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Memories of Koda
When we found out we would soon be losing our boy Rudy we decided to check out a new puppy. We picked out Koda and he came to us in June of 2009 at 6 weeks old. We had him about a month and we lost Rudy. It was very difficult and Koda was my rock. He turned out to be a very challenging puppy so off we went to puppy socialization and then obedience classes. What a great boy he became and we developed a bond no one could break! Koda was a growing boy and more beautiful by the day. He loved everyone he met and loved all other animals big or small there was not a mean bone in his body.
When Koda was two he was favouring his left front leg and seemed to be in a lot of pain. We took him to the vet and he ended up having neck and spine surgery as there was a mass pinching off his nerve and causing his pain. He spent a week at the Vet College in Prince Edward Island. The day of his surgery was a painful wait for us and we finally got the call that he made it and was in recovery. In a couple of days we could go get him and I couldn't wait as home was not the same. He needed some special care when he got home and that is what he got. We were so grateful that he was home. We then called him the golden dog as he cost us a small fortune but we didn't care in the least about the money as long as he was okay.
Koda came everywhere with us other than work, he was a family member for sure. We had so many fun times at Christmas and Halloween when we would dress him up with the kids. The kids loved it! He loved walks and going to the park with us where he would sit and watch the kids. In 2011 my Dad passed away and we took in his puppy Daisy who is a Labrador she was only 8 months old and her and Koda became the best of friends. Daisy had puppies in 2012 and we kept Duke because my heart is too big and we now have two Labs that miss Koda dearly. They walk the house looking for him. As long as Koda was with us he was always happy. Swimming and going for walks was his favourite thing to do. He also loved going to our camp on the lake. He would sit on the deck overlooking the lake and you could just tell he loved it there.
Koda had a wonderful 5 years after his surgery in PEI. In the spring of 2016 he was favouring that left leg again and it was swelling at the shoulder. I knew in my gut it was bone cancer the same as Rudy. We went to the vet and sure enough that is what it was. They right away put him on pain meds so we could keep him comfortable for as long as we could. We hoped he would make it through the summer. We had a wonderful summer with him and spent so much time at the lake where he loved to be and there we had all kinds of time to spend with him. Over the past week we noticed he was crying out and couldn't get comfortable at night to sleep and that was not him. When he went to bed all you heard was snoring until the morning. We decided to call the vet and make that painful decision, which I didn't think I could make but I did. When this happened to Max, Maggie and Rudy I hoped I would never have to do this again so soon. Koda was so young at the age of 7 and so strong I know he didn't want to go but he was in so much pain it was the best thing for him. This definitely does not get easier. Koda went to the Rainbow Bridge on September 20 and we miss him terribly. My three year old keeps asking where he is and when he is coming home from the Doctor. I cry every time he asks.
Koda I hope that you are with Max, Maggie and Rudy and my Dad too I know he will be happy to see you! Cole, Emma and Lucas love you and they will miss you everyday and I will talk to them all the time so they remember you Lucas especially as he is so young.
I want you to know how special you were and always will be to our family. You were my Rock and wish you could have been with us longer. If I could have saved you I hope you know I would have.
Please remember that I love you with all of my heart and I always will and will miss you everyday until we meet again! I hope you are free from your pain and that you are running as fast as you used to and that you have a place to swim, we know you love it and it took us so long to get you to swim.
My Koda Bear I can't say it enough I Love You and wish you were with us. Please come see me in my dreams and let me know you are okay. I will talk to you again soon I promise.
We Love you forever and always Mommy, Daddy, Cole, Emma, Lucas, Duke and Daisy!

Sept 23, 2016
Oh my precious boy I miss you terribly. I look for you everywhere in the house and in the yard. The nights that you don't follow me to bed and the mornings when I wake up if I sleep and you are not on your bed beside me. Your life should have been longer, I could tell you wanted to play and be here but your pain was getting so bad you just couldn't. If there was anything I could have done to save you please know I would have. I try not to cry and sometimes I am okay and then things get quiet and I can't help it I miss you so much. You were so special to me and I would have done anything for you and I hope I made the right decision by sending you to the Rainbow Bridge. Lucas asks everyday where you are and when you are coming home he is so young he doesn't understand. Emma worries about me because she knows how hard this is for me and Cole is quiet but I know he misses you too. I will write to you again. I love you so much my sweet Koda Bear and I will miss you everyday of my life. I would give anything to have you here with me and hug you tight. XOXO

Sept 29, 2016
Good morning my big boy! It is has been a little over a week since you left us and I miss you so much. I cry everyday and I know I had to let you go because you were in so much pain but I miss you so much my heart is broken. I picked up your ashes yesterday at the vet and that was hard but I feel a bit of comfort now that you are back home with me. You were my boy and it is just not the same without you and I just wish I could hug you and kiss your sweet face one more time. I know things will get easier with time but right now even when I am not crying my stomach is upset and all I think about is you. I just wish you were here! I am sure you are with Max, Maggie and Rudy and they are taking care of you. Remember Buddy I love you with my whole heart and miss you terribly. I will talk to you again soon. Love forever Mommy!!

Oct 5,2016
Oh Koda Bear how I miss your beautiful face. I am a wreck I miss you so much and wish you were here. I know I couldn't let you suffer from your pain, but it isn't fair that this happened to you. You were so young and had so much more life to live. Lucas asks everyday when you are coming home and he says "I miss Koda Mommy". We all miss you terribly. I hope you are comfortable and playing with your new friends at the bridge. I hope you know how much we love you and would give anything to have you here with us. I miss your bark and I miss you when I open the door when I come home and you are not there. Everything here is different. Please know how much I love and miss you and I will talk to you again soon my sweet boy! Love Mommy xoxo

Oct 17,2016
Hello Mommy's Boy. I can't believe it has been almost a month since you left us. I miss you so much! I try to keep busy with the kids and Duke and Daisy it helps a bit. I think of you everyday and I wish you could be here. You we're such a good beautiful boy and we miss you like crazy. Lucas talks about you all time and says he misses you I know he does even though he is only three. The morning and night are the worst for me when you don't follow me everywhere I go, it just doesn't feel right. Remember I will love you forever and miss you everyday. Until we meet again!! Love always
Mommy xoxo

Oct 20, 2016
Today marks one month since I have seen your beautiful face. I miss you so much. I wake up every morning and look at your bed which is still on the floor on my side of the bed and wish so much you were there. I know you we're hurting and I wish I could have saved you. I cry every time I write to you and look at your pictures, you we're my beautiful special boy. I hope all you see is sunshine and that you have no more pain. I am sure you enjoy your days with Max, Maggie and Rudy and I know they are taking care of you for me. I love you forever Buddy and you never leave my mind. Love forever Mommy!! xoxo

Nov 22, 2016
Good morning Buddy I can't believe you have been gone for two months already. I miss you so much I can't come on here very often it hurts so much. Christmas is coming and I am going to miss you even more like when you lay on your bed every Christmas morning and chew your new bone that Santa leaves for you while we open our gifts. I will still hang your stocking with the others so please now we will be thinking of you. I wish you were with us we miss you terribly things just aren't the same. I keep waiting for this to get easier but it just doesn't. I love you with my whole heart and will talk to you again. I think of you and miss you everyday! Love always Mommy xoxo

December 24, 2016
Merry Christmas in heaven my angel. I miss you so much and wish you were here. You always made Christmas so fun. Photos with the kids and wearing Santa hats. You would stay if I told you to and you were so photogenic. Dad gave me a nice memorial of you tonight and I can't stop crying. You were taken from us too soon. I will love you forever Koda you were so special to me and I will never forget you. I will talk to you soon I promise. I love you forever and always!! xoxo Mommy!!

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