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Memories of Kona Marie
A year has come and gone since we lost you sweet Kona! Time has helped us heal but we still think of you, and miss you, every single day. I'm still getting pictures together, finding old ones we'd forgotten about..when we do it's like finding a wonderful treasure, yet it breaks my heart each time. Too see you so strong and healthy again, and then I want you here with us once more. Dad and I have been under the weather (yes, we're getting old too I'm afraid) and you used to bring me such joy and comfort when I wasn't feeling my best. Your smile cheered me on, and you always made me get up when I didn't really want to. You are my heart, my joy and I miss you terribly. Rigby is blind now, yet managing well at 15.5. She can still whip any dogs butt if she's bothered but mostly lies about, sleeping and eating in her golden years. Bubba is having leg difficulties and we worry about him, he's 13 and 1/2 now too but his big heart beats strong, so until he lets us know he can't go on, he's sticking around too. Snoball is in her prime now, bringing us all kinds of furry, feathery and reptilian treats OMG! she's brought in some real monsters lately, Bubba is freaking out the little minx! Tutu and I were looking at some of your pictures, and wondering how best to honor this sad anniversary date. I am here to send you our love up the Stairway to Heaven, and pray that God, and our friends, are taking good care of you until we can once again be together. Dear Father, please keep our baby Kona safe and warm. We know you have healed her body to match her generous heart and gentle soul and have faith that she is happy and healthy in your care. We miss her terribly though, and ask that you continue to give us the love and support to get us through yet another year without her. God Bless us all, and let the fond memories become even more special with time, and that the tears of sadness will eventually become tears of joy for having this special, loving creature in our lives for such a long time. We are truly blessed and thank you for her, and all the good things, in life. Thank you Lord, Love you Kona! XOXOXO Mom and Dad, Beaux and Jirina, Tutu and your fur friends; Bubba James, Cathy Rigby and Snoball Rose.

Two years are upon us my sweet girl. Our hearts still go on, but I still miss you with all my heart. Some days the heartache is unbearable.We remember all the wonderful times together, but now that Bubba and Rigby have joined you across the bridge, it's so very lonely for all of us. Snoball is 9! already and misses you all very much.We still don't have the heart to find another fur-pal to keep us young.You've ruined it for everyone else Sweet Mama. Love you always and forever - Mom and Pops

July 2013 almost 3 years and we still miss you so much. We have Kona moments all the time. Still havent gotten new pups. Now that Bubba and Rigby have crossed the bridge to join you and so many of our human friends, its too hard to think about doing this ever again. We are getting up there ourselves so ... we inherited a little stray we named Rooftop cause thats where Dad found her. She is a little hyper but cute she has joined extra toes and unusual squeaky voice and purr. Snoball is loving and wants to be friends but Roofy still not quite ready. But getting closer. We love you Kona Marie you were such a joyful happy loving baby dog miss you with all my heart!! Mom
3rd anniversary sweet girl. We miss your smile and smarts. Watching Animal Planet and those geniuses got nothing on you Kona. You could. SPELL. And. Understand hundreds of words. We are finally grandparents. Beaux& Jirina have given us a beautiful baby girl named Paiton Raine. She is adorable. A little 4 wk old stray adopted us wantedto keep her bit Snoball and Roofy are. Not having it. We named her Billie Jean and hope we find her a loving home still in the old house but unable to get a dog yet. We miss you and. Bubba every single day. Love you Kona Marie always & Ever♥♥♥ Mom & Pops

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