Keesha and love you very much. 2/14/07 - Keesha puppy, this is the second anniversary of your crossing to the Rainbow Bridge. We still miss you, and sometimes I mistakenly call Chloe by your name. I think she has some of your ways, because you are the one who raised her. I will never think of Valentine's Day in the same way again. We love you, Keesha. 12/25/08 - Merry Christmas Keesha! I love you very much and hope you, Lacey, and Jessie are celebrating at the Rainbow Bridge!!! I still miss you after all this time! 2/14/09 - Keesha, it's been four years today that you arrived at the Rainbow Bridge. We still love you and miss you, and think about you. Have a wonderful day playing with Lacey and Jessie. 2/14/10 - Five years today, Keesha. We still miss you very much and think of you, especially when we see how much Chloe is getting like you as she is getting older. You have taught her well about retrieving, and she loves it as much as you did. Happy Valentine's Day at The Rainbow Bridge; and enjoy it with Lacey and Jessie. 1/29/15 - Keesha, we lost our dear Chloe yesterday. Please show her around the Rainbow Bridge. We still miss you!!! 7/5/15 - Keesha, I still miss you every day after ten years.....I hope you are swimming in Heaven and playing with Lacey, Chloe and Jessie. I love you!!

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