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Memories of Kris
Kris was born in Petaluma, California Dec 9, 1996. He spent his life in Moraga, Canyon and El Sobrante California.

Kris was extraordinarily well loved and loving.

Highlights of his Nine Adventurous Lives include:

* Watching the world from the precarious end of a 2x4 hanging over the carport
* Flying across the room with his spine upright, all four paws straight in front with claws extended. Lost at lease one babysitter because the cat was "possessed" (truth)
* Being slung around by toddlers without complaining (one life down)
* Coming to Kindergarten as Show & Tell (another life down)
* Bring dead mice to his peoples' bed on their birthdays
* Capturing live mice and putting them in the bathtub so he could play with them before sending them to mouse heaven
* Taking walks with the family through the woods, like a puppy
* Fighting off a fox in front of the children (one more life down)
* Falling off the stairs and landing on his head (yet another life down)
* Top cat with three little kitty sisters
* Crying like a baby when it was windy
* Pantomime dance to "Let it Snow"
* Getting torn up by a raccoon (check off a life)
* Crossing major highways every time we move trying to get back home (yet another life)
* Being carried in a backpack
* Yelling at wild turkeys - safe behind a closed window
* Always cuddling with a person to sleep
* Wearing party hats on his birthdays
* Being oh so annoyed when his people get home late
* Loudest. Purr. Ever.
* Taking two insulin shots a day gracefully
* A very loud old man, yelling at young cats to get off his lawn

Kris passed away in his peoples arms August 30, 2014.

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