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Memories of Kukla
Gentle and shy from the day you joined our family. Your soft, quiet ways have left a hole in our hearts that will never be filled.

You were a loving, playful puppy. You were a perfect sister to Cleo, Coco & Klover and after Klover's passing, accepted Kiki & Chiki with the same grace and gentle ways that you had the others. You were the most loyal and devoted of the pack. Your easy going nature, your soft eyes and gentle kisses made you one of a kind our crazy household. As you aged, you were part of the group, but off to yourself, never an intrusion, just a loyal, loving member of the family.

We know Klover was waiting for you at Rainbow Bridge and know that you were not scared to cross once you saw her. You are now young and healthy again. You can play and share stories with Klover about our family since she crossed the bridge. She will cuddle with you and protect you. Our hearts our heavy, but knowing that you have each other comforts us, as I am sure it comforts you. You didn't like to leave your home or yard. All you wanted was the family.

Mookie, we are grieving for you beyond words. The profound emptiness of our home (even with your four sisters still here to love) cannot be described. Please know that just because you did not demand the most attention, you did not require the most attention, you are missed beyond words.

Someday soon I will be able to return to this page to tell your life's story, but I cannot do it today. Just know we love and miss you!

Please also visit Cleo Bella, Coco Puff and Klover.

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