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Memories of Kyber
Kyber was such a special boy/dog-man. We spent 14 great years together .. just the two of us. I already miss him so much! :-( I adopted him at 2 months from a shelter in LA. He was so tiny but already had big paws. When I'd walk him people would say "He's brindle." I didn't know that was the name of his coat. He was all-brindle. He grew very fast; becoming a large 120-lbs. "Big Baby." He was likely a Ridgeback (he had the body & tail), Mastiff-Pitt-Dane-hound-mix.. people always asked "what kind of dog is he?" I'd always say "big mutt!" He was so good-natured..and loved playing with other dogs, but especially loved being with people..he was a people dog! We bonded very well. I loved his happy personality; when I was tired or down he lifted my spirits! He was so affectionate; a big (French) kisser. I enjoyed his happy greeting when I'd come home. His favorite time was going "for a walk." He knew that phrase well as he did so many others. He was so SMART..I swear he was a human in a dog's body! He liked to walk with his leash in his mouth (until he dropped it) or carry his water bottle. People were amazed by this. He always liked rolling in the grass, I'd say "Go down..down" We took walks in many places; neighborhood streets or parks, take hikes at rustic Runyan or Griffith Canyons in LA, or go to the beaches; Huntington Beach had a off-lease dog area that was real fun. We went camping; Kyb saw Yosemite & Crater Lake with my friend Lori & her dog, & we'd camp in the nearby Angeles Forest, also. He loved 'exploring,' always smelling & looking for whatever .. the hound in him. And leaving his mark everywhere. Folks often told me, "he's handsome..majestic-looking." And yes..he WAS!! Kyb was rather psychic, too..he knew what I was up to, even if he was outside but be looking at the door, knowing that I was ready to leave. He loved just laying on the grass, or sucking on his pacifier - his 'blankee,' and/or sucking on a tennis ball until it popped. He also liked pulling the stuffing out of his toys. Kyber was a typical dog - he loved food; his high-quality dog-food, biscuits, treats, & a little people food, of course. At times he seemed always hungry, then I'd ask, "Do you have a hollow tail?" He tried chasing squirrels & cats (& got scratched a couple times for his efforts). He loved going for car rides, sticking his head out the window -- visiting pet stores, coffee-shops & the local gas station to get a treat & affection. Kyb usually slept on the bed taking up lots of space! As he got older he liked laying on the porch a lot just checking things out. He liked it when neighbors would come by to pet him & give him a biscuit. Kyber lived a long, good life...he was such a great friend, a gift from God. After his front leg gave way, & he was unable to walk, the sad time came to part and just before he passed on I held his head to say my goodbyes and he livened up and gave me many kisses..it kind of surprised me! I know he was telling me, 'Thank you so much and good-bye.'
Jan. 21, 2010; It's hard to think it's been 3 weeks since Kyb left me; I miss him very much. The house is so empty without him but I have lots of memories, photos, his toys & beds. I don't have the heart to put away his things yet; and it was so difficult to just open up the box with his urn and remains. THANK YOU to ALL of you who signed Kyber's guestbook & sent me cards. I appreciate the sympathy.

July 1, 2010 Well, Kyb my Boy it's been six months since you left me; that's hard to believe. The time has gone slow though; I think of you & miss you every day, of course. It's been hard adjusting to life without your great companionship. Sometimes I sadly think of how maybe I could have helped you more at the end but it's probably just wishful thinking. It was your time. I hope your having fun at the Rainbow Bridge! LOVE, DAD

November 14, 2010 Just want to check in and say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY My Big Baby Boy!" Dad is thinking about you and how he misses you. Yes, today would've been Kyber's 15th B-Day. How time flies even when it's without my best friend. Hope you got lots of fun presents at the Rainbow Bridge! Love, Dad.

December 31, 2010 Warty-Wart..what a hard day today for me -- it's been one whole year since you had to go! I lit a candle next to your urn. Of course I've been thinking about you a lot this week. Christmas has been rather depressing; I put all your photos up though it still made me sad looking at them at times.
I'll never forget all the fun & happy times I shared with my best friend, Kyber, and all the love he gave me. Love you Big Baby ..Big 'Ol Mutt! Dad

Oct. 11, 2011 It's been awhile and I'm just checking in with you..Big Baby! Although I think of you every day, and miss you. Your lease still hangs on the door knob..and the biscuit jar is still there. Maybe you've seen Mom ..your Grandma..she passed on in March. Love always, your Dad.

January 2, 2012 - Two years since my Kyber passed away. How time goes by ..so hard to believe! I lit a candle next to his urn and toys..looked at all our photos. I'll never forget Kyb, my "Wart" my Best Friend, and the companionship he gave me. Although I love dogs -- I still don't have the heart to get another one quite yet. He's hard to replace. Miss you Big Baby! .. Love, Dad

January 1, 2013 - Another year, the 3rd Anniversary of Kyb's passing. Of course, I still think of my "Big Baby" very often, and miss him :-(. Haven't got another pet yet! Rest in Peace ..Warty! Love, your Dad.

December 31, 2014 - Hard to think it's 5 years ago today that my Kyb passed away. Still thinking about how special he was, and missing him...


Kyber, my Big Brindle Baby Boy, he had many
nicknames but I mostly called him Wart,

Wart was the 'Best Dog' this because he
was so very good and so amazingly smart,

He loved to show affection and play, often
sucking on his blankee; he had such a big heart,

We did so many things together over the years,
walks, hikes, camping ... where do I even start?

Kyber was 100% brindle and a real handsome guy,
folks always commented; he was a true work of art,

After 14 years my Big Boy was very old and his
tired leg gave way; it was so sad but his time came finally to part.

His Dad misses him very much...
Kyber will always live on in my heart!

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